Blog House keeping

WordPress switched it’s framework that the old themes were built on, to one that supports social media and mobile media.  All the new themes don’t have sidebar widgets but the widgets follow at the end of the blog.  All the old themes are considered retired and no updates are being done on them.  They have been trying to fix issues for the ones that they can still work with. Last week wordpress did a site update and some of the blogs that had old themes ran into trouble with their side bars. This was an answer that came from one of the techs when asked about it a few days ago.

But as with any software the code eventually becomes dated, the theme no longer supports all the features on, and the continued cost of maintaining it just becomes too high. At that point we retire the theme. We don’t send out notifications when this happens.

You can keep on using the theme, but as the different coding languages evolve and we introduce new features and software updates, eventually the theme will start breaking. We still try to fix any bugs that occur, like in this case, but there will come a day where something will break that we simply won’t be able to fix.

I ran into trouble a couple of years ago.  I switched themes but I didn’t really like it so I switched last Spring to one that they had just started offering. It works well with food and craft blogs.  If you are using a theme from before 2015 I would consider switching to one of the themes they are offering now. I am still updating.  I have recipes that I have to recode to make them printable.  It is something they added in the recent couple of years. It takes a while to do 175 recipes.

Most of the early reblogs I did here the links no longer worked so I cleaned them up this past week.  I still have a few more to go. I just simply deleted them.

I just wanted to give everyone here a heads up on this.

This is Cancer

It took a good man.  A big, strong, solid, vibrant, loving man.

It took him, and knocked the wind out of his sails.  Drained his big, strong, solid, vibrant, loving body and weakened it, day by slow, excruciating day.

Took his pride.  Took his feelings.  Took his hopes and wishes away, and left him hollow.

With skeletal eyes, it made him gaze at me.  Causing constant pain, it led him to hold my hand and say nothing.

A beautiful man was taken out.

A man that was loved and was loving.

Pancreatic cancer grows, like a silence.

A death sentence that makes no sense.

A sentence that took away a whole book of a life.

This is cancer.


As fond as I am of making a short story long, this shall be a relatively brief post for a change.

I’m going to step back from blogging and the blogosphere for the time being. I have some health issues that keep compounding themselves and I am discovering that dealing with them is taking all my energies and efforts. The dialysis is not working as well as hoped and now I’m going through six months of drug therapy to squash a so called pre-cancerous condition.

So, I’m going to float for a while and remove myself from all the sturm and drang that we get caught up in on a daily basis and concentrate on healing.

I’ll miss you guys a lot more than you’ll miss me, so I probably won’t be able to resist a peek now and then when I have a good day.

Hopefully, I’ll be back in the Spring, meaner than before.

Keep yer fingers crossed for me.

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Trying for Tranquility

Wow.  I step away from this place for a few months, and we get a whole bunch of new readers!  Wow.

I love it!

I am so very grateful for Dick and Aunt Sam’s suggestion to start posting about food.  Food is such a basic need, a staple in all our lives.  As is, unfortunately, money (or the lack thereof).  So great recipes that are easy on the budget and yummy to the tummy are very, very welcome here.  Trucking Momoe took the idea and ran with it and won an award, for crying out loud!  I am so proud of our Momoe, and so thankful for the new visitors and readers that we’ve gotten since then.

I have to apologize for being away for so long, folks.  Adjusting to my new life in PA has been an ongoing struggle.  I love it here, I am grateful beyond words to my mother for taking me in, and I’m happy to be working and making new friends.  But wow, it’s hard.  And also awesome.  Hard and awesome, all at once.  It’s a lot to take in.

My mother is going through a hard time, lately, with her depression and the subsequent meds she needs to take for it.  I wish there was a Happy Pill that I could give her, instead of all these crazy meds she has to try, to see what works with what, and what doesn’t.  I hate to see her on a roller coaster when I wish she could just coast through life with a smile on her face.  But she handles it with grace, so I have no complaints.  And I’m working again, but only part-time, with no benefits, and that’s a struggle but at least I have a reason to get up and get out of the house four days a week, heh.  Having been working at Hemlock for the past six months, I’ve learned a lot about living in a gated community, and all I can say is that the politics are ridiculous and my management is clueless.  But…it’s a job.  Could be worse.

And I’ve fallen in love.  Met a nice guy in May and even though it’s probably too soon to say I’m in love, I know it when I see it.  We have our ups and downs already, but he’s my buddy and we work it out.  So, it’s all good.

I don’t know, I just keep waiting for everything to fall into place and make sense again.  And it’s not happening yet.  And I get so impatient.  I want full-time work with benefits, I want to not be broke anymore, I want my mother better and my man happy and myself happy and my friends and loved ones happy, and…so far, it’s an uphill struggle.  I don’t know how to contribute more, here at Paradigm, while I’m in this mode — this holding period, if you will — while I’m waiting for the dust to settle around me.  But please believe me, I am keeping up with the posts and the readership and I’m loving all the contributions.  AND the new readers!

Give me a little time, and things will improve, I promise.  Thanks so much for your patience, and for being here, my friends.  I love you all and am grateful to you.

Be well.


Talking Points Memo TPMCafe Returning for Real?


OldenGoldenDecoy's pictureHeads Up! In case you haven’t heard…

Four days ago, our longtime fellow TPMCafe denizen, hoppycalif2 stated the following in a thread at the current Cafe site:

And today, Sunday 02/12/12, during an interview  with Brian Lamb on C-SPAN’s “Q&A” Josh stated that the Cafe was coming back onto the front page in some form or other.

Although, Josh said nothing about re-establishing the reader’s blog section during the chat.

I Just thought everyone would like to know this.



SOPA and our Site

Hello, friends. I just wanted to point out the new CENSORSHIP banner on the corner of our page, and urge you to click on it to learn more. It will be on our site until the vote on January 24.

Sorry it took me so long to put it up there.