9 thoughts on “The Once Great Josh Marshall’s TPM . . .

      1. Yes, what Chris said! I’m hoping to get back into the Chat Room once a week after the holidays. It just seems one thing after another keeps coming up (holiday concerts, family visits, etc.) but I’ll get back in there soon.

        It’s wonderful to see you, Aunt Sam! It’s been ages!!! Happy holidays to you!!!

  1. I SAW THIS!
    How many times do we see the anti-gay pastor getting caught in a hotel with a male prostitute taking his luggage–so to speak–up to the room.

    I just did some blog and found out that Perry loves female prostitutes–a fact that shall not some out until he is (never) nominated.

    Happy Holidays to you Ducky.

  2. Hi Everyone…

    I’m sorry I haven’t been back in here since posting this. I’ve been too busy warding off the oneliner/jokesters in the threads over at TPM…

    Those are the type of folks that the once great TPM site attracts as far as commenters and this type of front page “news?” attracts them like flies to a pile of hippo dung.

    See: http://youtu.be/MyZwDcLGknU

    Yes! I too miss the Cafe, but there’s no going back with the number of clicks that equal MONEY to help pay the freight for the “journalists” who are not interns at Josh’s site.

    Oh well…

    Please. Everyone have a warm holiday and a Merry Christmas.

    ps: If you’re ever around the threads at TMP and happen to see the following avatar, that’s my new mode of transportation flying around through there.


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