LIMBAUGH: There’s also a move out there, understandably



LIMBAUGH: There’s also a move out there, understandably in the Democrat Party, but also with certain elements of the Republican Party, to go after, discredit and basically blow up the Heritage Foundation study on immigration and the cost of amnesty. Remember, we made available to you, if you wanted to go to the Heritage Foundation website the other day earlier this week, they were giving you the report free. The website is You go there, get the whole thing downloaded, the five-page summary was really pretty much what you needed to read, it was detailed. The summary was just powerful. It talked about $6.3 trillion of net cost. …

 So, now it’s trash the messenger time. There is no argument in this piece about whether or not Mr. Richwine’s doctoral dissertation is right. They don’t even raise that question. They are attempting to discredit Mr. Richwine and the Heritage report by pointing out that this guy in his doctoral dissertation suggested that immigrants to America have lower IQs than native Americans and that the difference is likely to persist over several generations, and it’s something that we ought to consider when analyzing and trying to come up with immigration policy. You’re not suppose to bring that kind of stuff up. You’re not suppose to talk about it. It’s not politically correct, even if it’s true. You’re not suppose to bring it up. So, the entire Heritage report on immigration that disagreed with the Senate Gang of 8 plan is under assault now because one of the authors in his doctoral dissertation wrote that immigrants have lower IQs than native Americans. And they don’t dispute that in the USA Today piece as far as I read. They don’t dispute that.

What the hell does rusho have to do with Mother’s Day?

Well Rush creates his own realities.

I mean he wishes to create a universe where people south of the border are incompetent and that these same immigrants will contribute somehow to our national mental retardation.

I was going to go into the history of this eugenics study and rush’s thoughts upon this but I thought that I might put this theory on hold whilst I discussed more personal intuitions as they say.

There are realities involved in all of this.

There are duplicate universes involved in all of this.

Mother’s Day is stupid but you should still do it right! Hahahahah

Don’t argue: It’s stupid. You know who has my back on this? The woman who invented Mother’s day.

I mean that is a funny line. Hahahahahahahahah

Mumsy died a month ago.

One of four sons showed up for the funeral. I was not one of them.

My son and daughter and others did show up including my poor older sister.

My daughter called me to inform me of the event and I gave her two words:

‘James Joyce’ and told her to ‘google’ the words.

Unlike Joyce, I never received monies from mumsy in order to sustain my ‘investigation’ of art.

As a matter of fact I signed off on all benefits available to me with regard to my father’s death by alcohol in 1962.

Mumsy received all benefits that would have gone to me. I had thought it was the ‘right thing to do’ which was just damn stupid.

I watched a PBS presentation of a play upon which The Days of Wine & Roses was based when I was about eight?

Cliff Robertson starred in this PBS presentation and it was so much more geared to the reality of purgatory than the film starring Jack Lemon.

I would work 30 hours a week during my high school days attempting to prove I could ‘earn’ a living all to the detriment of my soul, actually.

What a waste of time and energy when I could have been reading and writing and really making something of myself.

I gave mumsy every opportunity to redeem herself.

I cannot get into the hundreds of pages this essay might explore as far as issues.

Gramma came and took away my youngest brother and reared him as her own by the time I reached the age of 13 and thank the Good Lord for that. Emmett is doing just fine as a contributing member of society at the age of 7 years younger than me.

My elder sister was adopted by Gramma years before that de faco if not de jure.

I recall visiting my grandparents several times whilst I was in college (I had to drive 150 miles north of my residence)

Grampa would ask:

How is your mother?

Whilst Gramma would look on.

Oh she is fine.

Reality? Well, damn, she was not fine. She was drunk and incompetent all the while I was 13 and older and you know goddamn well she was not fine.

Oh well.

Mumsy went into ‘treatment’ when I was 14? Two years following my father’s death as a result of alcoholism?

She came out of that ‘treatment’ more enabled, more justified and more psychotic than when she first entered that ‘institution’.

Mumsy was a liar and she was the most perfect denier of reality that I have ever met in my life!

You know there is a perfection in all of this. I mean mumsy had created her own universe. My Mom was not capable of self-doubt. Mom had created her own reality.

THEY are all attempting to ‘get me’.


THEY are all going after me because of my ‘peasant’ background.

THEY just hate me because I am me!

I do not really know how else to explain this psychotic view of reality.

But then again, look at beckerhead or rusho or a thousand voices of unreality that ‘we’ listen to every goddamn day!

These people are all in denial. I feel that they are in denial in order to receive a pay check; but whatever their motivation they are all in denial.

Oh I gave mumsy a thousand chances, trust me.

I gave her all my money as a teen and into my early twenties.

I would ‘discuss’ all the ‘issues’ with her.



When I heard of her death after speaking with my daughter on the phone, I informed Erin that my mumsy died decades and decades ago.

This poor woman had ‘lost it’ by 1966?

You know the Roman Catholic Church had this strange propaganda concerning death.

Evil people went to hell. Straight to hell.

Confused people ended up in purgatory for a thousand years?

Wonderful folks of course went to heaven.

(Babies went to limbo? As far as I am concerned we are all in limbo!)

I have stated a few times in the past that Gramma (paternal) was the meanest white woman I ever met. Hahahahahahahaha

Gramma had divorced her first husband (the father of my father) back in the 30’s?

Gramma remarried to one of the nicest folks I have ever met; Grampa Forest!

Gramma spent the rest of her life attempting to annul her first marriage under Canonical Law and finally was granted that petition a few years prior to her death in 1981?

It really is not that novels attempt to duplicate life’s experiences.

We attempt to duplicate paradigms that we perceive in our reading of novels.

Seany speaks with me on this subject and I must answer his questions.

We two boys speak with each other in a manner I have never spoken with others.

I do not wish that the ‘Fall of the House of Atreus’ touch this new generation.

But I tell Sean the truth.

If you ever get the chance and you are in a decent mental health, watch the Playhouse 90 edition of the The Days of Wine & Roses presented by PBS in 1958. I was 8 when I witnessed this presentation.

I have been attempting to avoid the biblical admonition:

The sins of the father shall be visited upon the son a thousand times!

Well we have crack-whores and Cadillac welfare-moms and all sorts of monsters in our current political visions.

We must first look to ourselves when we discuss ‘reality’.

Or I should say ‘realities’.

I don’t know the answer to any of the questions that I have posed during this short discussion.

I kept my kids away from the Roman Catholic Church.

I stayed away from alcohol for the better part of 24 years following the birth of my children.

I attempted to keep books in the home of my children that provided alternative views of the universe.

I have stated in many posts that my kids (by accident) are doing very well. They both have worked and earned money at my place of business and on their own since they were 14?

I, at times, hid my heritage; my familial mental illness from my children.

All for the greater good!


Both of them know the truth now.

I confirmed the truth to both of them.

There is a theory of course.

I mean we are all, that is all of us, mentally ill.

We all attempt to create our own reality.

Like Obama once said (well several times of course because he is a politician) we must look forward instead of backward.

My kids are doing well.

They work every damn day and contribute to our society.

They are less mentally challenged than I was or am.

And I find pride in all of this.

I do not blame my parents for my failures.

But I do not credit my parents for my victories either.


Happy Mother’s Day to my daughter-in-law.

This lady really is good with my granddaughter.

And she is attempting to domesticate my son.

The end?



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