“Children in Charge”

Don’t miss this column on what went into the House of Cards that got sold as bundles of mortgages, the collapse of which has led to so much economic pain for all the but the wealthy bankers who believe they are the “best and the brightest” – those doom-hawking hoodwinkers – whose toxic products have been gradually infecting every nook and cranny of our world financial and monetary networks.  It’s important to know their nefarious slights of hand, so we can protect ourselves from the coming attractions, as the money works its way ever deeper into the political system, thanks to the “inJustices” – those supremes so in love with the free market, that they are willing to sell out the Republic to the highest secret bidder in our current electoral advertising Hoodwinkery, which is simply another form of bundling toxicity as straw-spun “gold”.

There!  I hope that piques your interest!  Read it. Or don’t blame me if you didn’t see it coming….

2 thoughts on ““Children in Charge”

  1. …we are getting closer than ever to the day when the culprits will pay for what they did.

    I’d like to think Mr. Cohan is correct in this but I have serious reservations of his assessment. So far all we’ve seen are barriers being erected to prevent exposure of the malfeasance which has undoubtedly transpired. The landscape is absolutely littered with the words of politicians and Wall Street luminaries trying mightily to deflect responsibility for this.

    This is as surreal as it gets. The entire country and all the politicians and all of Wall Street knows exactly what happened. From the highest to the lowest, everybody knows. Everything has been stripped away, leaving us with only the truth. It’s very telling we haven’t the slightest idea how to deal with it.

    1. Of course if by culprits we mean people… likely people will not pay. But I’m just now reading this:


      It seems like the proverbial excrement only really hit the oscillator yesterday… and fall-out is beginning to be counted today. So not only are the culprits stuck with problems foreclosing, they are now about to be hit with lawsuits from hedge funds etc. that purchased these toxic bundles of “nothing”.

      Everything I’m reading today is only bolstering the picture of a huge, huge price to pay down the road.

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