The Choking Hypocracy of Tea Party Republicans in Michigan

Several months ago on the Michigan statehouse floor, two state representatives were censured for uttering the word “vagina”.
The word offended the delicate ears of a few other representatives so the two women, Brown and Byrum , were stripped of their right to speak on behalf of their constituents for a day.
Yesterday, a bill was introduced by Michigan Republicans that insists upon the insertion of a medical device into the vagina prior to an abortion.
On a personal note, I’ve had recent experience with a transvaginal ultrasound. Physically, it was mildly uncomfortable. Emotionally, it was as embarrassing as hell. Was it medically necessary? Yes. Very much so as a way to determine if some of my lady parts were cancerous.
But, there is no reason for this extra intrusion into a woman’s body before an abortion is performed. An abortion that the woman has requested.
I mean, the woman already knows there’s a fetus up in there. A transvaginal ultrasound is not needed to medically prove what has already been established. I can’t fathom any other reason why this type of test should be done on a pregnant woman other than to establish pregnancy which can be more easily done by peeing on a stick.
As far as I can tell, this is an attempt by Tea Party Republicans to coerce a woman to forgo an abortion through embarrassment and frustration, to cause her further financial hardship because any ultrasound procedure is not cheap, all for the sake of an ideology that only a sliver of the population embrace.
But, a transvaginal ultrasound as a prerequisite for an abortion? It’s just simply ridiculous. Unnecessary. I see it as nothing more than a power trip by a bunch of old white guys that get their rocks off by humiliating women.
That might be a little harsh, but, it’s exactly how I see it.
It’s amazing. One minute a Tea Party Republican cannot bear to hear the word “vagina” and the next they want to ram a probe up there and take a picture.

UPDATE: This bill has been shot down by the Michigan House Speaker….but, I’ll be waiting to hear what will replace it. House Speaker Jase Bolger still has not been cleared by a grand jury investigating election fraud. Who can trust what is said by someone who can cheat so easily?

2 thoughts on “The Choking Hypocracy of Tea Party Republicans in Michigan

  1. cmaukonen

    Oh Flower. Glad to see you posting again. Hope things are going well for you.

    The more I read and the more presentations I watch about our sored sorted economic and financial history, the more I am convinced that all this talk of pseudo-moralistic crap out of the right is smoke and mirrors. Primarily to distract the ignorant form the fraud, corruption and thievery that is going on.

    The old shell game.

    Oh yea…we got trouble…right here in River City…

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