No political or any other Messiahs

Finnish Perspective

From an excellent FB post:

No one is coming to save you, Comrade.


There is no revolution on the horizon, there is no party,
there is no grand idea that will finally awaken humanity to
its potential and free us from our chains.

There is no vanguard, no purpose, no secret method we can
all use to magically make the powerful resign themselves to
the fate of ordinary existence.

There have been pretenders. There are priests and pimps and
false gods that call on you to worship them. They will give
you immortal “sciences” and identities, they will assure
you if just enough people donned the uniform or spoke the
right words everything would be okay.

There are those of course who would deny you even that, who
refuse any action without every detail planned out. Who will
run the schools, who will build the roads, how will tire

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