Not Suitable For Balloon Lovers

Both my DSLR and my little digital portable camera are currently out of commission. The reasons are various and inconvenient and not worth mentioning here.

The reason that I am so bummed that both my DSLR and my little digital portable camera are currently out of commission is what drives me to write this post.

The reason being twofold. The reason being this:

There is a balloon bouncing in the breeze, nearby.

This balloon is silver, white and blue foil, partially deflated, and tied to a short but sturdy bit of ribbon which is, apparently, tethered to something on the ground. A dead branch, a rock, who knows what it is, but something is keeping the twelve inches or so of ribbon tied to the ground near a nearby neighbor’s tree and the balloon is bobbing up and down about a foot above the ground in the woods near my nearby neighbor’s property.

And the sight is arresting me, for two reasons.

One, it makes me immediately recall a scene from one of my favorite films, “American Beauty”, the plastic bag scene.

Two, it makes me want to film a short clip of the balloon and then make a mock ad that would go something like:

WARNING! This film is not suitable for Balloon Lovers. This film contains footage of an actual Balloon struggling to free itself from a trap. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOUR BALLOON. Balloon Lovers everywhere are encouraged to follow safe Balloon Loving practices and keep their Balloons indoors, loved and inflated and…free.

Losing It

There has been numerous mention of the Bush administration losing several billions of dollars in Iraq but to date nothing has come of it. Now I realize that everybody misplaces stuff on occasion and as we grow older this gets to be a bigger problem. But we’re not talking about some ocotgens or something here. We’re talking about the U.S. military flying several aiplanes full of $100 bills all packaged up nice and tidy into Iraq and then flat losing them. How do you do that? A whole fucking plane load of money? Just fucking disappeared?

I think that’s worth a look and maybe some followup. If I lost $6 billion I’d probabaly be looking for it. LINK

Pentagon officials determined that one giant C-130 Hercules cargo plane could carry $2.4 billion in shrink-wrapped bricks of $100 bills. They sent an initial full planeload of cash, followed by 20 other flights to Iraq by May 2004 in a $12-billion haul that U.S. officials believe to be the biggest international cash airlift of all time.

Iraqi officials say it was the U.S. government’s job to keep track of the funds, which were brought in as an emergency measure to keep basic infrastructure going after Saddam Hussein’s ouster. House Government Reform Committee investigators found in 2005 evidence of “substantial waste, fraud and abuse in the actual spending and disbursement of the Iraqi funds.”

Witnesses testified that millions of dollars were shoved into “gunnysacks” and disbursed to Iraqi contractors on pick-up trucks, with what seemed to be little financial controls or accounting on the part of the U.S. government.

Think it was an accident? That all this plunder took place because of a lack of “oversight?”

Blade Runner

Futuristic settings have always been a popular vehicle of science fiction writes. H.G. Wells,  Orwell,  Huxley, Bradbury. And they seem to have become a popular film vehicle as well. Most ending with either the heroes finding hope and a new and better life or the beginning of the end. They usually involve some natural or man made disaster or a combination of the two. Some envision a world we humans have resin above there more darker traits to explore the galaxy with only a few bumps along the way.
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Bedtime for Bonzo

Is it distinctly American to always ponder THE BEST?

Maybe not.

Pele was a God south of our borders.

I feel more comfortable with top ten lists but you miss so much even screwing around with these lists.

Matthews asked his panel this week:

Who was the best actor and actress?

And he chose Cary Grant.

I could not believe it.

Cary Grant never played anyone but Cary Grant.

Then it hit me.

As soon as someone gets into a discussion of the best, I get drawn in.

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Cast Your Ballots

The Academy Awards are all over the place. HuffPo has the red carpet balloting up on the site. I would list my ballot choices here but I’ll not do that until everybody has cast theirs so I don’t bias your picks. Not that you care about my picks but hey, this is important stuff.

Check back here when you’ve cast your ballots and then when we’re finished we can reveal our picks. Tell your friends.

This oughta be good for a laugh. I already got a grin going.