This is Cancer

It took a good man.  A big, strong, solid, vibrant, loving man.

It took him, and knocked the wind out of his sails.  Drained his big, strong, solid, vibrant, loving body and weakened it, day by slow, excruciating day.

Took his pride.  Took his feelings.  Took his hopes and wishes away, and left him hollow.

With skeletal eyes, it made him gaze at me.  Causing constant pain, it led him to hold my hand and say nothing.

A beautiful man was taken out.

A man that was loved and was loving.

Pancreatic cancer grows, like a silence.

A death sentence that makes no sense.

A sentence that took away a whole book of a life.

This is cancer.

Perhaps It’s the Candidate

Perhaps it’s the message.

Perhaps it’s the country.

Perhaps it’s girls.








Too big to fail?


Where the boys are.

Perhaps it’s the person.

Perhaps it’s the people.

Perhaps it’s the baggage in an airport in the Cayman Islands.

Perhaps it’s circumstance.

Perhaps it’s the Times.

Perhaps it’s time..

…to think…

…that perhaps it’s the candidate.

Hollow E’en

Til now
I sang happy songs guiltily
cut my hair and wanted it shorter
loved coming home to an empty house
loved coming home to my cats

John Lennon and the Clash
and Pearl Jam too
and Peter and Paul and Mary and John and Michele and Cass and Denny and Sonny and Cher and Rodgers and Hammerstein and Simon and Garfunkel
but Patsy and Donovan too

I go out walkin
after midnight
and it’s no business of anybody’s
what I do
or how

I have a clear conscience
but if I didn’t
it’s none of your business

And this was a big mistake
and I have tried to make few
but I know one when I see
a train wreck

I want to sing happy songs
I want to cut my hair but let freak flags fly
I want to wonder why
I never considered being alone

Til now

If You Change

If You Change

If you could try, tomorrow
to be everything you could be
for me
for you
for us
for everyone

Would you?

How many hours before it would become all about you

If you had tried, today
to do everything the right way
for me
for you
for us
for everyone

What would be different?

How many hours today did you even try to do anything

If you had tried, yesterday
to do everything the right way
for you
for anyone

Would I even know you now?

Do you remember yesterday at all or is it just a
blank page
like today
and tomorrow

Nothing written, nothing done
Just another moon, and another sun
Nothing changed, nothing gained
One day sun, one day rain

How many days pass
with the same refrain
How many nights pass
both feeling pain

This must change

A Trip Through Thanksgiving

A Trip Through Thanksgiving

Bought the turkey
Got it thawing
Found the roaster
After hours of pawing
Through the cupboards
Looking for
All the dishes
From the year before.
Great big platters
And serving bowls
Gravy boats
And that thing with holes
That holds the deviled eggs quite still
So they don’t take an unfortunate spill.

Toasted loaves
And loaves of bread. Continue reading “A Trip Through Thanksgiving”

First Blushes

I met a man who looks like you

But flesh and blood

and needy


But nice

(did I mention he’s nice?)


Tall and lanky, a slow-dance partner

with blue eyes

and dark hair


Tall and lanky

(if I slow-danced)


Good with dogs

good with people


but needy


I think I like him


I think I like him

but maybe he’s too needy