This is Cancer

It took a good man.  A big, strong, solid, vibrant, loving man.

It took him, and knocked the wind out of his sails.  Drained his big, strong, solid, vibrant, loving body and weakened it, day by slow, excruciating day.

Took his pride.  Took his feelings.  Took his hopes and wishes away, and left him hollow.

With skeletal eyes, it made him gaze at me.  Causing constant pain, it led him to hold my hand and say nothing.

A beautiful man was taken out.

A man that was loved and was loving.

Pancreatic cancer grows, like a silence.

A death sentence that makes no sense.

A sentence that took away a whole book of a life.

This is cancer.

Another Star-Spangled Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon

Happy 4th July. Enjoy. Some great show tunes and haiku.

The haikulodeon

Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:
4th of July-ku:  

The rockets’ red glare,
bombs bursting in air, gave proof
that we love fireworks.

Toshiro lit the
firecracker while his sisters
watched with excitement.

A day at the beach
in those days, was more like a
wet pajama fest.

(My maternal grandparents are third and fourth from the left.)

tanka haiku:

John Fluegel played fife,
Tobias Giltner fought, in
The Revolution.

Saluting our ancestors
who fought for Independence.

Tobias Giltner and John Flugel were two of my ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War.  There were others, but these two had the right syllable count.  😉

At his wife’s urging,
He posed with her step-father.
Happy July 4th!

(Photo circa 1920.  My maternal grandfather and step-great-grandfather.)

That summer, I learned
two things; to whistle and how
to blow bubble gum.

(Cape Cod circa 1957.  Me…

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A Really Good Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon

Here are some wonderful Easter and spring thoughts for you to enjoy from our Mr. Smith.

The haikulodeon

Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:

The Easter Bunny
scared her so much, she went to
church without a peep.

Celebrities are,
of late, dropping faster than
consonants down South.

haiku factories
should not use slave labor as
they complain a lot.

Writing is easy
Comedy (discipline), hard.
So … I do haiku.

My heart lives near the
sycamores which still blossom
after ev’ry rain.

The small magpie roosts
on a flowering plum tree,
a warm sun shining.

tanka haiku:

Clinging to her form,
the diaphanous gown made
her ethereal.

As she stood in the moonlight,
she glowed with Love’s own glory.

By the lilly pond,
she shed her inhibitions,
and from there, we fell.

Tulips in the field
chase away receding snow
clearing paths for Spring

No longer straight-laced,
They have, no doubt, lost their soles …
( When…

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A Primarily Trump Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon

Enjoy. Got to have some haiku.

The haikulodeon

Here’s this place for Politics’s weekly heap of haikus:

He is short-fingered
and a Vulgarian … The
Odious Don Drumpf.

Such joy lights Trump’s face
when  he sits in the board room
And he says, “you’re fired.”

Drumpf Bible-ku:

Two Corinthians
walk into a leather bar …
Cite Chapter and Verse.

( Alternate 3rd line:  Gave New Testament. )

A corrupt liar
and an egomaniac …
Oh … and Narcissist.

Trump leads all the polls,
Marco, Ted and Donald prove
that people are strange.

Ring the temple bell,
warning all the villagers
Drumpf is presumptive!

Trump the outsider,
Little Marco, lyin’ Ted,
Mexican Standoff.

Endorsements from the
KKK, can’t be be be
a good good good thing

Though Cruz took Texas
Rubio won’t take a powder or
Florida either.

Cruz and Rubio
( plus Kasich ) fight The Donald,

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Perhaps It’s the Candidate

Perhaps it’s the message.

Perhaps it’s the country.

Perhaps it’s girls.








Too big to fail?


Where the boys are.

Perhaps it’s the person.

Perhaps it’s the people.

Perhaps it’s the baggage in an airport in the Cayman Islands.

Perhaps it’s circumstance.

Perhaps it’s the Times.

Perhaps it’s time..

…to think…

…that perhaps it’s the candidate.

A Pre-Approved Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon

Please enjoy.

The haikulodeon

Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:

tanka haiku:

“That’s me with Santa”…
“Why are you on a horse and
not on a reindeer?”

Grandma paused and then whispered,
“Dear, no-one sits on Rudolph.”

(My mom with Santa … circa 1927)

Christmas catalogs
bulge my mailbox, addressed to
previous tenants.

Sure I felt silly,
but I said to myself,  “At least
I’m still in Show Biz!”

(  I’m the hungry-looking one on the right. )

You can dress it up,
but a deuce and a quarter
ain’t no Cadillac.

(Levon Helm and Keith Richards … Two of my faves)

This, in essence, was
the plan our moms had for us;
wear us out, we’d sleep.

The writer just smiled;
he knew thoughts were fleeting, but
wet ink would soon dry.

My Sis with Santa;
.Like little Natalie Wood,
she seemed  … skeptical.

(Two of…

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