On Losing Three Trees in a Blizzard

(Sung to the tune of Johnny Nash’s “I Can See Clearly Now”)

I can see clearly now the trees are gone
I can see all the snow still on my roadway
Gone are the gorgeous pines that blocked my view
Gonna be a bright, bright front lawn someday

Rob wanted all those trees down years ago
I told him, “Oh no, honey, it’s privacy!”
Gone are those gorgeous pines that blocked our view
Gonna be a bright, bright front lawn I see

Look straight ahead, I can now see 590
Look all around, I can see blue skies!
My lawn will be dry…dry…

I can see clearly now the trees are gone
Thanks to my neighbor they have all disappeared
Got lots of pine if someone wants it now
Gonna have a bright, bright front lawn this year!

Dear US Government

If I could tell our federal government what to do, and what not to do, here would be my list:

Don’t allow US companies to offshore anything just because it’s cheaper.

Do make them hire American workers.  Period.

Don’t allow corporations and super-rich people the ability to send their money to the Cayman Islands, et. al., for investment purposes and to avoid taxes.

Do make them save and spend here, just like the rest of us.

Don’t control schools anymore.  You’ve all done a terrible job of it.

Do allow school choice.  It won’t kill teachers, and it will definitely help students.

Don’t let identity politics and all this crazy gender crap rule the day anymore.

Do allow Johnny to be Jane so long as zhe pays for the sex change operation and doesn’t make us create any stupid laws protecting zim/zer (zhir?  zher?  Oh, fuck, never mind.  Oy.).

Don’t mess with anyone’s religion.  Just don’t.

Don’t allow lobbyists.

Don’t give so-called “think tanks” the time of day.

Just let us be who we are, as we struggle to survive (and hopefully get enough income to pay our bills and taxes and take a vacation now and then without losing our homes).

Just let us be US, without all the crap and costs and stupid stuff that you all keep doing to us, and allowing us to do to you.




Don’t look at me in that tone of voice.

I know a few people here likes Dorothy Parker and would enjoy something like this. Just imagine a bottle of Dorothy Parker Gin. Enjoy.

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Knowing that I am a big fan of the writer, a very dear friend of mine gave me a bottle of Dorothy Parker gin.  The gin is the sort of alcohol-rich distillation that would make the average sailor wince, but the bottle was wonderful with a picture of Mrs Parker printed on the inside and a little biography on the back:


It was too good to throw away, and so I decided to make it into a lamp.  I bought the stick-in bulb fitting and more or less forgot about it, as it took us so long to get through the ‘navy strength’ gin.  When the bottle was finally empty, I started to think about a shade.  For some reason I decided that a lampshade with some of Mrs Parker’s quotes would be just the thing, so I bought a kit which promised to be very easy to make up…

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Not Suitable For Balloon Lovers

Both my DSLR and my little digital portable camera are currently out of commission. The reasons are various and inconvenient and not worth mentioning here.

The reason that I am so bummed that both my DSLR and my little digital portable camera are currently out of commission is what drives me to write this post.

The reason being twofold. The reason being this:

There is a balloon bouncing in the breeze, nearby.

This balloon is silver, white and blue foil, partially deflated, and tied to a short but sturdy bit of ribbon which is, apparently, tethered to something on the ground. A dead branch, a rock, who knows what it is, but something is keeping the twelve inches or so of ribbon tied to the ground near a nearby neighbor’s tree and the balloon is bobbing up and down about a foot above the ground in the woods near my nearby neighbor’s property.

And the sight is arresting me, for two reasons.

One, it makes me immediately recall a scene from one of my favorite films, “American Beauty”, the plastic bag scene.

Two, it makes me want to film a short clip of the balloon and then make a mock ad that would go something like:

WARNING! This film is not suitable for Balloon Lovers. This film contains footage of an actual Balloon struggling to free itself from a trap. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOUR BALLOON. Balloon Lovers everywhere are encouraged to follow safe Balloon Loving practices and keep their Balloons indoors, loved and inflated and…free.

The Earth vs The American Dream. At least one of them must go.

The End of The American Dream

My current vehicle has hit the end of the line. The clutch and throw out bearing expired in a puff of foul smoke. This is the 5th time I have had this happen. It’s a 1998 Subaru and needs other work as well. It served me will taking me up and down I95 and around central Fl. but it’s time to let it go. The replacement will be of a similar sort. Newer but not new. I do not require a brand new car as I do not drive that much, but do need to on occasion.

As the saying goes we are living in interesting times. What Morris Berman calls the Waning of the Modern Ages. Like The Waning of the Middle Ages described by Dutch historian Johan Huizinga and the collapse of the Roman Empire as explained by Joseph Tainter in his “The Collapse of Complex Societies” our modern capitalistic society is coming apart. And as Morris Berman says

….like our own age, not much fun to live through. One reason for this is that the world is literally perched over an abyss. What lies ahead is largely unknown, and to have to hover over an abyss for a long time is, to put it colloquially, a bit of a drag. The same thing was true at the time of the collapse of the Roman Empire as well, on the ruins of which the feudal system slowly arose.

The right knows this. The right knows that by admitting that our current free market capitalistic system is the direct cause of climate change and global warming is the death kneel of this system.

But the Right is not fooled: it sees Green as a Trojan horse for Red, the attempt “to abolish capitalism and replace it with some kind of eco-socialism.” It believes—correctly—that the politics of global warming is inevitably an attack on the American Dream, on the whole capitalist structure. Thus Larry Bell, in Climate of Corruption, argues that environmental politics is essentially about “transforming the American way of life in the interests of global wealth distribution”; and British writer James Delinpole notes that “Modern environmentalism successfully advances many of the causes dear to the left: redistribution of wealth, higher taxes, greater government intervention, [and] regulation.” Continue reading “The Earth vs The American Dream. At least one of them must go.”


One day late last September, my classroom began being dismantled. There was nothing I could do about it. It was completely out of my hands.

The logging trucks came and began removing the trees from the 720 acres of woodland where I had learned and where I had taught. I did not own this privately held land. I was a constant trespasser upon this ground, a violator, and had been one since childhood, instructed by my grandmother to always carry a jacket when exploring a piece of private property. The jacket was not to fend off a chill, but to hang over any ‘No Trespassing’ sign so you could honestly say you couldn’t see any sign in case you were caught violating.
no trespassing
Using this method, Grandma and I gathered apples, pears and blackberries from abandoned farmsteads and with my Aunties, I gathered up bushels of black walnuts, hazelnuts and an assortment of botanicals used medicinally and for Native American ceremonies. Continue reading “Violators”


Elmer Gantry

I have never seen a more disingenuous personage on the American Stage than Joel Osteen.

Melodrama was an art a hundred years ago; hell a thousand years ago.

We are confronted in literature and on the screen with charlatans forever.

That is a reality of life.

But this guy bugs me.

I mean, Osteen bugs me beyond redemption!

My detestation knows no bounds.

And this emotional reaction embarrasses me!

Here take a quick look at what I am talking about.


Well, for heaven’s sake do not watch an hour of fascist bullshite!

I am more interested in his rhetorical devices.

The way he moves his hands.

The way he moves his head.

The way he moves his body.

The way he dances to some music he would advance as truth.

The guy is the single phoniest bastard I have ever witnessed on the tv. And that conclusion is reached a=following at least 55 years of watching the tellie.

And yet, as I demonstrate with this video link, thousands upon thousands follow this prick.

I grew up with Bishop Sheen.

Watch a minute or two of Sheen, a guy with an Irish accent who was born in Ohio and  grew up in Ohio?


Now, as far as rhetorical foments go, this guy was pretty good! Sheen was attacking the commies of course and their antithetical embrace.

I grew up with this.

The Commies would take my god and my good and my freedom away from me!

Do you see in the short Sheen link that he stops to get a laugh?

But do you also see the fire in his belly, the total belief this bishop had in what he was saying.

And I look at this vacuous, gay poster boy named Osteen and I wonder…

How long does his hair dresser have to work in order to present this beefcake to an audience of idiots who will pay a c-note or more just to see him celebrate himself.

Osteen has no soul!

Bishop Sheen had a soul.

Reverend Wright has a soul.

Hagge is a pig, but damn he believes in what he believes; whether or not he wishes the Pope to be fireballed into hell by Jesus or whether or not he believes the Jews are responsible for every single economic downturn in the history or man or whether, like Sheen, Hagge is sure that the Commies are responsible for everything! Ha

There is this red-haired robot on MSNBC that just disturbs me!

I mean I cannot even watch Mika; Joe Scarborough is a prick, is a fascist, is a prevaricator, but I get a kick out of him. (What happened exactly to that clerk Joe?)

But Mika is vacuous and without substance and without knowledge and without history and without a soul for sure. (Goddamn I love her daddy though!)

But the red-haired robot bothers me even more.

Kelly O’Donnell just makes me wish to puke.


Watch how she holds her head and in other links she holds her arms, hands and body in such a manner that she must have had some coach; some idiot who used twistems and she never forgot.

Kelly O’Donnell, I suggest, has similar genes to this Osteen.


I know.

I know.

We look for what we wish to see, we listen to what we wish to hear, we smell what we wish to smell—except for Parmasan of course! (I mean it smells like ass to me! And you are supposed to put it on food?)Adam Sandler talks like a baby in every goddamn film he ever starred in! It is so phony as to make me vomit. I cannot stand to even watch the mother for more than six minutes when he appears on cable.


Because he comes across as un-empathetic, unfeeling, unreal, and unbelievable.

Osteen scares the hell out of me! His purpose, you might remark!

But my God, this guy is making more money than some of Mitt’s trusts and he is without form! He has no soul, he has no heart, he has no beliefs, he has no knowledge, he has no vision, he has no….

He cannot be human.

Yet he plays before thousands upon thousands of filled stadiums.

He plays with these ancient forms of physical movements that are meaningless.

Just watch as he bats his eyes.

He could not possibly believe in anything! Ever!

So why does he scare the hell out of me?

He scares the hell out of me because millions (or at least thousands upon thousands) eat this shite up.

And what bothers me most is that it bothers me most.

I have an id that would love to pummel the bastard with a Louisville slugger that would bash in his skull just because of his performance.

I am disturbed by my reaction.

He recently appeared on Piers Morgan (which I originally thought was a food show for gourmets)


Watch Osteen.

Forget the fact that osteen hates homos.

Forget the fact that he claims to love everyone who is not hated by his version of the scriptures.

Just look at him whilst he responds to questions.

He moves his eyes, shutting and opening those pretty eyelids.

He moves his head, like he was tutored by O’Donnell’s coaches.

He moves his hands, like he was tutored by Hitler’s minions.

This is terrible, but I hate Osteen.

I hate Osteen with my whole brain, my whole heart and my whole mind.

Just a confession here.

It is soooooo very difficult to hit upon truth as ‘presented’ but the closest I think I have come to it?: