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We Are Not Defeated

I saw many clips and periscope coverage of this. It was huge and peaceful march. The Delegates left the convention and was also marching.

The Writing of John Laurits


Greetings, all of you — those who are with us & those who aren’t with us & those who are indifferent — I’m writing to you from the center of the storm.

This will be brief because I have no electricity here & I must rejoin our revolution, as soon as I can. Though I can hear them & see them, the fact that I am not in their midst is painful to me. I will soon be posting my livestreams for those of you that wish to see what the marches in front of the convention were like. Unfortunately, Facebook repeatedly sent me messages of network errors when I tried to continue the livestreams (though, those around me did not have the same problem, so I’ve been unable to continue them, tonight (so far). Here’s the basic story, as I’m understanding it so far —

Bernie appears to have…

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Why the Revolution Failed. A simplistic view of America and The World

Finnish Perspective

The party candidate isn't true to its basic principles, lies, is ruthless, breaks the law and has record-high disapproval ratings in the polls. How the hell did America's oldest political party wind up with such a terrible candidate? Easy: they plotted and schemed. The party candidate isn’t true to its basic principles, lies, is ruthless, breaks the law and has record-high disapproval ratings in the polls. How the hell did America’s oldest political party wind up with such a terrible candidate? Easy: they plotted and schemed.

One of the issues I had with the OWS movement and it’s 1% vs 99%  is that this view is so simplistic and B&W. If you look at the charts and tables of income in the US as presented in this Wikipedia entry, you will see it leaves leaves out a whole swath of people that sit in the middle.  This view congers up an image or picture of the US that is like that of France in the 1800s or Russia in the early 1900sof starving peasants and a handful of rich robber barons. A picture that is far from the reality of modern…

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Pan Can, Can You Do the Pan Can?


So Rob and I are back together again.

I’m caregiver, he’s patient.  He’s very, very patient.

In May of this year, he suddenly started suffering stomach and back pain, along with constipation, and he ended up in the emergency room around May 17.  After an MRI showed a mass on his pancreas, he had an appointment with his (rather useless) primary care physician who administered lots of pain drugs but no tests for a month.

I think I wrote, last month, that he was scheduled for a biopsy.  Biopsy was done on June 23 and still no cancer care until almost another month later, when we were finally introduced to an oncologist who is now Rob’s primary care guy.  Not a moment too soon, oy.  Since then, several tests have been done, he’s got a gastroenterologist, a physical therapist, chemo…

And here we are.  I’m not able to get online much, because I’ve been spending every night at Rob’s cabin, about four miles away from our house.  He has no internet there.  His rent is no longer affordable, with disability payments alone, so he’s moving back in with me in our house next week.

Meantime, he started chemo this week – very aggressive stuff, but that’s the way we like it.  I am determined to see him back on his Harley by autumn.

Are you with me?

I’m gonna blog when I can, with updates, rants, prayers, tears, and hopefully nothing worse.

Meantime, I’m joining the Green Party and voting for Jill Stein.  The Democratic Party is shit, in my eyes.  That’s all I will say about politics.

I’m here for the fun, and the not fun.  I’m not here to talk about how wonderful Hillary Clinton is.  Oy.


An election of and for Class

Finnish Perspective

This post by John Steppling from Face Book is the clearest on the subject I have read so far. And here it is in it’s entirety. 

I wonder at how important class is in this election. I’ve asked this before and written about it. White liberalswith some economic security ALL will vote for the status quo. [And you professionals and others know who you are] That means Hillary. They do not care in the least, not even the tiniest bit that Hillary will likely reduce Gaza to a graveyard or push the US into war with Russia, or just bomb Syria into that failed status that US foreign policy so loves. Their only concern is their position and a lot of identity issues and ..well…the status quo.

Now Trump is terrible. A horrid man, stupid, narcissistic, compensating for the wounds of class insult all his life. But the fear…

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Bernie Sanders’ Body Language Says He Angrily and Reluctantly Endorses Hillary Clinton

This is interesting. Bernie was not happy doing this. She explains his body language.

Dr. Lillian Glass Body Language Blog

In making this analysis ,know that I have no bias whatsoever. I am not supporting one candidate over another. I am objectively using my skills as a Communication and Body language expert to share my observations.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 11.00.35 AM

As Bernie Sanders takes to the podium to say why he say come here, notice that Hillary is leaning away from him and looks miserable. There is no smiling on either of their parts. That is not a good sign.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.56.41 AM

He then says he wants to make it as clear as possible as to why he is endorsing Hillary Clinton. While she begins to smile, he is definitely not smiling. Instead, he licks his lips and then purses his lips as you see in the photo above. In essence,  the lip licking and swallowing reflects that  his autonomic nervous system has taken over and he is clearly doing something that he does not want…

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Another Star-Spangled Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon

Happy 4th July. Enjoy. Some great show tunes and haiku.

The haikulodeon

Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:
4th of July-ku:  

The rockets’ red glare,
bombs bursting in air, gave proof
that we love fireworks.

Toshiro lit the
firecracker while his sisters
watched with excitement.

A day at the beach
in those days, was more like a
wet pajama fest.

(My maternal grandparents are third and fourth from the left.)

tanka haiku:

John Fluegel played fife,
Tobias Giltner fought, in
The Revolution.

Saluting our ancestors
who fought for Independence.

Tobias Giltner and John Flugel were two of my ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War.  There were others, but these two had the right syllable count. 😉

At his wife’s urging,
He posed with her step-father.
Happy July 4th!

(Photo circa 1920.  My maternal grandfather and step-great-grandfather.)

That summer, I learned
two things; to whistle and how
to blow bubble gum.

(Cape Cod circa 1957.  Me…

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