LIMBAUGH: There’s also a move out there, understandably



LIMBAUGH: There’s also a move out there, understandably in the Democrat Party, but also with certain elements of the Republican Party, to go after, discredit and basically blow up the Heritage Foundation study on immigration and the cost of amnesty. Remember, we made available to you, if you wanted to go to the Heritage Foundation website the other day earlier this week, they were giving you the report free. The website is You go there, get the whole thing downloaded, the five-page summary was really pretty much what you needed to read, it was detailed. The summary was just powerful. It talked about $6.3 trillion of net cost. …

 So, now it’s trash the messenger time. There is no argument in this piece about whether or not Mr. Richwine’s doctoral dissertation is right. They don’t even raise that question. They are attempting to discredit Mr. Richwine and the Heritage report by pointing out that this guy in his doctoral dissertation suggested that immigrants to America have lower IQs than native Americans and that the difference is likely to persist over several generations, and it’s something that we ought to consider when analyzing and trying to come up with immigration policy. You’re not suppose to bring that kind of stuff up. You’re not suppose to talk about it. It’s not politically correct, even if it’s true. You’re not suppose to bring it up. So, the entire Heritage report on immigration that disagreed with the Senate Gang of 8 plan is under assault now because one of the authors in his doctoral dissertation wrote that immigrants have lower IQs than native Americans. And they don’t dispute that in the USA Today piece as far as I read. They don’t dispute that.

What the hell does rusho have to do with Mother’s Day?

Well Rush creates his own realities.

I mean he wishes to create a universe where people south of the border are incompetent and that these same immigrants will contribute somehow to our national mental retardation.

I was going to go into the history of this eugenics study and rush’s thoughts upon this but I thought that I might put this theory on hold whilst I discussed more personal intuitions as they say.

There are realities involved in all of this.

There are duplicate universes involved in all of this.

Mother’s Day is stupid but you should still do it right! Hahahahah

Don’t argue: It’s stupid. You know who has my back on this? The woman who invented Mother’s day.

I mean that is a funny line. Hahahahahahahahah

Mumsy died a month ago.

One of four sons showed up for the funeral. I was not one of them.

My son and daughter and others did show up including my poor older sister.

My daughter called me to inform me of the event and I gave her two words:

‘James Joyce’ and told her to ‘google’ the words.

Unlike Joyce, I never received monies from mumsy in order to sustain my ‘investigation’ of art.

As a matter of fact I signed off on all benefits available to me with regard to my father’s death by alcohol in 1962.

Mumsy received all benefits that would have gone to me. I had thought it was the ‘right thing to do’ which was just damn stupid.

I watched a PBS presentation of a play upon which The Days of Wine & Roses was based when I was about eight?

Cliff Robertson starred in this PBS presentation and it was so much more geared to the reality of purgatory than the film starring Jack Lemon.

I would work 30 hours a week during my high school days attempting to prove I could ‘earn’ a living all to the detriment of my soul, actually.

What a waste of time and energy when I could have been reading and writing and really making something of myself.

I gave mumsy every opportunity to redeem herself.

I cannot get into the hundreds of pages this essay might explore as far as issues.

Gramma came and took away my youngest brother and reared him as her own by the time I reached the age of 13 and thank the Good Lord for that. Emmett is doing just fine as a contributing member of society at the age of 7 years younger than me.

My elder sister was adopted by Gramma years before that de faco if not de jure.

I recall visiting my grandparents several times whilst I was in college (I had to drive 150 miles north of my residence)

Grampa would ask:

How is your mother?

Whilst Gramma would look on.

Oh she is fine.

Reality? Well, damn, she was not fine. She was drunk and incompetent all the while I was 13 and older and you know goddamn well she was not fine.

Oh well.

Mumsy went into ‘treatment’ when I was 14? Two years following my father’s death as a result of alcoholism?

She came out of that ‘treatment’ more enabled, more justified and more psychotic than when she first entered that ‘institution’.

Mumsy was a liar and she was the most perfect denier of reality that I have ever met in my life!

You know there is a perfection in all of this. I mean mumsy had created her own universe. My Mom was not capable of self-doubt. Mom had created her own reality.

THEY are all attempting to ‘get me’.


THEY are all going after me because of my ‘peasant’ background.

THEY just hate me because I am me!

I do not really know how else to explain this psychotic view of reality.

But then again, look at beckerhead or rusho or a thousand voices of unreality that ‘we’ listen to every goddamn day!

These people are all in denial. I feel that they are in denial in order to receive a pay check; but whatever their motivation they are all in denial.

Oh I gave mumsy a thousand chances, trust me.

I gave her all my money as a teen and into my early twenties.

I would ‘discuss’ all the ‘issues’ with her.



When I heard of her death after speaking with my daughter on the phone, I informed Erin that my mumsy died decades and decades ago.

This poor woman had ‘lost it’ by 1966?

You know the Roman Catholic Church had this strange propaganda concerning death.

Evil people went to hell. Straight to hell.

Confused people ended up in purgatory for a thousand years?

Wonderful folks of course went to heaven.

(Babies went to limbo? As far as I am concerned we are all in limbo!)

I have stated a few times in the past that Gramma (paternal) was the meanest white woman I ever met. Hahahahahahahaha

Gramma had divorced her first husband (the father of my father) back in the 30’s?

Gramma remarried to one of the nicest folks I have ever met; Grampa Forest!

Gramma spent the rest of her life attempting to annul her first marriage under Canonical Law and finally was granted that petition a few years prior to her death in 1981?

It really is not that novels attempt to duplicate life’s experiences.

We attempt to duplicate paradigms that we perceive in our reading of novels.

Seany speaks with me on this subject and I must answer his questions.

We two boys speak with each other in a manner I have never spoken with others.

I do not wish that the ‘Fall of the House of Atreus’ touch this new generation.

But I tell Sean the truth.

If you ever get the chance and you are in a decent mental health, watch the Playhouse 90 edition of the The Days of Wine & Roses presented by PBS in 1958. I was 8 when I witnessed this presentation.

I have been attempting to avoid the biblical admonition:

The sins of the father shall be visited upon the son a thousand times!

Well we have crack-whores and Cadillac welfare-moms and all sorts of monsters in our current political visions.

We must first look to ourselves when we discuss ‘reality’.

Or I should say ‘realities’.

I don’t know the answer to any of the questions that I have posed during this short discussion.

I kept my kids away from the Roman Catholic Church.

I stayed away from alcohol for the better part of 24 years following the birth of my children.

I attempted to keep books in the home of my children that provided alternative views of the universe.

I have stated in many posts that my kids (by accident) are doing very well. They both have worked and earned money at my place of business and on their own since they were 14?

I, at times, hid my heritage; my familial mental illness from my children.

All for the greater good!


Both of them know the truth now.

I confirmed the truth to both of them.

There is a theory of course.

I mean we are all, that is all of us, mentally ill.

We all attempt to create our own reality.

Like Obama once said (well several times of course because he is a politician) we must look forward instead of backward.

My kids are doing well.

They work every damn day and contribute to our society.

They are less mentally challenged than I was or am.

And I find pride in all of this.

I do not blame my parents for my failures.

But I do not credit my parents for my victories either.


Happy Mother’s Day to my daughter-in-law.

This lady really is good with my granddaughter.

And she is attempting to domesticate my son.

The end?




Smiling infant on back with legs raised in the air



I had a wonderful day. 

Spring was more than a month late but damn I had a wonderful day. 

It was 67 F for chrissakes! 

Seany notified me by email that he would arrive with the troop on the weekend. 

I did not expect the troop until sometime in May. 

We had just experienced a blizzard six days beforehand. 

The roads and paths were impassable. 

But it was 67F for chrissakes! 

His wife drops him off at my place. 

And my son and I walk to the store around the pond. 

And we talk like we did when he was a little kid. 

And we get to the grocers and this time I have a list! 

Our sojourns to the grocers (4 times a year) involve many variables. 

The last time I forgot the list. 

You want hamburgers again? 

I make them so well after practice that that is all he expects so naturally he tells me that he vetoes any other suggestions. 

I seemed to be out of Worcestershire and ketchup and mustard and… 

So those were all quickly thrown in the cart. 

See, Seany smiles every time we go to the store and of course he has gone to the store with me since he was about three. Hahahhahah 

I told him we only have steak fries; is that enough? 

Oh yes Pop. That is just fine with me. 

Then we hit the basics and I get Broccoli and Spinach and spices and the other necessities of life. 

So my son just grabs the groceries in the five bags and I have to explain protocols. 

I sift through the packaged groceries and throw cans and heavy materials into my satchel and then he grabs the four bags left and we embark upon the journey home. 

I love this journey every frickin time. Hahahahahah 

I never purchase more than 40 bucks at the grocers and the journey is so much easier when you have a muscle bound son to help you carry it home. 

Oh and at the grocers, I have to tell Sean to stop with the cart and keep quiet whilst I run around the store for items I forgot from my list. This usually takes three or four ‘stops’. 

On my way to access the ground pepper I see this marvelous baby in a cart and two women are filling the container up as they say. I stop to say: 

What a marvelous baby! What a remarkable baby. Hahahaha

I cannot help myself. She is beautiful! 

Your baby is beautiful. 

Grandma is so delighted that someone noted this fact! 

Oh I just got back from visiting with my granddaughter! 

I ask about the pretty ribbon on the little girl’s hair and mom and grandma are so very happy I asked. 

I lied of course. 

I will not even see my Noela until tomorrow. Haahahah 

I was in the mood for babies. 

Anyway, Sean and I proceeded home. 

I suggest Prophecy for our movie tonight. 

It is just a standard horror movie until Walken shows up following the first fifteen minutes. 

After channel surfing for a short time, Sean says okay! 

Turns out that Seany has miscalculated and mixed up Dead Again with the Prophecy series. 

He loves it. 

We are laughing and having a wonderful time. 

I mean when Walken loses one Zombie and then protests to the ex priest who kills him: 


And then of course, there are the constant remonstrations against the TALKING MONKEYS.




Oh we are having a ball and then we reach the end.

Seany starts channel surfing and after discarding SNL we end up with:


One of the single funniest films I have ever witnessed. 

Try not to take a date on this viewing. Hahahhaah

We finally end up with Bill Burr again. Hahahahahahah

You see Sean found this wonderful woman who decided to domesticate him. Hahahahahah

Last time his friend called him on his phone (basically the size of a double graham cracker) and Nick along with his beautiful bride are telling him a joke.

Sean puts it on speaker. 

How in the hell do you put a graham cracker on speaker?


Anyway old Nick tells the joke and then I chime in:

Oh, I have a joke.

Well let us hear it!

Okay, so there once was this little boy who could do anything he ever wished to do and now he has to go to church and go shopping with a woman.


Mrs. Nick did not love that joke.


But they both laughed anyway.


Mama shows up with the car and the infant and wishes to go inside our castle.

I lead her with my angel to the community room whilst Seany parks the car. (there are all these real weird rules concerning parking around here)

Oh mama loves this room. No one is in it, I mean it is Sunday AM and older folks leave the place alone at this time. I mean there is no Bingo or commiseration of any kind!)

We are speaking to one another and the little bugger throws the nuke onto the floor and I go to wash it off and Seany returns!

That baby takes one look at my son and has the ‘startle response’. You can read about this in any psychological tome but you have no idea what it means until you actually see it!


It is wonderful to witness.

Mama gives Sean the bottle and he feeds her after taking her from mama.

11 months.

Noela knows who he is, loves who he is and is permanently attached to what he is.

I do not know how else to describe all this.

Seany feeds her whilst she looks around and finally is consoled as she plays with his beard.


Noela just loves his beard!

Noela has just woken up from the car ride of course and has some red in her eye; but after eating or drinking she perks up.

And we set her on the carpet area and she just takes off.

Talk about a sugar high!

Noela must crawl like crazy in this empty room and find a chair and then stand up.

And then she finds the ‘library’.

Well there is this small book case located at the window and she drops down and crawls right for it.

And this is when, this is the exact date that Noela discovers the power of gravity.

Amazing to watch really.

Noela goes right for this library and stands up with the help of the wooden supports of the book case and begins examining the readings available.

Then she discovers that when she grabs hold of some tome she can pull and see how gravity works.


I am not talking about five little books, I mean she had to tear out twenty five of these literary masterpieces and discover anew, each time, that when she did so the objects would drop to the ground.

At that time I was able to pick up my granddaughter for the first time. I was too afraid when she was so frail at 3 months and 7 months.

Noela was not sure about this situation.


But I had noted that she loved her Daddy’s goatee, so I put her hand on my beard and she thought that was neat.

Anyway I had the opportunity to kiss the little angel three or four times (rather than thirty or forty times) and it was Nirvana again.

Sean sent me a picture of this and all I could say was:

How could something this ugly provide ¼ of the genes for such a lovely creature? Hahahahah

Whenever you are really down.

Whenever you really feel that all is lost!

Whenever you feel that you cannot handle all the evil in this world.

Whenever Congress has got you to the point where you think there is no point.

Find a little niece or a little grandkid or a baby in a cart at the grocers.

There are good people in this country raising a new generation with love and respect and with the hope that things will be better!

No kidding.

There are good people out there really working to provide for their children in so many ways.

Sometimes, we must skip the bad news!

The end




The term miscegenation has been used since the 19th century to refer to interracial marriage and interracial sex,[1] and more generally to the process of racial admixture, which has taken place since ancient history. Historically the term has been used in the context of laws banning interracial marriage and sex, so-called anti-miscegenation laws.[2] The term entered historical records during European colonialism and the Age of Discovery, but societies such as China andJapan also had restrictions on marrying with peoples whom they considered to be of a different race.


By now, it’s old news that Wilcox County holds segregated proms.  Wilcox County parents’ decision to host two proms continues to earn them some well-deserved criticism.  But, these antiquated reminders of a terrible time should not and cannot overshadow one of the most important things that has happened in south Georgia since the Talmadges reigned supreme down there… 

Wilcox County High School students are working their tails off to unite their community and shake the humiliation and sins of their parents.  They’ve organized a facebook page asking for donations to have their first integrated prom on April 27.  They’re doing this against the wishes of some parents and even some in the school, which has refused to host the proposed prom.

My purpose is not to bash the South again during this discussion. 

I just posted a blog concerning overt racism a week ago. And I attempted to underline that there are surely a number of Northern politicians who are as overtly racist as any right wing bastard in South Africa during the 70’s.

Other quotes and cites are left in the appendix to this post.

I am attempting to get into the mind of the South.

What I would like to talk about is the concept of ‘ethos’.

Ethos (pron.: /ˈθɒs/ or /ˈθs/) is a Greek word meaning “character” that is used to describe the guiding beliefs or ideals that characterize a community, nation, or ideology. The Greeks also used this word to refer to the power of music to influence its hearer’s emotions, behaviors, and even morals.[1] Early Greek stories of Orpheus exhibit this idea in a compelling way. The word’s use in rhetoric is closely based on the Greek terminology used by Aristotle in his concept of the three artistic proofs.

Ethos is a world view held by a majority of the members of a group or tribe.

 Because of cultural diffusion, the old Confederate States of America have an ethos that is a little watered down over the last century or so, due to this diffusion; diffusion from the North; diffusion from south of the Old South and diffusion from across the globe.

But cultural diffusion has not yet erased this ethos completely.

I have two children who are hard working adults.

I had three brothers and a sister.

Unless a child is scared out of his mind; when you confront a child with his unsocial conduct he will almost always say:

Well what about Sheila; I mean you never ever attack her for her misconduct…..

I recently spoke with Seany and Erin and that never happened when I ran things. Neither of them blamed the other sibling.

But the normal course in these types of proceedings is for the defendant to point out the incidents where someone else was not castigated for his or her behavior.

The Governor of Georgia refused to ‘take sides’ (see infra) with regard to the ‘prom’ issue.


Let us examine this statement.

I discussed many of our forefathers on several different occasions over the last five years during my rants.

But in this discussion, I am attempting to see what this Governor is attempting to do!

Look, in Minneapolis you cannot take a stand on the City Council or the Hennepin County Commissioner’s office or as state Representative/Senator or any of the many Federal Offices that you will not take a stand on blatant Civil Rights issues.

It aint gonna happen.

Does that mean that no Minnesotans are racist?


I would argue that we are less racist, on the whole, in this Northern State!

But to Governor Nathan Neil, the issue is less simplistic.

To Governor Neil and to millions of the citizens of the Deep South, liberals simply come from the North and point out their sins. And us liberals have bad motives in doing so. We simply wish to cover up our own sings.

But the North refuses to acknowledge its own sins. 


No tribe that I have ever heard of simply acknowledges its own sins committed by its own members and then promises anew to change its attitude.


I recall many instances where historians praise our Minnesota Regiment during the Civil War.

Our soldiers accomplished so very much in key battles.

But people forget that half of our soldiers were involved in genocide during the same period; Lincoln ordered the death of thousands of Amerindians.

Now I aint so liberal that I omit the sins against the White Man perpetrated by the Red Man during that period.

Except we must acknowledge that the White Man was the intruder.

There were the Indian Wars for chrissakes.

President Jackson was the worst American NAZI that ever held Executive Power in this country and that is for sure. Believe me it helps my conscience to point out that the bastard was also a slave owner, but I digress.

But we knew, we absolutely knew that America was ours for the taking; that we were endowed with certain inalienable rights given to us by GOD, and GOD was certainly against those damn barbarians and that we must proceed as a nation to destroy all of those heathens.


The Governor of Georgia, if he were translucent? Or transparent? Or truthful, would tell us that there is the NAACP and other African American organizations that only stand up for the Black Folks. And there are Hispanic organizations that only stand up for Hispanics. And there are Asian Organizations…

 All these organizations were established to piss on white folks and establish the rights of their members.

It is plain and simple to these morons.

Morons like Nathan Deal.

But Deal has a point.

I mean where are the White Right Organizations?

Well, for Governor Deal that is so damn simple to answer and yet, you would never recognize any examples in this answer.










I dunno.

But look at what the South is dealing with.

The South uses Gerrymandering just as conservatives in the ‘North’ and the ‘West’ do from time to time simply taking models they learned from the Northern ‘liberals’ for so many fricking years.

You will find a Black Congressman representing South Carolinians for sure.

How they ever voted in an ‘East’ Indian as Governor is beyond me; all she had to do was to sell her soul like Dinesh and Bobby J. (Oh this comment is so damn Sikh!)

There was a skit on Smother Brothers decades ago.

And the Brothers painted a picture of American Leaders and Russian Leaders and Chinese Leaders and French Leaders and other leaders from around the world complaining about outside agitators.

So Governor Deal just blames the entire ‘Prom’ matter on outside liberal agitators.

Your own ethnocentric values are always challenged by outside agitators.


There is a deep deep fear of MISCEGENATION in the South that has been in existence for four hundred years.

I mean we will never get over this.

Populations will be variable in their own ethnocentrism.

The Northern folks would worry that their Italian daughter would marry an Irishman. Hahahaha

The Northern folks would worry that their Jewish daughter would marry a Catholic. Hahahaha

The Northern folks would worry that their Irish daughter would marry a Protestant. Haahahahah

I can go on and on.


That is what this PROM issue is all about.

To think otherwise is to ignore the ‘facts’.

I get this!


Now do not shoot me down here. I did not condone this crap!

For Governor Deal to refuse to take sides on this issue sucks.

But look at Deal and the residents of Wilcox County. Look at their side of things!

Governor Deal loses every time he votes or endorses the side of the integrationists!

 He loses every damn time he denies the sins committed by his tribe over the last four hundred years.

 But he loses if he acknowledges the sins committed by his tribe over the last four hundred years.

So Wilcox has to blame outside agitators and liberals and Northern bastards and anyone else he can come up with.

I will say this.

Obama only lost the State of Georgia by less than 8 points.

Think about it!

Something is going on here.

Wisconsin and Michigan and a host of other non Confederate States are attacking Civil Rights statutes every frickin day.

However, cultural diffusion works both ways!

I am going to come back to this mess.

Suffice it to say that this PROM ISSUE troubles me much.


During the long fight to end apartheid in the American South, defenders of segregation would frequently dismiss civil rights workers as nothing more than “outside agitators” intruding on communities that did not want them. Nearly 60 years after Brown v. Board of Educationlittle appears to have changed in the Georgia governor’s mansion. In response to a request to support students in Wilcox County, Georgia seeking to integrate their high school’s still-segregated prom, Gov. Nathan Deal (R-GA)’s office channeled the spirit of George Wallace:

Gov. Nathan Deal won’t take sides in the controversy over some Wilcox County teens’ efforts to integrate their prom.

By email, his spokesman, Brian Robinson, said Deal would have no response to a liberal group’s call for state officials, including the governor to speak out.

He wrote, “This is a leftist front group for the state Democratic party and we’re not going to lend a hand to their silly publicity stunt.

Wilcox County High School has no official prom, but for years, some parents and students have organized a private whites-only segregated prom. School officials say they have no control over that and have issued a statement in support of the integrated prom…

They say school officials will discuss whether to hold an official prom, open to all, in 2014.

Prom is not the only segregated event at the school, WSAV reported. There are also segregated dances at Homecoming. This year for the first time at the school an integrated Homecoming court was named, but Quanesha Wallace, a black teen who is one of the students pushing for a fully integrated prom, said she was voted queen of the court but was not invited to the white dance…

We live in rural south Georgia, where not too many things change. Well, as a group of adamant high school seniors, we want to make a difference in our community. For the first time in the history of our county, we plan to have an integrated prom.

Georgia election results for President in 2012:

Romney 53.3%

Obama 45.5%,_2012




I start at Salon and I am reading some tripe about a comic.

Then I get bored and look at the right side where there are headlines located at other sites.

 Usually I stay away from scribol because the last five or six times I ventured into that site I end up at another site that contains nothing but conservative crap.

But this time I am sent to another site and the article was obviously written by a liberal.

And vwella! (is that a word?), I come upon a list of the 15 dumbest presidents, after reading the list of the fifteen smartest presidents.

The main point of interest in the dumbest list is that Ford ends up only one level ahead of George W. Bush!

There is only one thing that really links these two non-intellectuals of course and that is Dicky Cheney.

Cheney ran both presidencies!

Cheney made sure that Ford’s ‘non-partisan’ Administration manufactured more vetoes in two years than any president had ever vetoed in a full term or even two full terms; Dicky just wished to stop the anti-Nixon Democratic momentum.

Cheney made sure that the Bush Administration became the most pro war administration since Nixon’s Administration; which made sense since Dicky had just spent the previous five years working for a defense contractor.

Anyway, when you have hit bottom and are reading about that Mensa Candidate Bush, you will find another link that eventually sends you to a 2009 Slate compendium of ‘Bushisms’.

There are 13 full pages of Bushisms in this fantastic piece. And as far as I can tell every single quote is fully linked to text or video.

Truly a marvelous exercise in compilation.


Mrs. Malaprop was a character in Sheridan’s The Rivals.

This lady’s propensity for linguistic stupidity is truly awe-inspiring.

The one line that comes to mind included the phrase:

Like an alligator on the Nile.

First Mrs. Malaprop was intending to discuss an allegory.

Second, there are crocodiles along the Nile and not alligators.

A good malapropism should contain more than one ‘mistake’ either in definition or in spelling or in grammar or in just plain substance.

Wiki tells me that Shakespeare created a male character in Much Ado About Nothing with a similar affliction.

Slate reproduced 13 pages of Bush’s malapropisms beginning in 2009 (the date of the compendium) and ending in 1999. I could not help myself; I had to include a few of these Mensan Messages below just for effect. You should not be drinking any coffee as you review my short list or the original Slate masterpiece.

And this collection immediately reminded me of folks like Palin and Bachmann.

Here is a site for Palanisms.

The Twittersphere erupted Sunday when former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin tweeted that “peaceful Muslims” should “refudiate” the mosque being built in New York City near where the Twin Towers once stood. Palin found herself the butt of many tweets, as refudiate, of course, is not a word in the English language.

I picked this particular example of malapropism to make my point.

I mean refudiate is not a word.

And why would a peaceful Muslim wish to rally against the building of a mosque? I suppose that a Sunni would not be pleased that a Shiite mosque was being erected?

This little blog goes on to show how Palin attempted to correct her original message by changing refudiate to refute when the actual word she was looking for was ‘repudiate’.

Here is another example:

He who warned, uh, the … the British that they weren’t gonna be takin’ away our arms, uh, by ringin’ those bells and, um, by makin’ sure that as he’s ridin’ his horse through town to send those warnin’ shots and bells that, uh, we were gonna be secure and we were gonna be free … and we were gonna be armed.

See, Palin is feigning some elementary grasp of American History to her disgrace. She even attempted to clean up the mess later on.

Which only made her look more moronic.

When I take a look at this ‘off the cuff” lecture my head is just swimming. Good ole Paul was warning colonial militia men that the British were ‘a comin’ and really was not in a mood to confront the Brits himself.

Ahhhhhhhhh, forget this entire exercise. Maybe Sarah is simply a Dadaist after all!

Here is a site for Bachmannisms.

Before headlining a GOP fundraiser, the possible presidential hopeful told a group of students and conservative activists in Manchester, “You’re the state where the shot was heard around the world in Lexington and Concord.”

But those first shots of the Revolutionary War were fired in Massachusetts, not New Hampshire. Though Bachmann probably wasn’t the first to confuse Concord, N.H., with Concord, Mass., her mistake was striking given her roots in the tea party movement, which takes its name from the dumping of tea into Boston Harbor by angry American colonists in December 1773, 16 months before the Battle of Lexington Green.

She has also confused the birth place of John Wayne with the birth place of John Wayne Gacy; well enough of this.

Take a look at my first link and you can read about how nuts Bachmann is; how cruelly she treated her employees; how come 46% of everyone who ever worked for her quit; and why there are so many informants attempting to see Michele prosecuted for misuse of campaign funds along with other infractions. There appears to be a real investigation going on here!

To preface my contentions made in this essay, I understand that everyone makes mistakes from time to time; everyone lies from time to time; everyone misstates things from time to time and no one has perfect grammar.

And everyone has his or her own style!

Senator Sessions has a lisp and a little Bawbwa Wawa bent to his speech pattern.

President Obama can hardly utter two words without an ‘ah’–unless of course he is reading from a teleprompter.

Morris, late of Fox News and later of the Clinton Administration has the most pronounced lisp of all with the exception of that Oregon Senator.

McConnell sounds like that ESPN poker announcer who makes it impossible for me to watch TV poker any longer. Kind of like the giant cartoon rooster. The real Southern Rooster of course was Jesse Helms.

Bill Clinton is so erudite that it is difficult for him to explain anything in less than half an hour.

Sarah Palin speaks with what I would call a 1950’s Minnesota accent; we used to sound like Norwegian immigrants who just got off the booooht.

Senator Cruz really looks and sounds like Joe McCarthy to me; not just in message and in intent. Cruz has what I would call a ‘hesitant authoritative element’ to his speech; which is strange because he appears to be ‘proud’ of his Hispanic heritage?

Anyway, we all have our own styles; if you like the guy it is style and if you detest the fellow it is fault!

Ad hominem attacks aside; I think I know why repubs despise MSM even though talk radio and Fox News comprise so much of MSM.

Recall when George W. Bush was referred to as the guy you would like to have a beer with?

Well I think this all goes back to journalism as a trade.

Journalists and reporters and pundits (some anyway) are stuck writing every single day and have done so in this country for over 250 years and these journalists are always being questioned by their editors.

Editors were stuck correcting all the material sent to them and were constantly berating the journalist for spelling errors and grammatical flaws.

And editors are stuck demanding a full listing of sources from their reporters. They are stuck demanding some sort of proof for a reporter’s claim.

So journalists have ‘an ear’ for language.

One of the problems with sites like Drudge or Breibart lies in their lack of editing. No standards as it were. Just throw it out there and see what works. Like rush and beckerhead and the other radio heads.

And so I imagine that many journalists must cringe when they hear bad grammar coming from the mouths of people like W. Bush and Palin and Bachmann.

And I also imagine that these professionals really cringe when Bush or Palin or Bachmann fail to provide substantiation for their underlying messages.

And I imagine that these professionals really cringe at inconsistencies; lack of structure and clear misstatements of fact. (lies)

Finally I imagine that these professionals cannot have a beer with these types of politicians because they are afraid of spitting of their beers in front of bush or palin or bachmann in reaction to some malapropism.

So the better journalists in our new chaotic world of information must seem like ‘elites’ to the likes of Bush or Palin or Bachmann.

Because inside every journalist, every reporter and every pundit is an evil editor.

And the bushes and palins and bachmanns are forced to read articles that correct their bullshite and the corrections kind of piss them off; especially if the criticisms are pretty much true.

And I think that at the center of a malapropism lies a Mrs. Malaprop who only pretends that she knows something about something; when in fact she does not know much of anything.

And the Mrs. Malaprops in this universe do not like to be reminded of the fact that they do not know much of anything!

A thousand Bushisms:

“You know, one of the hardest parts of my job is to connect Iraq to the war on terror.”—Interview with CBS News, Washington D.C., Sept. 6, 2006

“I’ve reminded the prime minister—the American people, Mr. Prime Minister, over the past months that it was not always a given that the United States and America would have a close relationship.”—Washington, D.C., June 29, 2006

President Bush: Peter. Are you going to ask that question with shades on?

Peter Wallsten of the Los Angeles Times: I can take them off.
Bush: I’m interested in the shade look, seriously.
Wallsten: All right, I’ll keep it, then.
Bush: For the viewers, there’s no sun.
Wallsten: I guess it depends on your perspective.
Bush: Touché.

Exchange with legally blind reporter Peter Wallsten, to whom Bush later apologized, Washington, D.C., June 14, 2006

“You took an oath to defend our flag and our freedom, and you kept that oath underseas and under fire.”—Addressing war veterans, Washington, D.C., Jan. 10, 2006

“I think it’s important to bring somebody from outside the system, the judicial system, somebody that hasn’t been on the bench and, therefore, there’s not a lot of opinions for people to look at.” —On the nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court, Washington, D.C., October 4, 2005

“I want to thank you for the importance that you’ve shown for education and literacy.”

“After all, Europe is America’s closest ally.”—Mainz, Germany, Feb. 23, 2005

“We want our teachers to be trained so they can meet the obligations, their obligations as teachers. We want them to know how to teach the science of reading. In order to make sure there’s not this kind of federal—federal cufflink.”—At Fritsche Middle School, Milwaukee, March 30, 2000

“People make suggestions on what to say all the time. I’ll give you an example; I don’t read what’s handed to me. People say, ‘Here, here’s your speech, or here’s an idea for a speech.’ They’re changed. Trust me.”—Interview with the New York Times, March 15, 2000

“If you’re sick and tired of the politics of cynicism and polls and principles, come and join this campaign.”—Hilton Head, S.C., Feb. 16, 2000

 “This is Preservation Month. I appreciate preservation. It’s what you do when you run for president. You gotta preserve.”—Speaking during “Perseverance Month” at Fairgrounds Elementary School in Nashua, N.H. As quoted in the Los Angeles Times, Jan. 28, 2000

“A tax cut is really one of the anecdotes to coming out of an economic illness.”—The Edge With Paula Zahn, Sept. 18, 2000

“We’ll let our friends be the peacekeepers and the great country called America will be the pacemakers.”—Houston, Texas, Sept. 6, 2000

“The fundamental question is, ‘Will I be a successful president when it comes to foreign policy?’ I will be, but until I’m the president, it’s going to be hard for me to verify that I think I’ll be more effective.”—In Wayne, Mich., as quoted by Katharine Q. Seelye in the New York Times, June 28, 2000

“This is a world that is much more uncertain than the past. In the past we were certain, we were certain it was us versus the Russians in the past. We were certain, and therefore we had huge nuclear arsenals aimed at each other to keep the peace. That’s what we were certain of. … You see, even though it’s an uncertain world, we’re certain of some things. We’re certain that even though the ‘evil empire’ may have passed, evil still remains. We’re certain there are people that can’t stand what America stands for. … We’re certain there are madmen in this world, and there’s terror, and there’s missiles and I’m certain of this, too: I’m certain to maintain the peace, we better have a military of high morale, and I’m certain that under this administration, morale in the military is dangerously low.”—Albuquerque, N.M., the Washington Post, May 31, 2000

“The legislature’s job is to write law. It’s the executive branch’s job to interpret law.”—Austin, Texas, Nov. 22, 2000

Well enough of that.

I mean kids say the darndest things!

You get my point?

I think I might do another blog just demonstrating some of the pure evil that lurks inside of some of these Bushisms!


HOME SCHOOLING! Momoe provides the standard!

I wished to get into several facets of our educational system.

And I intended to dedicate this chapter to the issue of home schooling; which normally becomes politically charged as soon as the subject is raised.

But Momoe made this this attempt so easy with her recent comments on my last educational blog.


For everyone!

Momoe gets into discussions with her grandchildren about history.

She is interested in their homework.

She does not just ‘answer’ questions, she gets the little buggers to do their own research.

Let us go to the computer and see what we can find!

Momoe attends PTA meetings and meetings with the child’s teachers.

My goodness this child knows a lot about history says the teacher!

Previous posts by Momoe underline the economic difficulties facing her family.

It is not easy helping children with their education no matter how much money you have.

If Dad is working fifty or sixty hours a week and if Mom is working 30 or 40 hours a week and left with most of the ‘house work’; where is the time to do a proper job with regard to home schooling?

I am just a grandpa living alone so take my opinions with a grain of salt; but there are hardware requirements in order to do a proper job of home schooling.


Books, books and books along with magazines and newspapers should be available throughout the homestead.

I always made sure there was a set of encyclopedias along with several dictionaries around the house and the children should be able to witness the parents using this type of hardware.

If children see parents reading, they will more likely be interested in reading.

There should be a variety of magazines and books located in the homestead.

There should be books of fantasy and books of ancient history and books relating to sports and books relating to cooking and books relating to hobbies.

And Mom and Dad should be reading to their children on a daily basis. I am not even sure if it matters what the content of that reading is?

My experience has been that children love to hear parents reading to them. It is certainly a cliché repeated over and over in our movies and TV presentations.

Another piece of hardware should be a PC along with internet access and Momoe has demonstrated in her presentations that she would do anything to keep that PC working and to keep that access.

A kid demonstrates some interest in Socrates?

Well Plato is available in just about any language.

You might start with an encyclopedia article on Plato and then go to Wikipedia and then google or bling ‘Plato’ and there he is.

Copyright might keep one from reading Foote on line but Carl Sandberg is right there with discussions on President Lincoln. And I would bet that for five bucks you could procure a Foote volume on Ebay or on some other link.

Where exactly is Iran; this home of tyrants and terrorists and ignorant people.

Maps abound on the internet and of course in encyclopedias.

Let’s find a map on the internet.

Hell, maps alone would certainly aide morons like Palin and Bachmann for chrissakes. Hahahaha

Another bit of hardware should include a TV. ( And I do not discount the value of listening to a radio show with your loved one from time to time.)

Momoe touches on the fact that PBS airs extraordinary documentaries and discussions.

And, of course, if you have internet access you can go right to CSPAN and even the History channel and other sources of great documentaries.

One other piece of hardware might be some used camera.

Take walks with your kids and take pictures of those strange trees and funny birds and stupid pet tricks you might witness on those walks.

Oh, and one more thing about TV. Does little Joey like a few dramas on TV? Maybe even a few air head sitcoms?

Limit the time for TV viewing, but for heavens sake take the time to watch a kid’s favorite weekly show. Narrate and ask your child questions about some behavior portrayed on that show.

You might get some weird question from a seven year old from time to time:

Daddy, what’s a hooker?

Daddy, what is rape?

With all the sex and violence on the air these days, it is really difficult to get away from questions like this from time to time.

But your 11 year old daughter better damn well know what ‘rape’ is for chrissakes!

And your 6 year old son better damn well know what a gun is and how dangerous guns are!

And your five year old better damn well know what a traffic accident is and how dangerous cars are!


What exactly is your child’s homework assignment today?

Oh, no homework? Well what did you learn today?

Did your child bring home older assignments that have already been viewed by the teacher and graded?

Let us discuss the grade and the comments from the teacher and see if we might do better next time.

The child must be required to bring her textbooks home so that the parent will discover what propaganda is contained therein.

We certainly wish to feed our children vegetables and fruit and stay away from processed foods (although treats must be provided—especially for good behavior). We know that children must be provided with proper nutrition and enough calories to get through the day.

We understand the need for proper exercise in order to keep our children strong and clear headed.

Well the brain of that child needs intellectual nutrition and intellectual exercise.

And the emotional component of that child needs praise once in awhile for her intellectual deeds!

What a great sentence that was; what were you thinking when you wrote it? Let’s just take twenty minutes and write some more sentences.



I have to demonstrate my hostility toward those who will not allow their children to interact with other school children.

With that out of the way, I can begin my discussion on the subject of home schooling—the subject I thought I was going to begin this essay.

Here is a nice general link regarding home school curricula:

This site provides links concerning state laws governing the home schooler and suggestions regarding support groups and regimens and such relating to the responsibilities of the parent.

The first warning on this site:


The second warning:


Now I go to Wiki

Suffice it to say that there are many reasons that a parent might choose home schooling for her child.

Politics might be involved, religion might be involved, handicaps might be involved, access might be involved.

So I am less prone to judge this decision to home school the child. Obviously I was thinking of strange religious sects, the mental health of the parent(s) involved, and militias who really work for the violent overthrow of the government.

How many American children are home schooled.

Well certainly do not ask ASK!

As a matter of fact do not ask ASK for anything!

This ASK site is the single most worthless site I have ever come upon except for of course.

And then there is the Heritage Foundation site. You can guess where they are on this issue—as if I even know where I am on this issue!

Yet the Department of Education’s estimate may be too low. The National Home Education Research Institute estimates that between 1.9 million and 2.4 million children were educated at home during the 2005-2006 school year. Despite these differences, both the Department of Education and the National Home Education Research Institute concluded that the homeschooling population is increasing each year. The institute estimates that the number of children being homeschooled grows 7 percent to 12 percent per year.[9]

 Well I have gone on too long again. So I shall come back to this important issue concerning home schooling at a later date. I might hit upon some other issues and then come back.

But certainly more must be said about home schooling.

But closing on this segment, Momoe is a saint and her grandchildren, if they follow her curricula will do more than just fine in this veil of tears. ha!



File:Suffrage universel 1848.jpg

We have seen recent attacks upon the 1965 Voting Rights Act!

All I could think was:


Here is the 15th Amendment to the United States Constitution for chrissakes:

 Section 1. The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.

Section 2. The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.[1]


How can one challenge this imperative?

Well, recently a Supreme Court Justice did just that:

WASHINGTON, DC — There were audible gasps in the Supreme Court’s lawyers’ lounge, where audio of the oral argument is pumped in for members of the Supreme Court bar, when Justice Antonin Scalia offered his assessment of a key provision of the Voting Rights Act. He called it a “perpetuation of racial entitlement.”

The comment came as part of a larger riff on a comment Scalia made the last time the landmark voting law was before the justices. Noting the fact that the Voting Rights Act reauthorization passed 98-0 when it was before the Senate in 2006, Scalia claimed four years ago that this unopposed vote actually undermines the law: “The Israeli supreme court, the Sanhedrin, used to have a rule that if the death penalty was pronounced unanimously, it was invalid, because there must be something wrong there.”

I can certainly get into recent attacks upon legislation dealing with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Rand Paul is the new sweetheart of CPAC and….

There is also plenty of real-world evidence that free markets were an enemy of racism. Especially in the South, state governments did not simply allow businesses to discriminate — they often requireddiscrimination.  The landmark decision Plessy v. Ferguson (1896), which ruled that “separate but equal” was constitutional, involved a Louisiana law that punished railroad companies if they did not segregate their passengers.  There were similar laws into the 1960s in many Southern states requiring segregation of interstate bus customers — hence, the Freedom Rider campaign, in which blacks used the whites-only lunch counter at the Greyhound station.

Oh Curly Rand attempted to ‘walk this back’ but damn!


Our history is supposed to be red, white and blue.

But we are stuck in some PC loop: We are now Red/Blue.

How exactly have we ended up where we are now?

Well every single lame-brained opiner would tell us that our problem lies in education; as if education were some sort of panacea.

I would like to venture into this area of discussion.

Since this examination will take awhile, I will attempt not to jump around too much.

Maybe, just maybe, the Blues might come to some realization about where these Reds come from.

We all have the same genes; regardless of the opinions of folks like John C. Calhoun and Justice Taney.

We all live in the middle of the same goddamn continent.

We all love ribs and baseball and football and little children and we cheer for the ‘little guy’.

We all love to cheer for the winners and boo the losers and we all attempt to grab onto as much money as we can to get on with our lives.

We all wish our children to fare well and do better than not just survive in the veil of tears!

We all wish our games to have rules and that those rules are applied so that all participants reach a level playing field.

We all are grateful for the interstate highway system.

We all are grateful that giant grocery stores that provide coffee and grains and fruits and veggies from across the globe at a decent price.

We all are grateful that we might push on a switch and be in light during the dark nights.

We all are grateful that with the click of a mouse or the push of a thumb the universe of knowledge is made available; a universe of knowledge that makes the Library of Alexandria a mere footnote in history!

I would like to discuss these matters and I shall begin this discussion with revisionism, with education, and with propaganda.

Miss Milly’s burning passion was ensuring that Southern youngsters learned the “correct” version of what the war was all about and why it had happened—a version carefully vetted to exclude “lies” and “distortions” perpetrated by anti-Southern textbook authors. To that end, in 1920 she wrote a book entitled “The Truths of History”—a compendium of cherry-picked facts, friendly opinions, and quotes taken out of context, sprinkled with nuggets of information history books have often found convenient to ignore. Among other things, “The Truths of History” asserts that Abraham Lincoln was a mediocre intellect, that the South’s interest in expanding slavery to Western states was its benevolent desire to acquire territory for the slaves it planned to free, and that the Ku Klux Klan was a peaceful group whose only goal was maintaining public order. One of Rutherford’s “authorities” on slavery was British writer William Makepeace Thackeray, who visited Richmond on a tour of the Southern states during the 1850s and sent home a buoyant description of the slaves who attended him: “So free, so happy! I saw them dressed on Sunday in their Sunday best—far better dressed than English tenants of the working class are in their holiday attire.”

There are repercussions to this type of message, to this type of education and to this type of thinking.

If you take the time to at least scan the entire Salon article you will see the Pudge Luntz’s of the world at work.

We were not involved in a Civil War one hundred and fifty years ago. We experienced the War Between the States!

Slavery was not ‘the cause’ of this war or even a substantial contributing cause of this 1150 year old conflict.

Economic considerations along with the North’s quest for greater power over the South was a substantial contributing cause of this war.

The North’s quest for greater centralized government was a substantial contributing cause for this war.

This quest for power lied behind the North’s quest to stem the advance of slavery into this nation’s territories; the South merely wished to allow slavery in the territories so that when it freed the slaves there would be a source of land to give those slaves.

I am going to examine more of the particulars contained in this revisionism/propaganda at a later time.

But my point here is that there are repercussions to this uniquely Southern approach to history.

The following sitcom scene arose during some Civil Rights panel discussion at the recent CPAC abomination.

Scott Terry, 30, rose from his seat to question the discussion leader, K. Carl Smith, from the Frederick Douglass Republicans, over the role of race in the Republican Party. Terry said that the growth of diversity in the party and outreach to black conservatives has been “at the expense of young, white, Southern males like myself.”

“I think my demographic is being systematically disenfranchised,” Terry said.

Smith responded by telling a story about a letter that abolitionist leader Frederick Douglass wrote to his former slaveowner forgiving him for holding him in servitude.

“For giving him shelter and food?” asked Terry, as some members of the audience gasped and others laughed.

If you even pause to wonder where the Louis Farrakhans of this world came from; think about some of things said at that panel discussion.

Before I begin my analysis, let me remind you of my history which I have described in depth over the last four or five years.

In Kindergarten and in the First Grade I recall a morbid looking woman taking us to a corner of the classroom and telling us that the world would end over the week-end.

In the fourth and fifth grades I recall when 90% of the class would leave the school in order to pray in their local churches—every Thursday?

Jews and Roman Catholics were left behind. And I was far too young to understand which was which and why we just sat there!

I learned that the Chinese communists made children the informants on their own parents.

I learned that the Russian commies had commanded that there be no free press.

I learned that the Southern United States hated Negroes.

I learned that Andrew Jackson hated American Indians.

(I shall add to this line of thought later)

But I also went to Catechism and I learned that there was a great god who lived in the sky and he a beard and he knew everything about me; even when I relieved myself in the bathroom and…

And I also watched TV and I learned about other countries and about men who dressed in drag and about supermen and….

Anyway, I found my way to University because I had become rather well at taking standardized tests and because tuition was a hundred bucks and you could purchase used texts.

And my world changed; and my world view changed and I discovered that there were at least 360 perspectives on any issue!

Now consider this a prologue of sorts.

If education is an issue, if education of our youth is important and if you believe that education can have a substantial contributing factor upon issues that face us today; there are three variables that I think have a significant impact upon our futures as a nation and as a world.




I will be discussing these headings in the future.

I would only underline what has been written fifty years ago and most probably 3000 years or so prior to that date.




File:Lester Maddox.jpg

How have we ended up where we have ended up?


 As an aide to the 1950 Senate campaign of North Carolina Republican candidate Willis Smith, Helms reportedly helped create attack ads against Smith’s opponent, including one which read: “White people, wake up before it is too late. Do you want Negroes working beside you, your wife and your daughters, in your mills and factories? Frank Graham favors mingling of the races.” Another ad featured photographs Helms himself had doctored to illustrate the allegation that Graham’s wife had danced with a black man (News and Observer, 8/26/01; New Republic, 6/19/95; Observer, 5/5/96; Hard Right: The Rise of Jesse Helms, by Ernest B. Furgurson, Norton, 1986).


Ancient history? No. Helms remains unapologetic to this day. Forty years after the Smith campaign, Helms would win election against black opponent Harvey Gantt with another ad playing to racist white fear–the so-called “white hands” ad, in which a white man’s hands crumple a rejected job application while a voiceover intones, “You needed that job…but they had to give it to a minority.”

With 17 months remaining in his Senate term, there will be many more “send-offs” dedicated to Jesse Helms. It remains to be seen whether he will continue to get kid glove treatment from the press, or if journalists will choose to tell the unvarnished truth about Helms’ career.

On the 1963 civil rights protests, Helms stated, “The negro cannot count forever on the kind of restraint that’s thus far left him free to clog the streets, disrupt traffic, and interfere with other men’s rights.”[18] He later wrote, “Crime rates and irresponsibility among negroes are a fact of life which must be faced”.[19]

Helms served in the Senate from 1972 to 2002, where he became a leading voice of the right wing of the Republican Party. Nicknamed “Senator No” by his many critics, Helms was a fierce anti-communist whose support for Ronald Reagan in 1976 proved a critical juncture in Reagan’s eventual rise to the Oval Office. To many on the right, it was Helms, not Reagan, who was the true heart of the conservative movement.

“I’ve had two heroes in my life: Jesse Helms and Ronald Reagan,” the late evangelical pastor Jerry Falwell said during a Sept. 2005 tribute to the former senator. Falwell said it was people like Helms who “prevented the country from going to hell in a handbasket.”…

Today we lost a senator whose stature in Congress had few equals,” said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). “Sen. Jesse Helms was a leading voice and courageous champion for the many causes he believed in.”


When the three black men tried to buy some of his chicken in July 1964, Mr. Maddox waved a pistol at them and said: “You no good dirty devils! You dirty Communists!”

Slight of stature, Mr. Maddox was direct and outspoken in the defense of his convictions, which he wrapped in a states’ rights banner. These included the view that blacks were intellectually inferior to whites, that integration was a Communist plot, that segregation was somewhere justified in Scripture and that a federal mandate to integrate schools was “ungodly, un-Christian and un-American.”

Well, I concede that there are racists within the movement, maybe many more than I had realised. But pending further evidence I’m not quite ready to accept Robinson’s claim that this has been its “stock in trade” all along. The only way to get a feel for what animates the members of this sprawling and inchoate grassroots movement is to attend their events and talk to them. And all I can say is that whenever I have done so there has been precious little evidence of racism, either on or below the surface. It’s not as if they have a habit of clamming up in the presence of reporters. Most seem eager to talk vehemently about their ideas.



She has eighty names, thirty addresses,”Reagan warned during his 1976 run for President about a nameless, Cadillac-driving woman who’s conning the social safety net. He added: “She’s got Medicaid, getting food stamps, and she is collecting welfare under each of her names.” In total, Reagan said, “Her tax-free cash income is over $150,000.”

(This is a nice link by the by)

You know what this is all about?

I actually wrote about Romney’s speech to the choir that was recorded by this bar tender.

I wrote about the 47% and the fact that he did not give one goddamn about those 47%.

But lately, since the source has appeared on Ed Shultz and other MSNBC shows I discovered something that was even more atrocious in its message.

I MISSED IT! Because I was too lazy to seek out the complete message that Mitt had given to this $50,000.00 dinner group.

I mean, he never used Maddox’s language or even the language of Helms.

Mitt went on and bragged upon his corporate sojourn into China; the new capitalist venture into China.

And he talks about his victory in corporate wealth at the expense of Chinese labor that would take us back far from the Maddox’s and Helms’ vision for humanity.

Mitt brags about how he invested his monies into a purer slavery that exists at this very time in history.


There is this ‘factory’ in China that has barbed wire encasing the works.

Like a prison the barbed wire curves in.

That is, the barbed wire fence is there to keep people in and not keep people out.

These Asian slaves who comprise the workers, live and labor inside this prison camp.

The living areas represent bunk beds in triplicate; the ladies slept in cots stocked one over another.

There was one bathroom sited on each side of the floor.

And these women were described by Mitt as:


Remember Tom Delay?

“Asian girls are contracted to come to CNMI (Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands) to work seemingly legitimate jobs, but arrive to find themselves forced into sexual slavery. According to an article last spring in ThThe two admitted to bringing Chinese women to Saipan in 1996 and 1997 on contracts to work as waitresses. Instead, they were forced to work as “bargirls” at Kwon Enterprises’ karaoke club, K’s Hideaway. The women were forced to have sex with the patrons, Kwon said.

e Galveston County Daily News:

If the Chinese women said they wanted to return home, they were told they could not leave until they repaid their debt for coming to Saipan. In case they had any thoughts of leaving any way, they were told they would be killed if they tried, Kwon said.”

As you all may know, Jack Abramoff and Tom DeLay are connected to this.

CNMI political and economic leaders paid Abramoff $1.36 million to convince his friends in Congress “to stop legislation aimed at cracking down on sweatshops and sex shop.” (From an April 2005 ABC News investigation.) Among Abramoff’s friends were, of course, Texas House Republican Tom DeLay. DeLay and several other members of Congress enjoyed lavish vacations to the Northern Marianas (a popular tourist destination in eastern Asia), and successfully blocked all attempts at serious reform.”×441472

Well Mitt was making tens of millions of dollars on slavery. There is no other manner in which a rational person could perceive this evil.


I am not talking about the 47% comments by this capitalist fascist prick.

That was bad enough.

But I missed these series of comments about how proud Mitt Romney was with regard to his work to enslave the Chinese workers.

I will tell you what got to me besides this fascist corporate greed impelled satan; was that we now have a model. A model for America that the repubs would love to build.

Take all of our workers, destroy all union rights, block any rights to the courts for infractions by those workers and pile them three at a time in prisons with two bathrooms on each floor.

These American workers are not allowed to leave the premises.

These American workers are not to be paid over $3/hour.

If these American workers do not fulfill their quotas, they will not eat.

If these American workers do not comply in all requirements, they shall be left out in the cold without food or sustenance of any kind and without housing.



I cannot really express my anger over all this and I cannot explain how I missed this message from this new Hitler.

Mitt makes me ashamed to call myself an American except: HE WAS NOT ELECTED.




Morte di Giulio Cesare (“Death of Julius Caesar”). By Vincenzo Camuccini, 1798


Members of our military attempted to assassinate the President of the United States!

       QUIP: Seven_Days_in_May?


Meteorologists conspired to impel Isaac to attack the Florida Peninsula!

QUIP: And then the weathermen attempted to underline the Katrina Crisis!

Rich people are just poor people with money.

QUIP: yeah naked peoples are that same as clothed people except they have no clothes!

Conspiracy by MSNBC

QUIP: Does Rusho ever examine Mediamatters? Or does Rusho ever listen to his own broadcasts?

International corporations (is that not most of the corps?)

       QUIP: Does the word international have any implications here?

BILL BURR (2008)

Bill Burr predicting that Obama will win the election in 08. That way all the pigs can blame the end of America on a Black Guy.


       QUIP: The GOP has taken this mantra to it’s ultimate conclusion in the 2012 Convention!

GOP: Factcheckers are conspiring to prove our messages are false.

       QUIP: (It will be the fatcheckers who screw Chris Christie’s chances in 2016!)


We did not land on the moon.

Jesse James was a good guy fighting the good fight conspiracy.

Jesse James was a goddamnable Confederate Terrorist!

The Fluoride Conspiracy

The Daylight Saving Time Conspiracy

The Light Bulb Conspiracy.

The Gold Standard Conspiracy

The Hooker Conspiracy

(If you are a good prostitute you will meet the man of your dreams and he will have money!)

The Corn Syrup Conspiracy.



This is the one conspiracy I really get into.

I mean over the last week or so I have read twenty links regarding the theory that there are UFO’s on the moon and especially on the dark side of the moon.

I am fascinated by this theory because of all the auditory recordings indicating great structures on the moon and in the skies over the moon at the time of our landings.

And this nutsiness is underlined by the fact that many astronauts in space and simply in our Earth’s atmosphere have reported these UFO’s.

In the current time of drones and aircraft that we shall never be introduced to in the next decade; something is out there.

That is all I have this week.



I am not that sure of this conspiracy but the keyboard and the screen are getting harder and harder to perceive as I move on in years.



Dwight D. Eisen…

Dwight D. Eisenhower

in [July] 1945… Secretary of War Stimson, visiting my headquarters in Germany, informed me that our government was preparing to drop an atomic bomb on Japan. I was one of those who felt that there were a number of cogent reasons to question the wisdom of such an act. …the Secretary, upon giving me the news of the successful bomb test in New Mexico, and of the plan for using it, asked for my reaction, apparently expecting a vigorous assent.

“During his recitation of the relevant facts, I had been conscious of a feeling of depression and so I voiced to him my grave misgivings, first on the basis of my belief that Japan was already defeated and that dropping the bomb was completely unnecessary, and secondly because I thought that our country should avoid shocking world opinion by the use of a weapon whose employment was, I thought, no longer mandatory as a measure to save American lives. It was my belief that Japan was, at that very moment, seeking some way to surrender with a minimum loss of ‘face’. The Secretary was deeply perturbed by my attitude…”

– Dwight Eisenhower, Mandate For Change, pg. 380

In a Newsweek interview, Eisenhower again recalled the meeting with Stimson:

“…the Japanese were ready to surrender and it wasn’t necessary to hit them with that awful thing.”

– Ike on Ike, Newsweek, 11/11/63

 Eisenhower in War and Peace

Jean Edward Smith


According to Smith, the Joint Chiefs advised the then President Eisenhower to use nuclear weapons; not once but twice during his Administration!

Ike said: NO DICE

I had never heard either of these ‘facts’.

With my problems as far as recall, I frankly, cannot believe I knew nothing of this!

This essay is not an attempt to abase Truman.

Harry had decisions to make every single hour of every single day—especially in 1945 following the death of FDR.

Truman knew that these decisions had to be made promptly and he knew he had to rely upon his advisers.

Truman knew the costs involved in warfare; economic costs as well as the cost of human lives.

I have not read the ‘entire file’ although I know for sure that Ike had!

Listening to Jean Smith recount the chronology in his book I am even more fascinated with Ike.

I have to get this book.

I had to immediately check Wiki—a compendium that is oftimes slammed as too liberal or too proletariat or….whatever.

There most probably thousands of tomes written about someone I consider as one of the ten most important heroes in our country’s history. I certainly have read three or four of those volumes.

And there are certainly thousands upon thousands of words written about the faults of this man.

I mean he installed the Shah in Iran.

He was actually pissed that he had nominated Warren to the Supreme Court.

Like Faulkner and others, Ike was sure that segregation should be handled at a later time.

The President of my childhood certainly threatened nuclear attacks during his presidency.

I could waste a lot of time finding faults in this hero.

But I leave that task to others.

An ancient questioner appears during the C-SPAN presentation:

I actually voted for Stevenson….

SO DID I! Responds Smith. Hahahahhahahahah

As a child I just remember my elders telling me that Ike won WWII.

As a child I recall being told that Ike was an old man.

As a child I recall being taught that Ike played golf all the time and did not actually govern that much.

Smith discusses Ike’s ‘balanced budget’ mentality.

Then he stresses that ‘balanced budget’ meant keeping tax rates balanced in that he refused to lower taxes if it meant increasing the budget.

Fuck you Grover…..Ike might have stated!

Yet the national highway system was created by simply taxing gasoline!

Imagine that?

For or against the new desegregation rules instituted by the Warren Court; Ike sent the troops down to Little Rock to enforce THE LAW so that Black boys and Black girls could participate in the American Educational Experiment.

Imagine a man born in the 19th century who was a substantial contributing factor in bringing America and THE WEST into the 20th century!

Imagine a man reared by bible toters in Texas who eschewed church attendance once he got out of West Point—although he consulted that rake Billy Graham as to which church he should attend irregularly during his Administration.

Imagine a man born in Texas with nothing who ends up heading the greatest war machine ever witnessed in the history of man. A status that the world would never see again.

For that matter, imagine a man who could make his seniors like Patton and MacArthur ‘stand down’!

I was watching Seinfeld cavort with one of his friends in one of his free Web contributions: Comedians in Cars Drinking Coffee.

Seinfeld notes: Why do we always look back?

His buddy suggests: We know what already happened. We can build the dialogue. We have problems looking forward because we have no idea what will happen in the future.

Ike could not predict what Patton or MacArthur or De Gaulle or would do even if the Supreme Commander issued the orders.

Ike could not predict how D Day would turn out.

Ike could not predict whether or not North Korea would stand down under threat of nuclear bombs.

(Just must opine that Nixon was using one of Ike’s 1952 campaign slogans—you know, the secret plan to end the war!)

Ike did not KNOW that his highway initiative would fly; that gasoline taxes would pay for EVERYTHING; that commerce would SOAR ABOVE ALL ESTIMATES; that….

Ike did not know for sure that keeping tax rates high would not hurt the economy.

I could go on and on if I read a thousand books on the subject (although I certainly have read hundreds of books and thousands of articles on the subject matter).

I do know this.

When I read about Eisenhower, I feel this pride about being an American.

Just look around the globe sometime.

The Chinese have love of country.

The Russians have love of country.

Hell, the Kenyans have love of country.

All humans must look back at ‘where they came from’.

Well I come from America.

I am from the good ole US of A.

I listen to Grover or Rush or Beckerhead or Mitt or Akin or Bachmann or Palin or Ryan or ….

And I am so very depressed.

There is a part of me that wishes to secede from this Union.

But life is complicated and I must look back and re-read narrations about my heroes.

And Dwight D. Eisenhower is one of those heroes.

The end




Ancient Tamil inscription at Thanjav

These words, when they are put together, either confuse the reader or send the reader down a strange path from which there is no redemption.

Legitimate Rape

Forcible Rape

(Green) Giant Mini Carrots

Super 8 (film)

Compassionate Conservative


 Touch Football

 Life Insurance (I mean isn’t it really death insurance? And how does one exactly insure against death or against life?)

 United States (Since when?)

 Living in the past? (I mean the past is over and there is only the present and if you are living you are in the present and….)

Abject Poverty (is there or was there ever inabject poverty?)

The Walking Dead (I mean you are either dead or walking? Right? Or else I suppose you are living in the past, see supra)

Dry Ice (Is there wet ice?)

Death Sentence? (I mean you need a noun and a verb and…)

Peggy Noonan? (I don’t know, I just hate Peggy Noonan)

Bald Faced Lies? (Are there hairy lies or unshaved lies or…?)

Father, Son & Holy Ghost (Make up your fucking mind El Papa!)

Moderate Republicans (I mean you either caucus with corporate cock suckers or you go ahead and …oh forget it!)

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy (He is not funny and he is not worthy and he sure the fuck aint Foxy!)

Inalienable Rights (Are there alienable rights? I don’t know. I mean the repubs are sure that aliens have no rights so I suppose that there must me non-alienable rights. This is all so confusing!)

Anchor Babies. (Enough said)

Cable News (The web has all the News and the stuff coming out of your TV is usually olds)

Todd Akin (Akin to what? I just hate the guy and I hate his pretend hair and I hate the fact that this 120 year old fuck still lives and breathes amongst us!)

Unfiltered Truth (First there is no truth as such, second there is nothing that is unfiltered and third, unless you have read the entire file you have no idea what the fuck you are talking about!)

Action News (I have never understood what the fuck this means. The end)

LBGT (I don’t know. Bisexual? I mean make up your fucking mind!)

The Confederate States of America (Okay, like the bisexual, I mean you are either in or out you stupid pricks! And that includes McConnell)

Misstatement (I mean, you lied or you were caught lying and you never misstated anything, I mean you lied or you did not lie.)

Racists ( Look, you do not like Black people or Muslim folks or Hispanics-Latinos or you do like them..What the fuck is this crap about ‘I am not racist’ but……)