Why I Love My State

Because, even though Michigan is in pretty bad shape economically, we can still raise a chuckle at our own expense.


4 thoughts on “Why I Love My State

  1. Michigan is such a vast state, really. Two states in fact.

    Forests and rivers and lakes and big city buildings along with tenements…

    I love Peter Weller by the way. Buckaroo Bunzai, ha! And a PHd to boot.


  2. I moved to Michigan in 1980 and worked for the company that hired me for over 20 years. I was in awe of the raucous outspoken ways of the people there. Their zest for life had an elemental attraction that was very contagious. Only NY and Chicago strike me as having that same energy. I was only there for a couple of years before they moved me to another region but I have a lot of fond memories from that time.

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