Cast Your Ballots

The Academy Awards are all over the place. HuffPo has the red carpet balloting up on the site. I would list my ballot choices here but I’ll not do that until everybody has cast theirs so I don’t bias your picks. Not that you care about my picks but hey, this is important stuff.

Check back here when you’ve cast your ballots and then when we’re finished we can reveal our picks. Tell your friends.

This oughta be good for a laugh. I already got a grin going.


27 thoughts on “Cast Your Ballots

    1. That’s the idea Lis. But understand it’s highly, Ahem, subjective. Doesn’t look like too many people watched the beautiful people do the red carpet thing. Or have NO Opinion!!. That isn’t possible.

      1. I didn’t watch it either, but I followed you link and did the slide show of HP’s Best Dressed picks. And then I found their Worst Dressed picks. I’m not sure I agree with HP’s opinions, because there were one or two dresses in their Worst list that should have been in the Best list, and vice versa. But anyway, yes, I’ve made my choices of favorites. It will be fun to compare notes.

          1. ~flowerchild~

            Oh! It’s about the fashion? OK. See, I thought it was about choosing movies and actors, which I could not have done because first, I haven’t seen any of the movies, and second, I have no idea who the f*ck Colin Firth is.

            I shall visit the fashion show and make my picks.

  1. Hoping to see Synch visit us and chime in too before the rest of us reveal our picks and compare them. I’ll revisit this post later this evening. By the way, TPC, this is fun. I would’ve missed the whole red carpet thing had you not posted about it.

  2. Okay, well, before this post disappears off the front page, I’d like to start revealing our ballots. So, since Stilli already shared her pick, here’s mine:

    #1 Michelle Williams. I love the simple but elegant dress, her short hair, and jewelry. She looks lovely.

    #2 Camila Alves – I’m with Stilli on this one. The dress is absolutely stunning, and she wears it well.

    #3 Hailee Steinfeld – What an angel. Her dress is perfect for a teen, and her hairband and coif make her look so ethereal.

    #4 Helena Bonham Carter – Just because. She rawks!!

    #5 – Halle Berry – I like that frothy Marchesa she’s wearing.

    As for Gwyneth…boring. Gwyneth is a very pretty actress but the dress does nothing for her and I agree with one of the HuffPo commenters that she tends to slump her shoulders, which ain’t helping matters any.

    And, oy…Cate Blanchett is a lovely lady but that dress has got to go! The round thing on her chest looks like a goddamn dinner plate! And I have no idea what the little yellow and purple berries are but I really wish they’d just go away.

    I’m still trying to figure out why Reese Witherspoon was on the Worst Dressed list. I like the simplicity of her black and white gown and her ponytail.

    1. ~flowerchild~

      Ding ding ding!

      Yeah, what the hell was that thing Blanchett was wearing. It looked like a costume from a 50’s outer space movie. That was actually my pick for worst.

      My pick for best was….
      Reese Witherspoon. Just gorgeous and elegant. I could not believe it was on the worst list. Silly red carpet pickers.


  3. OK. These, to my lecherous eye, are the winners.

    #1 Camila Alves – The dress is stunning. But the earings make the look perfect.

    #2 Halle Berry – It’s Halle. What more can I say.

    #3 Michelle Williams – The semi-sheer look is so hot!

    These are my only three picks. My reason is all the rest I would change something.

    Natalie Portman would have knocked it out of the park with her hair up and with a little bling.

    Mila needs a do over. This dress isn’t her at all.

    I really like Reese but I didn’t go for the dress. It said ho-hum to me.

    Anne Hathaway needs a new designer. The color I like, but it has an edgy plastic look. Not right for the Oscars. It doesn’t say elegant to me.

    Jennifer Lawrence. What can I say. I have no idea how to dress what she has going on.

    Scarlett Johansson. The back was excellent but the front just didn’t live up to the back view billing. And her hair was awful.

    Gwyneth Paltrow. I didn’t like the way her dress hung on her. Almost like it didn’t fit right.

    1. Good call on Scarlett and Anne, TPC. You have a good eye, for a man. 😉 I agree totally on Natalie’s hair. Maybe because of her “baby bump”, the dress made her look rather short. So a nice high hairdo would’ve helped give her a look of height.

      And, um, am I the only one who doesn’t know who Mila is??

      Just curious.

  4. ramonasvoices

    OMG, I totally missed this. Grrrr.

    Okay, best: Amy Adams, Sandra Bullock, Halle Berrie, Michelle Williams, Helena Bonham Carter, Reese Witherspoon.

    Worst: Annette Bening, Cate Blanchette, Helen Mirren, Jennifer Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mila Kunis.

    And now that that’s done, is it true that Flowerchild doesn’t know who Colin Firth is? I ADORE that man! Watch him as Mr. Darcy in “Pride and Prejudice”. He was terrific in “Love Actually”. He was the lead in “The Girl with the Pearl Earring”. He was the dad in “Nanny McPhee”. He was one of “Bridget Joneses” boyfriends.

    But let’s just forget that ridiculous part in “Mamma Mia”. (In fact, let’s just forget that whole movie. An embarrassment for everybody involved. They tortured the Abba songs with the Abba guys’ blessings. It was nuts!)

    1. OMG, Ramona…so much to say. First, I love Colin too, but still haven’t seen him in Pride & Prejudice. I do, however, have the Keira Knightly version and have the hots for the actor that played Darcy in that one. LOVE Nanny McPhee!

      I finally saw the ending of Mamma Mia the other night on TV and thought, like you, that it was rather embarrassing, but every woman I know happens to love that film anyway. I’m still trying to figure that out.

      I agree with all your picks for the Red Carpet, too.

  5. ramonasvoices

    Have you seen “Love, Actually”? It’s absolutely one of my favorite Feel Good of All Time movies. I think I’ve seen it at least five times now.

  6. ramonasvoices

    I watched Nanny McPhee again about a week ago. I LOVE Emma Thompson, too. (She broke my heart in “Love, Actually”. What an actress. She can do no wrong.)

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