This is on one hand a refuge for those who blogged at Talking Points Memo Cafe, and on the other hand a place for any to blog and comment on this thing called life, political or otherwise.  Ultimately, the hope is that the words will help us all move forward, or at least stay sane in the meanwhile.

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  1. krcook

    I’d be happy to come aboard. But, I don’t want a new blogspot. It would need to be at “onceuponatpm”. How is that done?

    ,i>When a President goes through the White House door,
    And does what he says he’ll do.
    We’ll all be drinkin’ free bubble-up,
    Eatin’ that rainbow stew. – Merle Haggard

    It seems to me the Democrats have been pretty much in a position to do as they choose about the Bush tax cuts. Beyond any doubt proposed changes will have some effect on government finances. So, future bills on this issue could be passed in much the same way the Bush tax cuts were originally passed, filibuster proof via the reconciliation process. Like the Bush cuts, laws affected this way would face an expiration date. No matter, when it comes to tax policies which are fairly specific ten years is a good long time. And, they can always be change by a willful Congress anyway.

    As all too often, I am troubled to see how the more progressive party is handling this. For one, they’ve let most public discussion and any action go until the last minute. By putting it off they’ve also neglected to trumpet a public dialogue on the matter which should have been put to their political advantage. Why is it only Republicans seem to understand the value of staking out a position and building a public dialogue around it? There is limited space out there for topics current in the public discourse. Dialogue building (some would say, “news management‘) is an approach that usually winds up being beneficial to the party that fashions their talking points around a broad policy proposal.

    During the last election Obama told us under his administration taxes would not go up for most of us, the probable exception being couples earning over $250,000. The economic value of such a policy is one that can easily be defended, Pete Orzag’s latest pitch for the wealthy withstanding. (i.e., Wealth is so concentrated, any dampening of consumerist tendencies in the wealthy would be emotionally based and quite short lived.)

    Vigorous advocacy of his election time position right now would also provide some demonstration of a President who is possessed of both direction and the ability to keep a promise. I’m guessing that would be worth quite a lot right now.

    1. another trope

      all you need to do is register with wordpress, creating a user name attached to an email. let me know what that email is and I will log you in as an “author” for the site. To register just use this link


      at the bottom you can choose to just get a user name (which would then allow you to blog at the once upon a tpm site as well as comment) or also get your own personal blog attached to the user name. It seems you just want to create a user name. Once you have the user name create you can let me know what your email is that used to create it. I will then add you our group and you will be good to go at


      Let me know if you have questions or experience any difficulties.

      1. stratofrog

        Late night early this morning Lis. Roaming around the starry net blowing sad cafe technobubbles into the virtual.

        Good to see you here too! I’ve missed the cafe immensely. Got back just in time to see the door closing and couldn’t quite believe it. I don’t accept the expendable quality of it all. But…if a cafe closes on the internet, was it really existential? Yes indeed.

    1. another trope


      Your have been added to an author to the blog site. It sometimes takes a moment or two before you avatar shows up at the right hand side of the blog. But you can now blog.


  2. ClosetLuddite

    Here y’all are! I was gonna have to get on the chat thingy pretty soon if I hadn’t stumbled across you here. (h/t LisB for the FB pointer)


  3. annabatesbell

    Another Trope:

    Thank you for creating this lovely, spare site where there is both visual and psychic room to breathe.

    I’ve decided to retire my TPM ID in favor of a new one. I’ve now registered that new ID with WordPress and would appreciate it if you would add that name to your list.

    In the meantime, if you will, please contact me at the email address noted on this reply form — as soon as you can today, please — as I have a question to ask you that really does need a fast response.

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