John Boehner, Second In Line For President?

I was reminded tonight that John Boehner could become second in line for president should the republicans gain majority in the house. The thought has me feeling unnerved.

A few weeks ago I created a facebook page: 

to try to help build some enthusiasm to get out the vote for all campaigns, but also I decided to focus on helping Justin Coussoule (pronounced kuh-soo-lee) beat John Boehner in Ohio’s mostly independent 8th district. Justin is the first real opponent Boehner has had in 20 years. We currenly have 982 likes on our page and many people have committed to volunteering, donating, etc.

If you don’t have facebook or don’t want to go to our page, I will post some of the highlights here:

Fight the Crazy! Don’t let those with extremist views give you a representative that could not possibly represent you! Vote! Volunteer! Donate! Get Involved! Pass It On! Share the Enthusiasm!

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Turn Off Fox!… the ‘free’ sticker

Hi.  I just found this facebook page where someone did something clever.  They created a bumper sticker that offers you a free sticker (shipping included).  The sticker says ‘Turn Off Fox’ ‘bad news for America’ and it shows a remote.  This is a campaign to support asking businesses to turn off Fox encouraging us to create visibility for this message.  They also seek donations for larger number of stickers.

Please go to the site and like the page:

and get a sticker if you like.  I will be putting mine on my car as soon as it arrives:)

Do ‘We’ Deserve To Be Ruled By Republicans & Crazies Just Because The Democrats Have Been Inept?

As I put info out there asking people to like and share our page:!/pages/Kick-John-Boehner-Out-Of-Congress-Hold-The-House/149196308454642

to try to cultivate some enthusiasm and motivate people to take some action for the upcoming midterm elections, I have received a lot of response, much of gratitude, support, encouragement and some from people disappointed with the democratic leadership that say their pocketbooks are closed, they won’t do anything to support them, and they are unlikely to vote.

Here is what I tell them in response:

The democrats have been disgustingly inept in handling this majority. I would particulary like to see a new majority leader in the senate to replace Harry Reid should the dems retain control.

However this election is NOT about the dems or the republicans, it IS about US and the future of our country, OUR future.

And as inept as the dems in congress may be, I feel certain our country will be MUCH worse off in republican control. It is for THAT reason that I am fighting to motivate people to get out the vote and help the dems retain control in the house and senate.

I am doing this for ‘us’ not ‘them’.

As of this writing we have had 653 people like our page. Many have donated and expressed their appreciation for the message of encouragement and delight in the notion that we ‘could’ defeat John Boehner among others.

My intention in focusing on defeating Boehner was not only to better our government but also because I believe it would be a great boost to morale for liberals and independents in our country. (You can read more about why we ‘could’ beat John Boehner this election on our page linked above and below).

If the republicans & crazies gain control it is because we are lazy and apathetic about our own future, it is certainly NOT because they deserve it, because in fact, they may take our weakened nation and completely destroy it. Pundits all insist that it would be low voter turnout for democratic candidates that would cause them to lose. In other words the republicans would win because of a voting minority and a non-voting majority.

The main way I have been reaching people is by writing blogs like this or by posting the following after my comments on various publications online:

Fight the Crazy!

Please ‘like’ and help us get the word out on this facebook page to defeat John Boehner and Hold the House!!/pages/Kick-John-Boehner-Out-Of-Congress-Hold-The-House/149196308454642

Spread some enthusiasm! Pass it On. Thanks


Please act in your own best interest and vote and help us do whatever we can to help the democrats retain the majority in congress. If nothing else please like the page and share it with friends. A LOT of people doing a little can make a BIG difference. Thanks!

Fight The Crazy!

Recently I had an idea that maybe, just maybe, we could beat John Boehner and not only might that help us keep a majority in the house in the midterm elections but it also might boost morale among democrats, liberals, etc.

I also wanted to do something about this so-called enthusiasm gap the media keeps pushing that is supposed to be ‘the’ reason that the media and pundits give for saying the democrats will supposedly lose control of the house and perhaps the senate.

So I mentioned an idea I had to do this and a friend suggested I just create a facebook page and offered to help administer it. So here I send a BIG Thank You! and Shout Out! To Lis B.  And with her encouragement I took action.

I created the following basic message that I started adding to my comments on TPM and Huffington Post as a means to get some attention directed toward the page:

Fight the Crazy!

Please ‘like’ and help us get the word out on this facebook page to defeat John Boehner and Hold the House!!/pages/Kick-John-Boehner-Out-Of-Congress-Hold-The-House/149196308454642

Spread some enthusiasm! Pass it On. Thanks.

As of writing this we have 586 people who have ‘liked’ our page. People have thanked me, donated, got a little fired up, decided to volunteer etc. We have links on the page about defeating John Boehner and why that is possible. We have links to other organizations where one might volunteer or get more involved including links to the upcoming rallies in DC. Together we created a wave of enthusiasm.

One of the most frequent replies I got to posting this in comments was that people liked the slogan ‘Fight The Crazy!’ Unfortunately Huffington Post and TPM moderators decided I was spam and banned me from continuing to comment.

So now I am writing this blog to try to keep the wave of enthusiasm going. I need your help to do that. If you have facebook and have not yet ‘liked’ our page, please do, so we know that you are involved and share it with friends. In the effort to get fired up and spread enthusiasm knowing that others are in it with you definitely helps. Remember that if you help two friends get fired up to take some action and they help two friends get excited about ‘fighting the crazy’ and so on and so on… that creates a wave that makes anything possible.

I am also creating an email containing the same info and links that we have on that facebook page that can be sent to people who don’t have facebook. If you would like to receive that email please send an email to and put the words ‘Fight The Crazy’ in the subject line.

We are also now @fightthecrazy on twitter.

A LOT of People Doing A Little Can Make A BIG Difference! Thanks! 🙂