Yesterday, Matt Drudge attempted to fabricate a scandal out of thin air.  And bless his little black heart, he tried his darnedest, but it doesn’t seem like its sticking.

So, here’s the story.

Yesterday at around 4 pm Eastern time, the Drudge Report did something he rarely does – actually file a report rather than simply repurposing another news agency’s reporting with a sensational partisan title.

Anyway, the entry he filed was titled. “Michelle Campaigned Inside a Polling Place?”   The implication is that the First Lady violated election laws.  The evidence provided by Drudge?  This line from a pool report of the First Lady’s trip to cast her ballot.  After she voted, she paused to take a photo with a fellow voter and supporter who then relayed what she told him:  “She was telling me how important it was to vote to keep her husband’s agenda going,”

You can almost hear the arm twisting, right?

Well, Drudge must have popped a boner thinking that he had uncovered a scoop, so his website led with the blaring red headline convicting her of a crime.   To support his evidence, he sited Illinois election law and provided a quote from an unnamed Ilinois State Board of Elections official who allegedly proposed ignoring the law for the popular First Lady – a subtle swipe by Drudge at what he loves to term ‘Chicaoland’ politics.

The problem is that even with the strictest interpretation of the law; this is hardly a precedent setting occurrence.  The image of a politician or their spouse casting their ballot and making a statement is a very common one.   They all do it.

For example, here is a report on George W. Bush casting his 2004 ballot at a firehouse in Texas.  Bush said this after voting;  “The issue is, who do you trust? Who do you trust to secure this country? Who do you trust to lead with firmness and steadfast resolution to protect the American people? Who do you trust to adhere to the values, the values that most people agree with? Who do you trust to keep this economy growing?  I’ve got a clear view about how to lead … We’ll see what the people say. Now’s the time for the people to express their will. I am confident in the judgment of the people.”

THAT sounds like electioneering to me.

So why wasn’t this ever mentioned by Drudge as a violation of election laws?  In fact, why didn’t the ‘liberal’ mainstream media may hay about this?   That because, it’s a bunch of nonsense.   Only in the right wing world of ‘Let’s freak out over everything the Obamas do,’ does this constitute a ‘scandal’.  Perhaps they didn’t notice this ‘scandal’ because they were too up in arms about Mrs. Obama urging supporters to ‘pray’ for the President.  After all prayer is the exclusive domain of the religious extremists of the GOP, right?

Drudge closed his brief entry with the teaser “Developing….” clearly hoping that he could encourage others to pick up the subject, but so far no one has seemed to take the bait.   FauxNews and the lesser satellites of the Murdoch Neo-Con press have so far ignored the non-story, as have most of the down the middle political press. A Google search of ‘Michelle Obama Violates Election Law’ returns hits from only the most extremist wingnut blogs and bulletin boards.  So, more than 20 hours later this ‘BREAKING’ scandal has failed to gain any legs.   It remains to be seen if hate-radio beats this drum during drive time today, but thus far, no word from Wingnutistan.

You win some, you lose some Mr. Drudge.  It seems this one, you lost.

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  1. This reminds me of the threats from the repubs that when they take over both Houses of Congress, they are going to hold hearings and take testimony every single day.

    Take testimony of what?

    Why the scandals involving the nominations of repubs to certain spots in the Administration!!

    The claim is that Obama broke the law by attempting to get repubs to retire from Congress.

    This is ridiculous.

    The last VP funneled a hundred billion dollars to his own business concerns.

    The previous Administration straight out lied us into a war.

    The previous Administration gutted regs so contributors could make a bundle of money.

    Good solid post.

  2. Republicans have been busting their asses trying to draw attention away from their numerous indiscretions.

    The biggest one, Bush leading us into Iraq on a fictitious basis, is an act of treason which he got away with only because dems were too afraid to touch it because they knew it would tear the nation apart and more than likely send Bush and Cheney to jail.

    Our commander-in-chief cannot ever commit to war against another nation state on the basis which occurred with Iraq. There did not exist definitive proof of the direct involvement of the state of Iraq re: 9/11. The intelligence was mixed and simply didn’t support the decision. What intelligence there was didn’t rise to the level required to attack a sovereign state. The administration knew this and in spite of some serious doubt upon the part of our allies the administration pursued this to the hilt. In the end this easily meets what it would take to impeach a president and very possibly worse.

    Frankly, Pelosi was scared shitless of this and decided to do nothing when dems took over the house in 2006. The political calculus which permitted this has completely failed the nation because it permitted all that has followed. It has flung open the door which created the financial meltdown and such wrongheaded decisions like Citizens United.

    I’ve no doubt at all that the bar of accountability for government has been raised to where it assures this nation will fail. We see the consequence of this every day. Just look at the conduct of the banks and the certainty government won’t do a thing and you know this nation is toast.

  3. The Mosque fiasco in NYC is another case where various persons have decided to selectively apply the law of the land. Our Constitution guarantees freedom of religion.

    You just can’t disregard the Constitution because it’s difficult or inconvenient. That is what has occurred all across the board. Both political parties are culpable in this. The failure of leadership takes your breath away. Having opened this Pandora’s box of failure cannot be undone. History informs us what a nation in decline looks like. And we are it.

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