Trying for Tranquility

Wow.  I step away from this place for a few months, and we get a whole bunch of new readers!  Wow.

I love it!

I am so very grateful for Dick and Aunt Sam’s suggestion to start posting about food.  Food is such a basic need, a staple in all our lives.  As is, unfortunately, money (or the lack thereof).  So great recipes that are easy on the budget and yummy to the tummy are very, very welcome here.  Trucking Momoe took the idea and ran with it and won an award, for crying out loud!  I am so proud of our Momoe, and so thankful for the new visitors and readers that we’ve gotten since then.

I have to apologize for being away for so long, folks.  Adjusting to my new life in PA has been an ongoing struggle.  I love it here, I am grateful beyond words to my mother for taking me in, and I’m happy to be working and making new friends.  But wow, it’s hard.  And also awesome.  Hard and awesome, all at once.  It’s a lot to take in.

My mother is going through a hard time, lately, with her depression and the subsequent meds she needs to take for it.  I wish there was a Happy Pill that I could give her, instead of all these crazy meds she has to try, to see what works with what, and what doesn’t.  I hate to see her on a roller coaster when I wish she could just coast through life with a smile on her face.  But she handles it with grace, so I have no complaints.  And I’m working again, but only part-time, with no benefits, and that’s a struggle but at least I have a reason to get up and get out of the house four days a week, heh.  Having been working at Hemlock for the past six months, I’ve learned a lot about living in a gated community, and all I can say is that the politics are ridiculous and my management is clueless.  But…it’s a job.  Could be worse.

And I’ve fallen in love.  Met a nice guy in May and even though it’s probably too soon to say I’m in love, I know it when I see it.  We have our ups and downs already, but he’s my buddy and we work it out.  So, it’s all good.

I don’t know, I just keep waiting for everything to fall into place and make sense again.  And it’s not happening yet.  And I get so impatient.  I want full-time work with benefits, I want to not be broke anymore, I want my mother better and my man happy and myself happy and my friends and loved ones happy, and…so far, it’s an uphill struggle.  I don’t know how to contribute more, here at Paradigm, while I’m in this mode — this holding period, if you will — while I’m waiting for the dust to settle around me.  But please believe me, I am keeping up with the posts and the readership and I’m loving all the contributions.  AND the new readers!

Give me a little time, and things will improve, I promise.  Thanks so much for your patience, and for being here, my friends.  I love you all and am grateful to you.

Be well.


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