Talking Points Memo TPMCafe Returning for Real?


OldenGoldenDecoy's pictureHeads Up! In case you haven’t heard…

Four days ago, our longtime fellow TPMCafe denizen, hoppycalif2 stated the following in a thread at the current Cafe site:

And today, Sunday 02/12/12, during an interview  with Brian Lamb on C-SPAN’s “Q&A” Josh stated that the Cafe was coming back onto the front page in some form or other.

Although, Josh said nothing about re-establishing the reader’s blog section during the chat.

I Just thought everyone would like to know this.



7 thoughts on “Talking Points Memo TPMCafe Returning for Real?

  1. Very interesting news, Duckey! But I’m inclined to think that if the Cafe does come back, that doesn’t necessarily mean the Reader’s Posts page will come back with it. And if it does, it will take a long while…

  2. This post prompted me to check out TPM for the first time in over a year. Gee whilikers, the place has gotten as slick as whale snot and filled with more echos than a WalMart in the wee hours of the morning after the cleaning crew has left. I can’t imagine the place asking for the 1% to come back and piss off Josh all over again. But who knows, maybe he is getting bored by all the shiny surfaces.

  3. Hi All . . .

    I don’t bother with the threads much that are generated from the front page.

    I do keep an eye peeled in Josh’s editor’s thread for the few and far between gems that he personally pens.

    Other than that? I just keep paddlin’ along…

    I do hope you all are doing well.


    1. I have TPM and Dag on RSS feeds on my personalized “My Yahoo” page so that I can keep up with the headlines. I always get a kick out of Josh’s editor’s thread — he has very “punny” titles on his posts. Now and then I click over to the TPM DC page to read the comments, and it’s always nice to see people I know (NCSteve, Bwakfat, Ugg the Caveman, Overreach…). But, to be honest, I forgot my password there a long time ago, so couldn’t comment even if I wanted to.

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