Merry Christmas, from Paradigm

In honor of the season, I have added snowfall to our Paradigm page. Only problem is, you can’t really see it because of the white background. But…trust me, it’s there. 🙂 Stare long enough, and you’ll see it, I promise.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all of our writers and commenters and readers a very merry Christmas, happy Chanukah, happy winter solstice, and to thank every one of you for being here. I’m always happy to see new subscribers, and this year we’ve gotten several. Thank you, thank you, for reading our blogs. Thanks for joining us, and for enjoying us.

I wish everyone peace, and I hope 2012 is kind to us all.

3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, from Paradigm

  1. ~flowerchild~

    I see snowflakes! COOL!!!!!!!!!!
    Glad Tidings to all, old and new.

    Lis, let me know when it gets piled deep in here (the snow, that is 😉 ) and I’ll fire up the snowblower and make a path to the outhouse for us.

  2. I like Christmas and I like snowfall.

    It makes me feel good and my son came to visit me five times this year including xmas and he is stuck coming up here about once a month because of his new mate who is pregnant. hahahah

    She has relatives up here and it is fun!

    He is stuck but he loves his old man.

    How much more can a crazy old man ask for?

    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year.

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