Video from Feb,2016 Election Fraud

This is very interesting.  It was a meeting last February before the primaries started.  It is a 3 part series. It gives you an idea how they strip and flip votes and examples in past elections.




I hope you find time to listen to this.  Election fraud has been going on and it has happened before.  Living in Florida I have been aware of this for a while. Kerry and Obama knew about the fraud but chose not to take it on. Kerry didn’t want to be blamed of sour grapes. People helped to prevent it from harming Obama.  It has been so bad this time that even efforts could not counter it. Maybe the DNC just didn’t care because they wanted Clinton.

One thought on “Video from Feb,2016 Election Fraud

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    As I said, we need an actual COUNT and also we need to get rid of Super Delegates and Caucuses. If you’re interested please click on trkingmomoe’s blog and view her entire post. I haven’t listened to the entire 3-part series because the issue is moot to me for this election but the issues still exist and we need to address them soon. ~~dru~~

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