How Important is This?

The potential impact of Elizabeth Warren as a U.S Senator is incalculable to the progressive movement.

I’m not big on making campaign donations, I absolutely hate the system we have, but for this I think I could be convinced to contribute. I can’t speak for progressives in general but I think that maybe this feeling might be quite common and could in fact put Ms Warren in the senate.

This race will be pivotal in the upcoming election and may well set a record for political spending for a senate seat. What’ll make it interesting is the difference between Scott Brown and the republican mainstream. In these days of republican extremism, that there is even one moderate senate republican who wields any power at all is a notable exception. By current republican standards Brown more properly identifies with democrats than his own party. I’d have never thought there might be a heads up race of this nature in the state of Massachusetts or anywhere for that matter. Being Masachusetts is the very reason for this.

In the end though we have to have a democratic congress. Moderate repubs are nice but when push comes to shove they won’t vote for the majority middle class. On the really big issues repubs will make a sacrifice in order to pass crucial legislation and worry about the electoral consequences later.


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