Way Cool

Harriet Tubman conducted multiple missions as an Underground Railroad conductor, and she also participated in the Union Army’s Combahee River raid that freed more than 700 slaves.

Looking back on her career as a freedom fighter, Tubman noted, “I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”

While awareness of the truth of corporatocracy oppression is by itself not sufficient to win freedom and justice, it is absolutely necessary.

I went right to the money quote from this article because I seriously doubt the idea can be better expressed.

There is far more in this particular piece than this so it’s worth a look. Lots of us here are broadly knowledgeable about the things referred to but it’s good to examine our own activities to gauge if what we’re doing can make a difference. Breaking down political action into these three categories or ideas is helpful.

This informs me that I need to start writing more again to my elected officials.

I noted an article at HuffPo today referencing the latest polling data showing congressional repubs having the worst polling numbers ever with the tea clowns doing equally as bad. They really screwed the pooch of late and have their backs against the wall. We need to capitalize on this by keeping up the pressure right through the fall of 2012. It’s entirely possible to flip the entire congress in a good way and keep Obama in office. Just as with Bush, the repub screwups have handed us a big opportunity. Now we have to make the most of it.

One thought on “Way Cool

  1. Good points. First a person must recognize that they are subjugated. Then they have to recognize that there is an alternate possibility. These have to occur together.

    And then the person has to accept that they are capable of moving from the current to the alternative. Both morale and an impetus to actually make the change is required.

    The right-wing propaganda from the think tanks is designed to prevent all these stages of awareness. That effort to defeat the ACA shows how they use these understandings. First they shout that we have the best health care system in the world (a lie) and they tried to show that ACA was not a viable alternative (another lie.) Then they attacked the cost of changing to a better system, saying that we could not afford it. The truth, of course, is that America cannot afford not to adopt a health care system as opposed to the disorganized mess that currently exists.

    Without an impetus to make the change America has been the frog in the slowly heated pot of water. Obama brought that impetus and, interestingly, did not let the financial disaster that the Bush administration left behind prevent him from acting.

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