The Future Can’t Wait, No Place to Hide….

Future Shop B/W at the new Uptown mega mall in Victoria
Future Shop Uptown mega mall in Victoria BC – Flicker

While watching the tube as I ate breakfast the other day there was a commercial on from one of the large consumer electronics companies. Japanese, if I remember correctly – though I do not remember which one. It showed a large factory turning out various new gadgets using all these robotic arms and what not. The message being that their product was not touched by human hands or some such.

It just struck me how much technology has mushroomed in the last 30 years or so. I like to think of myself as pretty well informed but even I get taken aback sometimes. I’ll go to some blog site and someone has just posted a piece or link to something new and I’ll say to myself, “How did I miss that. I read (The Guardian, NYT, BBC….ect.) ”

So much flies under the radar these days and unless one can spend all day every day doing nothing but reading the latest, it’s nearly impossible to keep up. Such as the Makerbots I reported on previously. Or people putting together their own CNC milling machines. Are personal replicators next ”

We already have home Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar and cholesterol tests. Now there is a company working to make a “Lab on a chip”. A hand held device to do CBC and detect virus and bacteria. How close are we now to the autodoc of Larry Niven’s science fiction ? There is a company making portable MRI scanners now.

How far are we from the Holodeck of Star trek fame ? All that is necessary to to convince our senses – touch, smell, sight and sound – that we are in a particular environment and our brains will respond accordingly. The bits and pieces are coming together.

Communications has gone from radio and TV to world wide multi media in the palm of you hand. And more and more people and putting solar and wind technologies into their homes. Not just a few well of mind you. And who knows what we will get when we can make graphene in large quantities.

Now here is the problem. All this is going on and like most technology exploding but our politicians and most people are still arguing about economics and government like it was still the 1950s when everyone drove Chevys and watched I love Lucy. They do not get that their ideologies and beliefs and arguments are becoming moot. That capitalism and politicians may become obsolete.

It wasn’t that long ago when the thought of having entire movies on you computer to watch in high definition was considered futuristic.

Welcome to the future.

3 thoughts on “The Future Can’t Wait, No Place to Hide….

  1. I think it would be terrific to be able to have access to a ‘home’ CBC read out. I’m not sure that most realize the important data that this test delivers. I’m sure, initially, this would be expensive to obtain, but as with every new item, cost reduces as market demands increase.

    Any idea when this will be put on market for public access?

    Thanks Chris. Keep us posted please.

    1. cmaukonen

      There are kits out there already. The biggest problem though is that the software has not caught up to the hardware. You still need 3 or so applications to use it. A 3D CAD program to do the design work, a program to convert the CAD output to G-Code for the CNC driver and the driver itself with the ability to view and edit the G-Code so you do not inadvertently tell your CNC Mill to do something impossible and destroy itself.

      Once there is a package and standard to do all this, like Postscript for printing, then it will be far easier.

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