9 thoughts on “Palin – When is Enough Enough?

  1. Palin, Fox News and a whole pile of republican senators and congresspersons are all anti-social in their political leanings and world view. Along with some democrats. In whatever context you frame this that is what you get. They favor war over peace and corporatism and the financial oligarchy as a means to an end. They’re just stupid as hell. With the world population exploding there is no chance to prevent a global cataclysm if we pursue social, political, religious and financial inequity like we have right now. Doing so assures a massive global failure in our future.

  2. MSNY

    The more Palin is exposed, the lower her unfavorability numbers drop. She’s going to put her foot in her mouth anyway, so why pass up an opportunity to call her out?

    I have an entry about her that I was preparing to post, I thought I’d hold off so as not to turn the site into a 24/7 Palin discussion. So, I do sympathize with those suffering from Palin fatigue, but I don’t think that ignoring her is our interest. I think she needs enough rope to hang herself and the GOP. And allowing Fox to massage her image without rebuttal is just the wrong thing to do.

    1. I have to agree with you. All Sarah all the time gets dull and seems obsessive. On the other hand, that’s sort of the definition of Fox-Palin’s mind-numbing attempt to keep her poll numbers propped up. Sorry, OGD, but Colbert said it better earlier this week. Can someone supply that link?

  3. .

    I won’t be holding my breath…

    . . . waiting for a reply from the esteemed editor/journalist…

    The following is in response to this over on the front page at TPM.

    From: *****_****@*****.com
    To: talk@talkingpointsmemo.com
    Subject: Come on! Palin’s the Goose laying your golden eggs…
    Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2011

    She’s the never ending proverbial train wreck.

    Folks just can’t look away.



    1. Thanks for this. I also discovered a long defense presented by Josh.

      There is a good side to this, I suppose.

      When Palin is on, the two Kings are not on (NY & IA), this new Senator who thinks that all programs of the Federal Government are unconstitutional, that cross eyed lady in the House who babbles constantly about nothing…

      I mean there are conservatives with better arguments (not better for America, just better rhetoric) and these so-called moderate pundits end up on cable agreeing that Palin is nuts.

      This all makes Palin more money but puts repubs in a worse light, I think.

      I must confess that I usually skip Palin’s articles anyway and I am forced to put her videos on mute as momoe has noted.

  4. neonnautilus

    It isn’t just palin that dominates TPM’s pages. It is palin, beck, bachmann, etc., the whole nutty rightwing bunch. This coverage drove me away from anything but the cafe a long time ago. There’s no reason to go back now and I do miss it.

  5. .
    One thing is indisputable…

    When it comes to driving traffic to Josh’s site, no matter the side one’s on with this issue, the Palin name brings everyone out of the woodwork

    Here’s the original Kurtz’ post:

    01.19.11 — 12:23PM // RECOMMEND (455)

    The Palin Effect

    And here’s Josh’s post:

    01.20.11 — 1:21AM // RECOMMEND (446)

    The Deal with Palin

    If one goes down through the page there you’ll find there are no more than 45 to 80 recommends on individual postings.

    And the post with 80 is the following:

    01.20.11 — 5:34PM // RECOMMEND (80)

    Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing

    A touching moment on the usually loveless Hardball just now, with Chris Matthews effusing to a certain guest, “Josh Marshall, I’m falling in love with you.”

    Video after the jump:

    Read more »

    Isn’t that just precious?


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