Click in the Event of Republican Domination

Now to clarify, I do not watch Glee nor do I have any desire to watch Glee.  This post is not in reference to Glee or any bad attempt at this that they may have done.

The only way I think I could ever accept a take over by Republicans is if this is played straight for the next two years.  Because it will feel like we have all gone through a time warp.  Gone back to the failed policies that have destroyed this country and caused it to become the lapdog of the Chinese government.  I can’t go back, I won’t go back!

I also reserve the right to have this song played at my wedding in the event that the Democrats maintain their lead (I just hope they use it this time)

10 thoughts on “Click in the Event of Republican Domination

  1. “Liked” for the use of the original Time Warp alone! I have not yet listened to Glee’s version and, in fact, am afraid to.

    Now, it just so happens while you were busy posting this, I was looking over this absolutely awful news bit at Yahoo:

    This article is so full of drivel it astounds me. Number one, I’m tired of reading about how the GOP is going to win big. I think it’s a lot closer than the media is letting on. Number two, the Republicans don’t have ANY new ideas and can’t back up their numbers — most especially when they want to continue the tax cuts for the richest Americans. Number three, about the only idea they have is to repeal Obama’s health care reform laws. That’s it. That’s their only new idea. The rest is their usual mumbo-jumbo that dates back to Reagan’s ‘trickle-down’ and which has been proven NOT TO WORK.

    But the MSM (in this case, good ole’ AP) makes it sound like the Republicans will be victorious knights in armor come next Wednesday.

    It makes me ill.

    Your time warp post is extremely apt, PFC. Unfortunately.

    1. I am beginning to suffer from voter’s fatigue because of that kind of reporting. All that author did was put together memos they got from the republican PR groups. It is part of their voter suppression plan. The new-service organizations don’t have the stringers they used to.

      When I went to early vote I expected it to be real slow because of all the reports of the e-gap. I waited in line. I never have stood in line for a midterm election before. They all didn’t look republican. This is going to be real interesting next Tues.

  2. MSNY

    Somehow I can picture Glenn Beck as Frankenfurter, Carl Paladino as Riff Raf, Sarah Palin as Janet, and John Boehner as Rocky…

    You know, my wife *made* me watch this episode last night. I say *made* because because I’m a old school RHPS fan and while I don’t like that show, I actually wanted to see it. I have some great memories watching it at the 8th Street Playhouse as youth.

    But I was disappointed that they chose to censor a few songs. Among them; In Sweet Transvestite they changed the lyrics to “Sweet Transvestite from sensational Transylvania” (?)

    There was a article about in EW today.

    1. Well that just makes me dislike it all the more, that! Thanks for spotting it. I listened to two bars of Sweet Transvestite by Glee tonight and immediately had to hit “Stop”. I have been viewing Tim Curry songs on youtube ever since, just to heal my poor brain.

      But the fact that they had to censor it??? That really pisses me off. If they’re going to screw up a classic, the least they can do is honor it’s original intent, dammit. I think I have to write to the producers of this show.

      Oh, and John Boehner as Rocky? Perfect pick! Both have fake looking tans.

      1. MSNY

        Your lucky you stopped. I sat through 48 minutes of that shite…but to make up for it, we are going to down to Chelsea on Saturday to watch Rocky Horror on the big screen for an early Halloween.

        Incidentally, Sunday will mark the 35th anniversary of Rocky Horror’s annual NYC Halloween showing. If I didn’t have to work, I’d try to get to that one….should be fun stuff.

        1. Wow has it been 35 years. Boy am I getting old. I took my kids when they were young teens to a after midnight showing. They went in Rocky Horror costume and I sat in the back and knitted. Every song the kids stood up and sang, danced, and threw things. I ended up taking a car load of kids home and earned a parental purple heart. That was before cell phones kids used my home phone to get picked up at my house.

          1. See, this is why we love you so much, Momoe. Seriously.

            My mother wouldn’t go NEAR a midnight viewing. It took me two months to convince my older sister to come, and that was only because I needed the ride. My sister ended up loving it too, though.

            1. I got a big kick out of seeing them carry on. After that I just left them go once a month and I would go in at the end to pick them up. They went about a dozen times before they moved on to something eles.

  3. This is so surreal.

    I am having this completely crazy sense of ‘Clicking’ the end of democracy. ‘Mighty Mouse’, indeed. We have a shortgae of heroes to ‘Save the Day’. The cartoons of a long lost time ago never ended in tragedy. The bad guys lost and the good guys won. Back then we intuitively knew the difference. I think we still do but we have all these liars unashamedly trying to convince us otherwise with FUD as their only message.

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