Walker Appoints Political Donor’s Son to High-paying State Job

I’m angry.  Scott Walker has again proven that his claims of changing “Business as Usual” in Wisconsin were baloney.  Yesterday it was exposed that Brian Deschane, a 27 year old college dropout with hardly any work experience and son of the Wisconsin Builder’s Association Vice-President was given a high-paying state job.  At first Deschane was hired to work as the “bureau director of board services, a job that paid $64,728 a year”.  Then two months later he received a raise and promotion to be the administrator “overseeing environmental and regulatory matters and dozens of employees at the Department of Commerce” with pay being $81,500 per year.

But, the State is broke.

Full story available here, courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel investigative reporter Daniel Bice

Also read the comments section if you dare, it is funny and alarming all at the same time.

Oh I forgot to add that he still hasn’t paid a fine for his 2nd DUI from 2008 and a lien was filed against him in 2009 for around $800.  If you are making $81,500 per year and before that a $65K per year, you cannot tell me that one paycheck couldn’t pay this fine.  What an asshat.