Talking Points Memo TPMCafe Returning for Real?


OldenGoldenDecoy's pictureHeads Up! In case you haven’t heard…

Four days ago, our longtime fellow TPMCafe denizen, hoppycalif2 stated the following in a thread at the current Cafe site:

And today, Sunday 02/12/12, during an interview  with Brian Lamb on C-SPAN’s “Q&A” Josh stated that the Cafe was coming back onto the front page in some form or other.

Although, Josh said nothing about re-establishing the reader’s blog section during the chat.

I Just thought everyone would like to know this.



TPM Cafe Blogs Cost Too Much To Operate?

 This angle was new to me…

Maybe I missed a post during the time leading up to the closing of the Talking Points Memo TPM Cafe blog system.

I don’t recall during that period that the excuse was about operating expenses. If anyone here recalls this as an issue, please correct me.

Plus, and this one is a real boot in the feathers, reading Josh’s reply below to my earlier email, he apparently didn’t/doesn’t think much about any info that was to be gleaned from all the different perspectives by all the different members of the blog.

I personally directed him (by using his email) to quite a few well researched info laden Cafe blogs during the years I was active.

Oh well . . .



  • Re: Attn Josh: Medicare Issue‏

4/22/11 Reply
Josh Marshall

Robert, Maybe we couldn’t afford running that part of the site anymore.  Did that occur to you?  Also email is always the path we’ve found most effective for pulling in reader input and tips.  So I don’t think having the reader blogs still opened would have been an issue one way or another.  Josh



Joshua at TPM Needs Everyone’s Help


I hope all is well around these parts…

I’ve been quite busy just paddling ’round.

But I thought this might be of interest here at OUAP.

The following is an email I sent to Josh today…

  • Attn Josh: Medicare Issue‏

11:08 AM
To Joshua Michah Marshall
Dear Josh,You’re extremely interested in hearingwhat people are saying about Medicare Phase-Out in townhall meetings across the USA?I guess if you hadn’t closed the threads in the Cafe you wouldn’t have to worry about this.

You could read all about it within the warm confines of your own site.

Your admirer from the far left coast.

Good luck.


There are Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics…

Which site would you bother with . . .

If you are a numbers and statistics kind of person, at which of the two following sites would you invest your time?

The first site is the Poll Tracker page at Talking Points Memo . . .

There’s a whole lot of graphic doohickeys and generic numbers with absolutely no explanation or context given on how all this gobbledygook works.



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