Channeling Mr. Rodgers… Badly

Upon the revelation that Glenn Beck thinks the intelligence of his audience on the level of preschoolers, I literally laughed out loud. Anyone who watches this self proclaimed rodeo clown with sincerity hanging onto his every word should feel insulted. Sure chalkboards and faux college is offensive but puppets? Not cute fuzzy Jim Henson style puppets but a horrible attempt at putting a “neighborly” feel onto it. Wow. I knew his viewers were absurd following this crazy recovering addict Mormon self taught in all things reality from a library (damn Socialists) drop out of college feigning ADHD hypocrite of a wee little man. For the record my children have ADHD and delusion or psychosis are not symptoms and they are all on the honor roll. Is Mr. Beck not praying hard enough or what is his issue here. If god cannot save the sanity of this fellow with his so-called daily conversations I suppose Ritalin wouldn’t be effective. People need to wake up the real puppet master is bold enough to show you his strings. When he shows up in a red sweater and changes his shoes before heading to the land of make believe (in this case hasn’t left there yet) don’t say I didn’t tell you so. I am still amazed yet I wonder why.