Stunt Philosopher

This essay was first titled “Doofus Alert”.  It is my response to an opinion piece in the New York Times written by Jeff McMahan, a professor of Philosophy at Rutgers University.  The original title may give you a clue how I regard this dude and what he wrote.  But, the title I ultimately chose comes from a comment (#18) following his essay because not only did it sound way cooler than my original title, it echoed what thoughts percolated up through my coffee soaked gray matter as I read what this fella had to say.

The essay the professor wrote was titled “The Meat Eaters” and I read it a couple of Sundays ago in the Opinionator.    Now, with a title like “The Meat Eaters” I reckoned it might be about food and wondered why it was being tagged as philosophy.   And it is sorta about food, but not really.  What it’s really about is the desire to totally annihilate the predators of the planet and turn the place into salad bar heaven.

I can’t get behind that.

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