Nice Try, Shep

I was told two years ago that “this story was de-bunked by the New York Times.” And it was, then.

However, we’ve only just these past few weeks discovered that the FBI was following several attempts by Russian operatives to seek friendships into the Clinton campaign of 2008, and at least one spy was able to follow the Clintons to DC when Hillary became Secretary of State…

We also learned that Russians were bribing and racketeering their way into a company in the Midwest that mined and trucked uranium.

There is an FBI agent who was put under gag order by the DOJ under Obama who is now willing to speak about it his findings on all of this. CNN covered it here:

I suppose this wouldn’t be such a big deal except that the FBI, then under Mueller, covered up* the investigation and let the uranium sale go through, pretty much.

*Updated comment: Mueller, I am sure, did not simply “cover up” the investigation, but my understanding is that many members of Congress, at the time, were not aware of the investigation at all, although they were members of the bodies that make up CFIUS, which collectively approved the Uranium One deal.

But, nice try, Shep.


Apparently Having Learned Nothing This Month, Glenn Beck Continues to Incite Violence

Steve Benen at Political Animal has this little doozy of a news story up today.  I find myself getting angry all over again having read it, and the NY Times piece he links to as well.

I don’t understand how Fox News can say that Glenn Beck has never threatened Frances Fox Piven.

A)  Glenn Beck mentions her repeatedly on his show, claiming she is an enemy of the Constitution and declaring that she incites violence.

B)  Readers of Glenn’s various websites start writing comments about shooting her, and some of his readers and viewers call her and email her with death threats.

You can’t get to point B above without a point A.

Fox News is entirely wrong in letting this continue, and I plan on writing them a letter about it.  I hope you’ll do the same.

Fox News: Misinforming, or just romancing the clueless?


As to this hullabaloo about how Fox viewers are the most misinformed, well, I detect Overreach, and I would dispute the suggested cause and effect.

To what extent does Fox really mislead otherwise critically aware people? And to what extent do already-deluded goofs tune in just to hear their ignorant prejudices repeated, gussied up by some fancy-talking announcer types?

Do you remember this nugget?  If you were a hotelier hosting Cheney, you needed to have Fox tuned in as he entered the room – his rules.  …Now, I know that if you get the Queen checking in, you need fruit in the room.

But if it’s Cheney, you gotta have Fox switched on!  To this day, presumably.

See, that’s a guy who just wants to hear his own risible jingoistic balderdash recited to him at bedtime.  And the willfully ignorant rapscallion ain’t alone!  –O.T.

Channeling Mr. Rodgers… Badly

Upon the revelation that Glenn Beck thinks the intelligence of his audience on the level of preschoolers, I literally laughed out loud. Anyone who watches this self proclaimed rodeo clown with sincerity hanging onto his every word should feel insulted. Sure chalkboards and faux college is offensive but puppets? Not cute fuzzy Jim Henson style puppets but a horrible attempt at putting a “neighborly” feel onto it. Wow. I knew his viewers were absurd following this crazy recovering addict Mormon self taught in all things reality from a library (damn Socialists) drop out of college feigning ADHD hypocrite of a wee little man. For the record my children have ADHD and delusion or psychosis are not symptoms and they are all on the honor roll. Is Mr. Beck not praying hard enough or what is his issue here. If god cannot save the sanity of this fellow with his so-called daily conversations I suppose Ritalin wouldn’t be effective. People need to wake up the real puppet master is bold enough to show you his strings. When he shows up in a red sweater and changes his shoes before heading to the land of make believe (in this case hasn’t left there yet) don’t say I didn’t tell you so. I am still amazed yet I wonder why.

Fox News leverages bootlicker Juan Williams against ‘liberal’ media

If I could just speak directly to Juan Williams for a moment, I would start by saying, “Screw you, Juan Williams.”

I would continue: For years I’ve listened to your miserable excuse for liberal analysis on the “Fox News Sunday” roundtable. Your poorly articulated inside-the-Boxway conventional thinking never laid out an argument that was either cogent or compelling. I’ve yet to see you (or Mara Liasson, for that matter) offer any well-reasoned rebuttals to Brit Hume’s pompous conservatism or Chris Wallace’s straight-faced partisanship. You’ve been the token liberal and nothing more, terminating any hope that an alternative to the Fox Borgthink would ever reach the airwaves.

Now you’ve been terminated by NPR for once again betraying yourself as the bootlicker to Rupert Murdoch that you’ve become. Sorry, Juan, I don’t fear Muslims when I board airplanes. And I never would have gone on Bill O’Reilly’s show to offer support for O’Reillys bigoted attempt on “The View” to enforce his opinion that moderate Muslims should move the location of their planned mosque near Ground Zero. O’Reilly, like some other stupid Americans, can’t distinguish between terrorism and Islam. One is a tactic, the other is among the world’s great religions, with billions of peaceful adherents across centuries of time. So, no, Juan, I wouldn’t go on O’Reilly’s show to prop up his typical Fox News paranoia with a dumb remark about getting shivers when innocents in Muslim clothing travel on my flights. Your “honest” opinion doesn’t trump religious bigotry, Juan.

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I’m Not A Bigot, But…

I’m not a bigot, you guys know the posts I’ve written about Asian stuff, but not long ago I was traveling to Hawaii, and the pilot was dressed in Japanese garb.  Well he wasn’t actually, and I don’t even know if he was Japanese, but his eyes were, well…you know, and he looked like he might be Buddhist, or something.  Anyway,    If I see people who look Asian and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Asian, I get worried. I get nervous.

See, the Japanese – who are Asian – used airplanes to attack Pearl Harbor, so it’s not insensitive to be assume that a pilot with Asian eyes might be a Kamikaze, right?   If I could name a prominent Japanese American Republican in Congress, I’m sure they would agree.

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Yesterday, Matt Drudge attempted to fabricate a scandal out of thin air.  And bless his little black heart, he tried his darnedest, but it doesn’t seem like its sticking.

So, here’s the story.

Yesterday at around 4 pm Eastern time, the Drudge Report did something he rarely does – actually file a report rather than simply repurposing another news agency’s reporting with a sensational partisan title.

Anyway, the entry he filed was titled. “Michelle Campaigned Inside a Polling Place?”   The implication is that the First Lady violated election laws.  The evidence provided by Drudge?  This line from a pool report of the First Lady’s trip to cast her ballot.  After she voted, she paused to take a photo with a fellow voter and supporter who then relayed what she told him:  “She was telling me how important it was to vote to keep her husband’s agenda going,”

You can almost hear the arm twisting, right?

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Turn Off Fox!… the ‘free’ sticker

Hi.  I just found this facebook page where someone did something clever.  They created a bumper sticker that offers you a free sticker (shipping included).  The sticker says ‘Turn Off Fox’ ‘bad news for America’ and it shows a remote.  This is a campaign to support asking businesses to turn off Fox encouraging us to create visibility for this message.  They also seek donations for larger number of stickers.

Please go to the site and like the page:

and get a sticker if you like.  I will be putting mine on my car as soon as it arrives:)