Walker Appoints Political Donor’s Son to High-paying State Job

I’m angry.  Scott Walker has again proven that his claims of changing “Business as Usual” in Wisconsin were baloney.  Yesterday it was exposed that Brian Deschane, a 27 year old college dropout with hardly any work experience and son of the Wisconsin Builder’s Association Vice-President was given a high-paying state job.  At first Deschane was hired to work as the “bureau director of board services, a job that paid $64,728 a year”.  Then two months later he received a raise and promotion to be the administrator “overseeing environmental and regulatory matters and dozens of employees at the Department of Commerce” with pay being $81,500 per year.

But, the State is broke.

Full story available here, courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel investigative reporter Daniel Bice

Also read the comments section if you dare, it is funny and alarming all at the same time.

Oh I forgot to add that he still hasn’t paid a fine for his 2nd DUI from 2008 and a lien was filed against him in 2009 for around $800.  If you are making $81,500 per year and before that a $65K per year, you cannot tell me that one paycheck couldn’t pay this fine.  What an asshat.


Yesterday as the angry silent majority began speaking up, one of our Democratic Senators (I believe could have been Assemblyperson) from the State of Wisconsin coined the new name of our state, officially for sale:  Fitzwalkerstan.  I find it rather witty and relevant.  Amongst the various Twitter feeds I was reading for the day, I noticed Fitzwalkerstan was top trending and I have to say, never before have I laughed but sat in awe of the irony at the same time.

Some of the posts were humorous yet absurd, others were humorous but true, some more were dead on, and a few were complaining that we scored something for our team that the MSM cannot hide away (and it is on Wisconsin public record, yus!).  I feel this term for our state (used to be Packerstan which I was perfectly happy with) completely encompasses the political reality of the situation.

We have the two Fitzgerald brothers the heads of both the State Assembly and Senate, their father the head of the State Troopers and then good old Scott Walker, our King Governor in Chief and well “stan” although incorrectly attributed to only fascist Muslim regimes, just means land.  The State Troopers also have a new name, “The Palace Guard” as attempts to force out and prevent protesters from coming into OUR building, the people’s house, the State Capitol have been highlighted in the press.

Illegal meetings aside, raping workers and the State of 50 years of precedence for “budget issues”, dividing the middle class making them all hate each other and wish low wages and bad benefits on each other while the rich who are benefiting from the tax breaks on the backs of those same middle class are sipping champagne and dancing giddy all the way to the bank (that one in the Bahamas btw).

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