Holy Fucking Christ, Hillary

Just last night, I was reading about your book tour comments in Great Britain, the UK, whatever we call it these days.  And I thought to myself, not for the first time, someone should stifle your driveling mouth and gag you and stuff you into the closet where your server used to reside.  And I thought to myself, shouldn’t this woman just fall down the stairs into the irrelevancy that she deserves?

And you fell down the fucking stairs.

But you got back up again.


Just shut the fuck up, already, woman.

No where, ever, on earth, has there ever been a louder complainant than you, who lost an election.

Mitt Romney is a goddamn angel compared to you, in real liberal time.

You are louder than Trump, and he’s president.

Don’t you realize that every time you open your mouth you are hurting your party and your so-called cause?

No, of course you don’t.

You had to write a goddamn book, “What Happened.”

The title itself is a fucking joke.

What happened is that ever since you got fired from the Watergate hearings, you’ve been a running joke of everything that is wrong with entitlement.  Never mind everything that happened in Arkansas, never mind that your party is as corrupt as Harvey Weinstein’s casting couch, never mind that you’ve done nothing but ride the coattails of your dirty-minded husband and carpetbagged your way into every position you could attain.

If you had any decency at all, you’d leave public life and give us all a break.

But.You.Just.Can’t…..and won’t.

You ask for the shit you get in the press.  Good people could be taking your place, but you take up their oxygen, and don’t have the decency to apologize for it, nor get out of their fucking way.

Shame on you, woman.  Shame on you and your sex-crazed husband and your lunatic fringe friends.

\rant off

Bill Clinton Likes Single Payer

In 2009 President Bill Clinton said:

“Well, I think it’s more politically unpalatable than it is a bad idea,” responded Clinton. “Because single-payer is not socialized medicine. Canada has a single-payer system, and a private health care system. Our single-payer systems are Medicare and Medicaid and Medicare is quite popular. The good thing about single-payer is the administrative costs are quite low. We probably waste $200 billion a year between the insurance administrative costs, the doctors’ and other health care providers’ administrative costs, and employers’ administrative costs in health care that we would not waste if we had any other country’s system.”

Incredible story about how delegating *one phone call* to a staffer changed one big race.

In the nomination fight for the 2008 Presidential election, Democratic candidates for nomination couldn’t get Ted Kennedy’s endorsement while his close friend Chris Dodd was still in the race — everybody knew that.  But Caroline Kennedy up in New York was fair game for the candidates to romance, and Caroline dreaded a possible phone call from Hillary on  the subject, because she couldn’t really refuse the New York Senator to at least help with her campaign, if asked by her.

And this is important, because if any campaign sucked Caroline in at all, it would be easier to then get her endorsement.   And with any of that, it would be harder for Ted to endorse anyone else prior to nomination, and even if he did, that would amount to a mixed message from the Kennedy clan.

As the Iowa caucuses were approaching, Caroline was particularly nervous that Hillary might give her a buzz to dragoon her out there for the big finish on January 3, and Caroline couldn’t really say no if Hillary cornered her.  Caroline wasn’t paranoid either; Hillary indeed planned to draft her into this and was confident she would agree.  And again, if Caroline went to Iowa to support Hillary, it would really become impossible for her to then endorse anyone else, which was a double reason for Caroline to fear the awful phone call.

But Hillary liked to delegate calls like that, which is what she did so with this critical one.   So when a Hillary staffer called Caroline to put the touch on her, a voice that sounded a *whole lot* like Caroline’s answered, saying that Caroline wasn’t there.  (It was a plausible dodge, given the holiday season.)  Caroline could then bitch to friends that Hillary had snubbed her by fobbing this phone duty off on a mere staffer, and she never went to Iowa.  When Obama then won Iowa (with Hillary finishing an eyebrow-raisingthird place),  Dodd dropped out and Ted’s endorsement was suddenly available!  And because of the phone call indolence, Caroline had bought herself space to use Obama’s victory in Iowa as an apt occasion to quietly get involved in the Obama campaign.  The issue as to her formal endorsing Obama and not Hillary became only one of timing.

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