A Roman copy of Eros Stringing the Bow from the Capitoline Museum

I decided that enough was enough.

I was 29 and out of shape and drinking all the time and unhappy and…

Don’t get me wrong, I spent decades sober and feeling unhappy all the time, but I had caught something at that time and place.

I set down some rules and I would follow them.

So every morning I would get up at 5:00 AM for a change and have my cigs and some coffee.

Following this first rule, I would dress in shorts and a top and go for a five mile run (it started as two then it morphed to nine and then I settled on five)

But there was nothing on TV at 5:00 AM except for some exercise program where women would dress up like they were on this old show called Baywatch and stretch.

It was exhilarating really.

One morning my son, who was three, came out of his bedroom and sat down with me.

I had no idea why but I would grab some orange juice and hand him his cup.

Well, he liked these exercise videos. Hahahahah

The poor kid.

I was still smoking inside of the house at that time.

But then it became a regular thing.


I mean he would come out of his bedroom and come and sit with me as we watched these nubiles exercising. Hahahahahahah

I would give him his cup of orange juice, prepared before he arrived and he would sip and watch these girls. Hahahah

So now he comes a couple hundred miles to visit every other month (it was more like twice a year before he found his beloved with relatives up here) and we speak of the old days and the new.

He actually recalls these early days as I prepared to jog. Hahahahah

I blogged before about my childhood.

As I look back, my father had left instructions for my regimen while he was at work for my poor mentally limited mother. (He died when I was twelve from a multitude of sins)

I was to nap in the master bed at age three and four.

And there was a magazine left on the coffee table next to the bed.

I recall the name to this day.

It was cavalier magazine

There were wonderful things in those Cavalier Magazines

I mean you might read your child writings from 1001 Arabian_Nights

You might have read your child writings from Chaucer or Mallory or even Upton St. Clair.

But nobody every read anything to me.

There were no books in my home. And I can go into great detail upon this subject but it would break from my message here.

My kids always had books around them.

They had books on shelves around the house.

They had great encyclopedias.

I had books, just like I do now, laying around. You know those books that you have read and pulled to read again, the new books you are just introducing yourselves to, the old books that you should be reading but….well you just keep them handy!

My father was worried that I would become a homo. Hahahahahahaha

So he actually instructed my mother to make available soft soft pornography so that I would be drawn to the side of the light. Hahahahahahah

I never was caught up in this strange fear. Fear for the sexual preference of my own son. It never occurred to me.

I was in love with my Kindergarten teacher for chrissakes. Hahahaha Until she lifted me up and put me in the corner for some sort of infraction that to this day I do not recall. Hahhaha

Anyway, this exercise commercial was put on cable at five AM or so and my son was immediately drawn to it. Hahahahah

My son needed no reeducation regarding the matter.

My son needed no religious direction in the matter.

My son liked semi-naked women. Well, and naked women also. hahahahahah

I will never forget when we moved to Edina about 1992.

I walked into his room and there was this enlarged Playboy pinup on his wall. Really tame by the standards of this day and age. Hahahahaha

And I still had this voice in my head, and my boy was 14 and this voice said:



You cannot push these children into some category.

I mean they find those categories themselves.

I did not and never did need Cavalier Magazine to lead me to temptation. Hahaahahahahah

I only bring this up because these thoughts no longer embarrass me.

I certainly cannot believe these thoughts would embarrass my son. I have spoken about these thoughts with him.

I bring these thoughts up because of people like Rick Santorum and Gary Bauer and the rest of these so-Called Christian leaders espouse this conspiracy theory; that there are people out there ready and willing to turn our entire population into homsexuality.

What do I know?

I only know what I have experienced personally and through my personal contacts.

There are other theories for sure.

I mean the Spartan histories are interesting.

Semper Fidelis might have arisen from the Spartan ‘policy’ of bisexuality.

The Spartan children were sent to war camp when they were babies (I mean 6 or 8 years of age)

But they were betrothed to a woman of child bearing age in those days at 12 or 13 years of age.

Alexander of Macedonia, north of Greece, was leading troops at age 13 on his horse Bucephalus and

went to war.

There were jokes about Navy men when I was a kid before I even understood the sexual pejoratives at the time.

The Spartan idea had to do with your relationship to your team mate in the trenches!

Alexander was bisexual for sure. He had his true love(s) and yet fostered children by his royal wife.

Julius Caesar liked to f(*&k anything that walked.

I do not have all of the answers but I will tell you this from personal experience.

I never fostered some lust for a man. I never thought about sex with a man. I had no idea how this act could be accomplished until I was in my twenties. (Yeah I was that naive)

And after a few beers with my son, he never has either.

I was struck with Roman Catholic Propaganda that made all sex bad—as if that would deter the masses. Hahahah Let alone the clerics, hahahahah

Is this all Freudian denial?

I don’t think so.

The Roman Catholic Church has nothing to do with the education of my son. I made sure of that.

This fear from Rick Santorum and his followers of homosexual male haters and the gay conspiracy to make us all verboten to God—you have to understand that from a purely propaganda perspective Lesbian issues have never really troubled the Church. I do not know how to explain this but the nunneries were never a threat to the Church. Ever! Nuns having sex with nuns would lead to no children.

I have watched Ralph Reed, and Robertson and the late Falwell and Bauer and Hagge and scores of others who have strange longings as far as I am concerned.

I can understand the deeply religious abhorrence of abortion. I understand this; killing a potential human being is abominable. And I am not going to get into this issue here except to say that technology has changed over the decades and after 45 or 60 days a woman should make a decision. But then I am stuck with the health, welfare and survival of the mother and….see, I am stuck and so I lose the issue.

But damn, some conspiracy by gay people to somehow take over the universe is just comic book crap.

I mean aliens from Krypton are going to use death rays to destroy us all. Although they would certainly do well in Hollywood!

And I have said it before and I will say it again as others more talented have put it.

These so-called ‘family Christian folks against homosexuality’ have an inner problem demonstrating that they have real issues with in regard to their own sexuality.

I do not believe them! I do not believe the underlying theory of behavioral training, or the underlying theory of Satanic propaganda or the underlying theory that homosexuals might taint the potential fetus pool.

Oh and for those Catholic bishops out here:

I really am aroused by naked women.

Oh my God I am heartily sorry for having offended thee and I detest all my sins….

All these thoughts are undocumented; I mean there are no real links to facts.

But where in the hell are the links from these Christian anti-Gay evangelists?




Miracle on 34th Street

What actually is the most painful tune ever produced in the 20th century?

Sticky Fingers as a title for an album is atrocious and obscene and smelly even though one cannot smell things through the airways.

Four Dead in Ohio is painful for the listener for sure.

Where Have You Been My Blue Eyed Son…well I submit if you cannot cry during this lilt you are not human and are most probably a repub!

Southern Man, I submit, is the meanest, most violent, most painful of all the songs ever written in the 20th century.

I am not making a moral assessment here.

You know the South, would just say: hey you northerners never really did like the NIGGERS anyway.

And if you look at the laws of the North in the context of those olden days, well Illinois would not allow a Negro to ever cross its boundaries!

So I make no moral assessment.

And so Sweet Home Alabama came along.

I hope Neil Young will remember that Southern Man don’t need him around anyhow!

We all did what we could do!

Now does your conscience bother you?

Okie dokie!

Well I fall on the side of Neil Young anyway. Hahhahaahahah

And, as often happens this little debate has little to do with my mostly unread message here! Hahahahah


The low up in these here parts was zero last night.

Considering the wind, our wind chill was -15.

How can anything or anyone survive at 0 let alone -15.

There was this urban myth when I was a kid that Farenheit went out to the outhouse one day and it was so very cold that he decided that it could never be colder than that!

And that is how he decided upon 0 degrees Farenheit. ha

The sun is abandoning us.

I know this because the sunrise today was at 7:43 AM and the sunset was destined to be 4:17 PM. That is only 8 hours and 34 minutes.

Just yesterday we had 3 more minutes of sunlight.

In only 13 days, we will come to the point that that if we keep this up we shall only have sunlight for 8 hours a day.

Simple arithmetic tells us that in only 160 days, we shall have no sunlight at all.

Forget global warming. I mean think of the cold!

And I am thinking from a place that is many hundreds of miles from the North Pole.

There is trouble, I mean trouble right here in River City and MSM just simply ignores this trend!

Thank God for history.

Normally, it has been documented that Winter begins on the shortest day of the year.

Normally that date falls between the 21st and the 22nd of December.

The actual length in which the sun maintains its arc is somewhere between 8 and 15hours up in these parts.

But the actual diarists note that although the arc will expand in time following the 23rd of December, it will only expand in that minutes are added in the AM but will not expand in the PM until the 25th.

That is, two or three days following the first day of winter, one will be able to document that the sun sets a little later on the 25th of December than it did on the 22nd or 23rd.

Now there are hundreds of different calendars from ancient times that are or were guided by the length of the arc of the Sun in measures of time.

A Georgia man preparing for the Christmas season spent a night in jail after he was arrested for shooting at mistletoe outside a Decatur shopping mall.

William E. Robinson, 66, was charged with reckless conduct and discharging a firearm on someone else’s property after he opened fire on a tree that held a sprig of the plant, which is commonly used as a Christmas decoration.

Robinson told CBS Atlanta that he was merely following a holiday tradition when he used his double-barrel 12-gauge shotgun to knock the plant out of a tree outside the North DeKalb Mall.

“Every year I go somewhere to get some mistletoe to decorate the house,” Robinson told the station. “I get some for my friends that can’t get mistletoe. The best way to get it is with a shotgun.”

Most people simply purchase mistletoe. But in some parts of the country, it’s a tradition to shoot first and decorate later.

Southerners preparing for Christmas have long used shotguns loaded with birdshot to knock mistletoe from trees, National Geographic wrote in 2001.

This last link only underlines my feelings with regard to Christmas and the war upon Christmas.

Each individual Christian chooses to celebrate the bring-back of the sun to our world! That is why Jesus really represents the Sun of God!

And this feller decided that the best way to welcome in the New Renewal of the Sun was to shoot at a mistletoe.

I mean, what could be more logical than that?

Well I have always shot down the Missletoe.

What the hell is the problem here?

Well I could just descend to some old comment about shooting oneself in the foot!

But I am much more a part of the intelligentsia than that!

Okay, so why do we celebrate the birth of our Savior (Savior from what? I mean savior from our mortality or our hunger or our thirst or our pain derived from daytime telly?)

I mean, there is evidence that Jesus was born sometime in March. I mean, He was supposed to be a Springy kind of guy?

We can even come to some conclusion that Autumn had something to do with all of this:

There is additional proof that Jesus was born in the fall of the year. The census of Quirinius that required Joseph to travel from Galilee to Bethlehem would most probably have taken place after the fall harvest when people were more able to return to their ancestral homes (Luke 2:1-5). Besides, it was customary in Judea to do their tax collecting during this period, as the bulk of a farmer’s income came at this time.

The fall is the time I get to gather the best corn stalks and tomatoes at my local grocery for chrissakes!

How Christmas Day Was Decided: In 360 A.D. Emperor Constantine, follower of Mithras, converted to Christianity after seeing a vision of a cross of light against the sun with a sign that said By this sign shall you conquer. He conquered Rome, established Christianity as the state religion, and declared December 25th the birthday of Christ.

Ah Mithras, who could forget Mithras?

Well, I was just sitting in my PJ’s and thinking:


We all live by MYTHS. I mean Bill Clinton was the first Black President and W. Bush was the compassionate conservative!

And this silliness has nothing to do with love and renewal and brotherhood and sisterhood and wonder and humanity.


Myths SHOULD represent hope, and faith and charity and longings long lost and fairy tales and legends and symbols.

And there is nothing wrong, at least to me, in celebrating the date of Mythra’s birth.

Nothing at all.

So I shall never make a war upon Xmas.

What the hell would Macy’s or Gimbels ever do without Xmas?

Hey, the Dow is up like 300 points since Black Friday, when the light of the world might forever flicker to nothingness!

This is a time for renewal and hope and Gingrich!

What wonderful times we are about to live in!




I woke up some Saturday morning 35 years ago or so.

I was feeling pretty good.

Went out for my run and came back two hours later.

So I am consuming my breakfast with relish. When you really exercise, every frickin day, you can eat whatever you want. The problem is, if you are fudging and saying you are exercising every day and then eat what you want….well you get fat.

But not me. For fifteen years I knew the rules.

Anyway, I am doing just fine, relishing my earned feast and the mother of my children went on the attack.

You see, I have always been loud and obnoxious and when something pissed me off, I just went off like a rocket.

My first wife would wait, contain, see what would transpire without her embellishment.

Until she would erupt like Mt. Vesuvius and the surrounding area would find itself under a great depth of ash.

Anyway, she who must be obeyed erupted:


All righty then.

I dressed properly and took her note regarding where I was going and left to the animal’s holding tank.

I arrived and all the girls running the joint were appreciative and wished to put on the nicest front to any idiot who entered their sanctuary.

I went to the front desk and the lady asked:

What is your purpose?

Well I have been ordered by the Queen of the Galaxy to remove one of your prisoners and take him to our abode.

She laughed.

We have several available subjects, would you like to visit with them?

Well, being a clever fellow, I was not going to take home the first applicant.

I was going to survey the situation.

So I asked if I could take some candidates for the position for a quick walk first before making my choice.

She said:

Well that would be fine.

So I was led to the jail cells and discovered many prisoners who really were not that happy about their current situation.

I picked out one of the pups and a leash was attached and I walked the little bastard to the waiting area and sat down and he would not shut up and he would not quit jumping up and down.


I repeated this attempt at mind melding at least two or three more times and received the same reaction.

Finally, I hit the fourth prospect.

He was a Lab cross mutt and he dutifully and respectfully accepted the leash.

I led him out of the prison area and headed for the waiting area.

He most dutifully followed me without any need for the leash which I dutifully held.

I found a chair and the dog just sat there, looking at me.

He did not bark.

He did not jump up and down.

He did not whimper.


All righty then.

I had found the proper companion for my ninos.

So I find out that rescuing costs.

I had to fork out $70.00 or so for shots and such; which I was not happy about but then again, I had to face Vesuvius.

After due payment, I walked out the door with the leash provided by the private prison personnel and we headed for the car.

Now there are only five or six cars in this small parking lot but this dog knew, absolutely knew which car was mine!

And this pup took off for that car like it was the underground railroad.

He almost pulled my arm off and I could do nothing but laugh.

This was the single funniest event I had ever witnessed.

He had played me as a con like we had met in some carnival. HahahahahaHAH

He had planned to be supine and agreeable and patient and….



I could not help it.

I could not take him back.

He would go home with me.

I mean, a creature like this should be rewarded for this type of intellegent behavior.

I get him home to our little suburban dwelling and I introduce him to my five year old and seven year old.

The youngest is in heaven.

He is shaking and looks at the dog and looks at me and looks at the ground and he picks up a stick and throws it.

And this dog goes right for the stick and takes it back to my son.

Inside, I went nuts.

This was one of the greatest experiences I had ever had.

A few years later I split up with my wife and moved into a home I had purchased about two blocks away.

I came to my old abode to pick up the kids and this mutt came to the door and started barking at me.


As usual I went on and on.

But he never barked at me again. Hahahahahaha

Fourteen or so years later, my son gets the bad news that Spot has to be put down.

Well, he was in college at the time and said no dice.

So he cared for Spot for another few months and then came to the realization that it was over.

And Spot reached his final destination.

I loved that dog.

A black Labrador from English stock


The end


That Old Tyme Religion. Better Late Than Never.

The U.S. military is being overtaken by the religious right.

Here is another of those episodes that is a huge insult to deceased veterans and their families. It seems that certain groups are trying to force a christian burial service on members and their families. What really gets in my craw about this is the deceased members have given their lives to ensure religious freedom while at the same time persons of privilege, for political gain, who are unwilling to risk making a similar sacrifice want to take it away by scheming to promote a unique faith.

I have seen two articles on the topic of religion in the military of late. One is HERE discussing DOD taxpayer dollars being expended which explicitly supports christian faiths to the exclusion of other religions.

Did you know there is now a required Spiritual Fitness Test administered to all Army members. And you can fail it!! I guess for not being spiritual enough. And we have a $30,000,000 chapel at Fort Hood in Texas. Yes, that’s thirty million dollars. In the modern army smiting our enemies is truly a spiritual experience.

And this one today about burial ceremonies. LINK

Texas Legislators and Christian Groups Fight to Insert God Into Vets’ Funerals — Against Families’ Wishes
By Alex DiBranco, AlterNet
Posted on August 23, 2011, Printed on August 25, 2011–_against_families%27_wishes

Shouldn’t veterans and their families have the right to decide whether religion — and what kind — is welcome at their own funerals? The Department of Veterans Affairs says yes. But three Texas Congressman and Christian military organizations want to strip away this basic right. Instead, they want to be allowed to impose unwanted Christian ceremonies on the military funerals of everybody who has served the red, white, and blue.

Following the Families’ Wishes

Three organizations — Veterans of Foreign Wars District 4, the American Legion Post 586, and the National Memorial Ladies — have filed a lawsuit against VA officials at the Houston National Cemetery for banning references to God in a recent service.

“It makes my skin crawl that liberals are attempting to drive prayer out of a funeral ceremony for our heroes,” Texas Rep. John Culberson told Fox News, which has given significant airtime to the controversy. “We’re going to fix this so that no Obama liberal bureaucrat will interfere with the funeral of a hero.” In addition to supporting the lawsuit, Culberson has threatened to stop the salary of the cemetery director who enforced the no-consent-no-God rule and to hold hearings in the fall investigating the VA’s anti-Christian stance.

Republican Texas reps. Culberson, Ted Poe and Michael McCaul portray the issue as denying American heroes the religious funerals they desire. In a post with the tongue-in-cheek headline “Texas Congressmen to force Christian prayer over my dead body,” American Atheists military director Justin Griffith accuses the trio of outright lying in order to use “military funerals for political gain.” The fantasy story they’re peddling certainly plays better than the truth: that they’re expending energy and resources fighting for the right to “use Christian themes, prayers, speeches without seeking consent in every single military veteran funeral statewide.”

While the VA couldn’t comment on the specifics of the lawsuit, it stated its support for the besieged cemetery director and provided an official statement slamming the broader accusations:

“The idea that invoking the name of God or Jesus is banned at VA national cemeteries is blatantly false. The truth is VA’s policy protects veterans’ families’ rights to pray however they choose at our national cemeteries. Put simply, VA policy puts the wishes of the veteran’s family above all else on the day it matters most — the day they pay their final respects to their loved one.”

If the VA has anything to say about it, it will continue to be up to veterans’ families whether or not to have a religious service — and whether the religion is Muslim, Jewish, Christian, or a multitude of other faiths. The VA further confirmed that the changes advocated would mean imposing religious prayer against the wishes of the family.

Meanwhile, the groups filing the lawsuit are playing the victim, claiming their religious rights are being violated and complaining about how difficult it is to be prohibited from imposing their God on unwilling veterans’ families. Marilyn Koepp, secretary of National Memorial Ladies, a volunteer group that attends veterans’ funerals, shares her woes with Fox News: “It’s very hard for me to be at the funeral of one of our veterans … and we just make that decision that we will say God bless you, and how can someone tell us, no you can’t.”

But the feelings of volunteers like herself, strangers to the deceased veteran and their families, don’t matter in this situation. It’s not a ceremony for their loved ones. They’re volunteering to attend and honor late veterans — and while this is a laudable act, it loses all of its positive impact if it involves ramming unwanted religious rhetoric down the throats of mourning family members.

Jason Torpy, president of the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers (MAAF), puts the narrative back on track by pointing out that “the true victims in this situation are the families who have lost loved ones, not the volunteers who want a government platform for their religious beliefs.” Moreover, though the blame for restricting religious influence may be targeted at the VA and the Obama administration because they cut less sympathetic figures than grieving relatives, it’s really the family members who make the individual decisions about whether to have a religious burial. It’s their rights that would be taken away if the VA was forced to change its policy.

“Most people would agree that it is wrong for anyone to impose their religion on a veteran’s family without their consent, especially during a deeply personal burial service,” the VA’s response statement continues, in a pointed jab at these meddling Christian groups. “Similarly, it is wrong not to respect a family’s request for a religious service. VA’s policy is in place to protect families – whatever their choice. Out of respect for the families, VA’s policy exists to prevent anyone from disrespecting or interfering with a veteran’s private committal service.”

What’s Your God Doing in My Government?

The groups and congressmen fighting to force God on all military funerals not only disrespect atheist servicemembers, they also stomp all over separation of church and state. “As an atheist and as a soldier, I care deeply about our Constitution being subverted like this,” Justin Griffith writes at the American Atheist blog. “I am shocked that Texas’ U.S. Reps are attempting to ensure that my funeral is going to feature a state-sponsored Christian message.”

It shouldn’t be too surprising, though: Griffith points out that Rep. Culberson previously co-sponsored legislation to allow teacher- and coach-led prayer to indoctrinate students in public schools. So this is nothing out of character for the congressman from Texas.

The post concludes: “Some politicians want to sneak religion into government, and they want to do it at my funeral on your dime.”

Griffith could not be reached by phone for further comment because he’s currently deployed on active duty. But Kathleen Johnson, former military director and now vice president of American Atheists, did have something more to say.

Johnson, a veteran who works in Texas, laments that when the issue of imposing prayer on military funerals has come up, the “knee-jerk reaction” has been to side with the Christian groups. She credits their success in selling an utterly deceptive framing for this response. “These Texas congressmen are sort of leading this charge in the publicity effort to frame this as a religious discrimination issue in which Christians are being discriminated against,” Johnson commented, “when it’s actually a religious discrimination issue in which everybody else is being discriminated against.”

Both American Atheists and MAAF stated that they have no problem with religion being included in military funerals at the behest of the family. “Full freedom if the family asks,” says MAAF’s Jason Torpy. “That should be it, end of discussion.” In the absence of family preference, however, the government must not cross the line into promoting religion.

Torpy points out that while the default is always that government speech is secular, the congressmen and groups bringing the lawsuit want religious underpinnings to be the default for all official services. He also rejects the claim that banning unwanted religion violates the free speech rights of the Christian groups’ volunteers. The Constitutional principle in jeopardy is separation of church and state: Torpy argues that volunteers’ speech becomes government speech when they decide to participate in the official service, and as such is beholden to the restrictions thereof.

And while it’s really Christianity Culberson and his ilk are fighting for, Torpy believes their rhetoric often uses non-denominational theist interjections in order to avoid drawing the attention of other religious individuals, who might also want to protect their own religious freedoms and loved ones’ burials against Christian encroachment. If it’s just atheists being discriminated against, Torpy says, “they feel they can get away with it.”

The Army’s Ambiguous Arlington Policy

While the VA is under fire for protecting the rights of atheist veterans to have an official military funeral free from religion, Arlington Cemetery, the only Army-run cemetery in the United States, is raising concerns for including religion in ceremonies against families’ express wishes.

MAAF president Jason Torpy recently presided over a ceremony at Arlington for decorated WWII pilot John Hormuth and his wife Mattie. With children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren in attendance, the Hormuths wanted to be remembered in accordance with their beliefs. But even though the family was explicit about not wanting any religious components to their service, these wishes were not met. In particular, a volunteer from the Arlington Ladies blessed the mourning family and presented a religious card “on behalf of the chief of staff of the Army.”

The Army and the Arlington administration have yet to respond to the family’s demand for action to end unwanted religious intrusions or to MAAF’s request for comment. “The Chief of Staff of the Army should ensure that the Arlington Ladies are not praying on his behalf,” MAAF stated in response to this incident. “The Army should ensure that Arlington National Cemetery includes religious content only at the request of the family and only under the supervision of the chaplains. MAAF applauds the care and dedication of the Arlington Ladies and other similar groups, but their care must not come at the cost of government-sponsored religious speech that is against a family’s wishes.”

Unlike the VA, which appears to be doing the right thing by atheists, the Army has not released a statement defending the right of veterans’ families to have a service in accordance with their beliefs. While Arlington Cemetery does allow families to request a humanist speaker and no chaplain interaction, an inquiry about the policy on having a ceremony completely free of references to religion or God remained unanswered at the time this article was filed.

Atheists in Foxholes

The interference with military funerals represents a particularly egregious example of attempted discrimination against atheists and Christians trying to force their beliefs where they don’t belong. The insistence on dictating the terms of a veterans’ burial, superseding the families’ wishes, goes to a callous and disrespectful extreme, yet the problems atheists in the military face are hardly confined to funerals.

There’s also simple neglect or ignorance of atheists in the military. To dispel the myth, “there are no atheists in foxholes,” MAAF spotlights the service of over 200 open atheists on its website. MAAF also has a campaign to increase the number of military humanist chaplains and to certify lay leaders to support religious chaplains, to address a lack of counseling and morale-building services for non-theist servicemembers.

Unfortunately, the discrimination against atheists takes a far more active turn as well. Kathleen Johnson relates that during her military service, she was harassed for being an atheist by fellow servicemembers, emailed threats, and even told by an evangelical commander that anyone who didn’t subscribe to her Christian beliefs would be downgraded on their evaluation. Johnson said that in her 10 years as military director for American Atheists, she’s heard countless stories of ostracism and harassment, incidents which many atheists were afraid to report to authorities due to concerns about retaliation.

Then there’s the direct promotion of religion in other aspects of military life. Johnson pointed to the Army’s mandatory “Spiritual Fitness” test, part of a $125 million Soldier Fitness program, as an example. In a recent Talk to Action article, Chris Rodda of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) discusses the results of the organization’s investigation into this program and other methods of diverting Department of Defense money toward supporting religion. Rodda writes: “Paid for with taxpayer dollars are a plethora of events, programs, and schemes that violate not only the Constitution, but, in many cases, the regulations on federal government contractors.” Military money is thus funneled toward evangelical concerts (with Bible readings between Jesus-loving songs), private Christian retreats, religious youth programs, and more.

With this kind of behavior in the military, it becomes less surprising that chapters of national veterans groups would attempt to impose Christianity on all of their fellow servicemembers, even in death.

The “War on Christmas” Playbook

“War on Christmas” is a phrase that has been used by the Religious Right to claim that their most sacred of holidays is being destroyed by immoral secular liberals, who outrageously demand that employees say “Seasons Greetings” rather than “Merry Christmas.” Come Christmas time, if you listen to Fox News, you can usually hear dramatic stories of cashiers whispering their illicit greeting to shoppers to evade the notice of their managers.

This coverage usually leaves out the fact that companies are simply being respectful toward consumers who don’t happen to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Note the framing parallels with the current situation of prayer at military funerals. Christian groups, talking heads, and politicians jump on the bandwagon, selling it as discrimination against them and infringement on their religious rights, without any consideration for non-Christian beliefs. There’s no acknowledgement that being asked not to promote religion on the job doesn’t impact their ability to celebrate Christmas however they want in their private life.

Military funerals are much more serious than holiday shopping, and as government services, the promotion of Christianity is especially egregious. But it’s useful to recognize that this isn’t a new tactic — it’s just being adapted to a new venue.

Christian groups that want to push a religious agenda have figured out that an effective way to do so is by pretending to be the victim and heading off non-Christians’ complaints of discrimination by capturing that narrative first. And as American Atheist VP Kathleen Johnson indicated — this works. Once people buy into the narrative and feel the knee-jerk reaction that Christians are being wronged, it makes it more difficult to bring them around to recognizing the true victims.

It’s a topsy-turvy situation — and a testament to the Religious Rights’ prowess at narrative manipulation — when the strangers imposing unwanted religious ceremonies succeed in presenting themselves as the wronged party.

Alex DiBranco is an editor at

© 2011 Independent Media Institute. All rights reserved.
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Springtime For Hitler and Germany.


DAVID GREGORY: Welcome to Meet the Press. The single greatest tribute to Free Press in America and the greatest single scam upon the American Public since Boss Tweed ran the elections in NYC!

And our guests today include Adolph Hitler, Attilla the Hun, Steve King, Dick Cheney; Pat Buchanan, Peggy Noonan and Speaker Boehner.

Well Herr Hitler, I will start with you.

ADOLPH THE MEAT TENDERIZER: Well thank you monkey face, it is a pleasure to be here.

GREGORY THE SIMIAN: What are your thoughts concerning this new Obama Health Care Legislation Der Fuhrer?

ADOLF: Well if poor people have health insurance all those who have health insurance will be poor!

GREGORY: There have been rumors that you do not take to the Jews so to speak. Could you please take a few moments to tell us your thoughts on the Judeo type people in our population?

ADOLF THE MEAT TENDERIZER: Well the Jews killed my savior and Mel Gibson

has been very precise about all of this in his movies.

PEGGY NOONAN: But Jews have done so much for this country. I mean FDR represented the Rothschilds when he was a private attorney!

PAT BUCHANAN: Shut the fuck up bitch!

MONKEY FACE GREGORY: But Pat, do you not think that Peggy has a point here? I mean FDR attempted to recognize all religions and all races.

PAT BUCHANAN: Adolf Hitler was a hero to his people; Adolf Hitler attempted to do something about the world bank conspiracy. Sure he made some mistakes (don’t we all?) but Adolf Hitler attempted to make right what the Jews had done wrong; we fought on the wrong side of WWII when Lenin and Stalin and the Communist Menace attempted to destroy freedom all over the world including here!

GREGORY: Well we must give a voice to each side of the argument.

STEVE KING: President Obama should be impeached. All Barack Obama has proposed to fix this economy is reparations for the blacks. He does not give a shite about white folks. He is a communist Muslim socialist who only cares about Black Americans and Sharia Law! I’m standing up against something that is or could become racism.”

ADOLF THE MEAT TENDERIZER: Steve King has it right. All great movements are popular movements. They are the volcanic eruptions of human passions and emotions, stirred into activity by the ruthless Goddess of Distress or by the torch of the spoken word cast into the midst of the people.

GREGORY: Well thank you for that Adolf! But Representative King, how do you defend yourself against folks who might feel that you are biased?

HITLER: Adolf? Who the fuck do you think you are talking to?

KING: We had to go look this up and try to figure out how anybody could hyperventilate over calling the president a very urban, actually a very, very urban president, or a very urban senator at the time. He comes from a very urban area. It is not something that would ever occur to anybody in my background that that would be something that could be some kind of a racial pejorative. It’s just simply, he comes from the city, that’s urban. You come from the country, you’re rural”.

HITLER: You know I heard about this. You people actually elected a tar baby as President of the United States of America? Hell, the Brownshirts could have taken care of your generation without any help from me whatsoever!




HITLER: Urban? It is the Jews and the niggers for chrissakes. Everybody knows that. For heaven’s sake the lower races are invading our cities like lice and maggots.


During fourteen years the German nation has been at the mercy of decadent elements which have abused its confidence. During fourteen years those elements have done nothing but destroy, disintegrate and dissolve. Hence it is neither temerity nor presumption if, appearing before the nation today, I ask: German nation, give us four years time, after which you can arraign us before your tribunal and you can judge me! ….

I cannot rid myself of my faith in my people, nor lose the conviction that this people will resuscitate again one day. I cannot be severed from the love of a people that I know to be my own. And I nourish the conviction that the hour will come when millions of men who now curse us will take their stand behind us to welcome the new Reich, our common creation born of a painful and laborious struggle and an arduous triumph—a Reich which is the symbol of greatness, honour, strength, honesty and justice.

DICK CHENEY: I really would like to chime in here monkey face!

GREGORY: Well of course, you know I danced with your favorite prostitute.

DICK CHENEY: A premature withdrawal from Iraq would invite “further attacks” against the United States and said he has been surprised by the weakness of the Democratic Congress.

MONKEY FACE: But Mr. Vice President we were not really discussing Iraq, although we would love to cover this subject another time so that my aura would explode over the entire media sphere and I would again become the focus of all that is important on this third rock from the Sun!


DICK CHENEY: Whatever happened to that chap with the huge head? I think I liked him better even though he kind of sided with the terrorists from time to time.

BOEHNER: I am the Speaker of the House of Representatives in the United States of America!

GREGORY: Well Representative Bachmann how do you weigh in on all of this?

NAZI BACHMANN: George Washington and our Forefathers fought against slavery every single minute they were allowed to live.

I find it interesting that it was back in the 1970s that the swine flu broke out under another, then under another Democrat president, Jimmy Carter. I’m not blaming this on President Obama, I just think it’s an interesting coincidence. And that reminds me of one of my favorite books:

Call of Duty: The Sterling Nobility of Robert E. Lee,” authored by J. Steven Wilkins. The Lee biography includes this apologetic passage:

Northerners were often shocked and offended by the familiarity that existed as a matter of course between the whites and blacks of the old South. This was one of the surprising and unintended consequences of slavery. Slavery, as it operated in the pervasively Christian society which was the old South, was not an adversarial relationship founded on racial animosity. In fact, it bred on the whole, not contempt, but, over time, mutual respect. This produced a mutual esteem of the sort that always results when men give themselves to a common cause.

The credit for this startling reality must go to the Christian faith.

ADOLF THE MEAT TENDERIZER: Well Representative Bachmann has it right. I mean I do not know a lot about George Washington but I know that Americans wished to get rid of their lower species like the Negro and that America did all she could do to get rid of them. What America lacked was a true patriot like SSObergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich

BOEHNER: I am the Speaker of the House of Representatives in the United States of America!

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Could I chime in here for a sec folks?







It is one in the AM and I am awaken on the couch in the middle of the night and there before me is a comedy channel salute to the late Greg Giraldo. He was one of my favorite comedians (best known for his appearances on these stupid roast shows I refuse to watch). I really just discovered that he OD’d last September at the ripe old age of 44!

Turns out he was Hispanic even though I assumed he was Italian. I did not know that he was a graduate of Harvard Law School! He just decided he did not like the law and began showing up at these free mike comedy shows.

He along with Bill Burr and Louie and Patton and a host of others one generation younger than me got me interested in comedy again.

For some reason these experts in stand up retain the same memories as I do. They remember Bob Hope and that generation’s worst comedy presentations ever.

Their heroes include Carlin of course along with Cosby and others.

But they remember the stupid shows that were on TV when I was a kid; their descriptions of their school days are familiar; they tell Nixon jokes for chrissakes! Ha

Now my son is ten years younger that these guys, but his taste in music is the same as mine (he was stuck of course listening to my music as a kid) and Burr and others will spend time alluding to that same music;more than a few like to make fun of Robert Plank besides Keith Richards. ha

Leary and Black who are closer to me in age along with others spent time discussing Giraldo’s comedy and also the hard times involved in being a stand up comedian. You are on the road constantly, sometimes to save a buck you sleep at the airport and skip the motel room, you have to deal with hecklers, you have to deal with different audiences that do not always react to your material in the same manner you are constantly being bombarded with drugs and young women who wish to sleep with celebs…

So Giraldo ends up late for some gig and they find him last September in a coma in his hotel room after consuming too many prescription drugs.

In the middle of the salute I hear this wooooosh! Damn the mop fell over again. Screw it!

I fall back to sleep.

I awaken at four or so and head for the kitchen and there is my Sunday New York Times. The woosh was simply the sound of the newsboy sliding the paper under my apartment door.

First, I have not had a newspaper delivered to my residence in more than a decade.

Second, I forgot how nice it was to hold a Sunday NYT in my hands!

Now it is not as thick as it might have been in the old days. NYT decided to go the way of all the rest of the newspapers lately and shrunk.

But for those of us who reside on the fringes of civilization, one is presented with a special version of the classic paper.

Nonetheless, for fifteen bucks a month, I am in pig heaven!

The magazines are tucked inside along with the one with the glossy NYT crossword.

I will be reading this paper all week even though I can catch whatever I wish on line and updated.

I will be f… around with the crossword until Saturday no doubt.

I have already scanned the front section and breezed through their main magazine.

I will probably hit the books magazine tomorrow.

Then the Arts section later on.

Better than prescription drugs actually!



Bill Burr knows that Obama will be elected in 2008, because the oligarchy knows we are going bankrupt and they need a black guy to blame the fallout on.



A Fast and a Fire

This entry is a forward from the Stand For The Land blogsite.  Written by aunteedahlia, it gives a brief update of where the situation stands at the sacred site Eagle Rock in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and an invitation to join a 24 hour fast and fire so that “With a united effort, a consciousness can be raised for the protection of the Earth.”