Morte di Giulio Cesare (“Death of Julius Caesar”). By Vincenzo Camuccini, 1798


Members of our military attempted to assassinate the President of the United States!

       QUIP: Seven_Days_in_May?


Meteorologists conspired to impel Isaac to attack the Florida Peninsula!

QUIP: And then the weathermen attempted to underline the Katrina Crisis!

Rich people are just poor people with money.

QUIP: yeah naked peoples are that same as clothed people except they have no clothes!

Conspiracy by MSNBC

QUIP: Does Rusho ever examine Mediamatters? Or does Rusho ever listen to his own broadcasts?

International corporations (is that not most of the corps?)

       QUIP: Does the word international have any implications here?

BILL BURR (2008)

Bill Burr predicting that Obama will win the election in 08. That way all the pigs can blame the end of America on a Black Guy.


       QUIP: The GOP has taken this mantra to it’s ultimate conclusion in the 2012 Convention!

GOP: Factcheckers are conspiring to prove our messages are false.

       QUIP: (It will be the fatcheckers who screw Chris Christie’s chances in 2016!)


We did not land on the moon.

Jesse James was a good guy fighting the good fight conspiracy.

Jesse James was a goddamnable Confederate Terrorist!

The Fluoride Conspiracy

The Daylight Saving Time Conspiracy

The Light Bulb Conspiracy.

The Gold Standard Conspiracy

The Hooker Conspiracy

(If you are a good prostitute you will meet the man of your dreams and he will have money!)

The Corn Syrup Conspiracy.



This is the one conspiracy I really get into.

I mean over the last week or so I have read twenty links regarding the theory that there are UFO’s on the moon and especially on the dark side of the moon.

I am fascinated by this theory because of all the auditory recordings indicating great structures on the moon and in the skies over the moon at the time of our landings.

And this nutsiness is underlined by the fact that many astronauts in space and simply in our Earth’s atmosphere have reported these UFO’s.

In the current time of drones and aircraft that we shall never be introduced to in the next decade; something is out there.

That is all I have this week.



I am not that sure of this conspiracy but the keyboard and the screen are getting harder and harder to perceive as I move on in years.




Dwight D. Eisen…

Dwight D. Eisenhower

in [July] 1945… Secretary of War Stimson, visiting my headquarters in Germany, informed me that our government was preparing to drop an atomic bomb on Japan. I was one of those who felt that there were a number of cogent reasons to question the wisdom of such an act. …the Secretary, upon giving me the news of the successful bomb test in New Mexico, and of the plan for using it, asked for my reaction, apparently expecting a vigorous assent.

“During his recitation of the relevant facts, I had been conscious of a feeling of depression and so I voiced to him my grave misgivings, first on the basis of my belief that Japan was already defeated and that dropping the bomb was completely unnecessary, and secondly because I thought that our country should avoid shocking world opinion by the use of a weapon whose employment was, I thought, no longer mandatory as a measure to save American lives. It was my belief that Japan was, at that very moment, seeking some way to surrender with a minimum loss of ‘face’. The Secretary was deeply perturbed by my attitude…”

– Dwight Eisenhower, Mandate For Change, pg. 380

In a Newsweek interview, Eisenhower again recalled the meeting with Stimson:

“…the Japanese were ready to surrender and it wasn’t necessary to hit them with that awful thing.”

– Ike on Ike, Newsweek, 11/11/63

 Eisenhower in War and Peace

Jean Edward Smith


According to Smith, the Joint Chiefs advised the then President Eisenhower to use nuclear weapons; not once but twice during his Administration!

Ike said: NO DICE

I had never heard either of these ‘facts’.

With my problems as far as recall, I frankly, cannot believe I knew nothing of this!

This essay is not an attempt to abase Truman.

Harry had decisions to make every single hour of every single day—especially in 1945 following the death of FDR.

Truman knew that these decisions had to be made promptly and he knew he had to rely upon his advisers.

Truman knew the costs involved in warfare; economic costs as well as the cost of human lives.

I have not read the ‘entire file’ although I know for sure that Ike had!

Listening to Jean Smith recount the chronology in his book I am even more fascinated with Ike.

I have to get this book.

I had to immediately check Wiki—a compendium that is oftimes slammed as too liberal or too proletariat or….whatever.

There most probably thousands of tomes written about someone I consider as one of the ten most important heroes in our country’s history. I certainly have read three or four of those volumes.

And there are certainly thousands upon thousands of words written about the faults of this man.

I mean he installed the Shah in Iran.

He was actually pissed that he had nominated Warren to the Supreme Court.

Like Faulkner and others, Ike was sure that segregation should be handled at a later time.

The President of my childhood certainly threatened nuclear attacks during his presidency.

I could waste a lot of time finding faults in this hero.

But I leave that task to others.

An ancient questioner appears during the C-SPAN presentation:

I actually voted for Stevenson….

SO DID I! Responds Smith. Hahahahhahahahah

As a child I just remember my elders telling me that Ike won WWII.

As a child I recall being told that Ike was an old man.

As a child I recall being taught that Ike played golf all the time and did not actually govern that much.

Smith discusses Ike’s ‘balanced budget’ mentality.

Then he stresses that ‘balanced budget’ meant keeping tax rates balanced in that he refused to lower taxes if it meant increasing the budget.

Fuck you Grover…..Ike might have stated!

Yet the national highway system was created by simply taxing gasoline!

Imagine that?

For or against the new desegregation rules instituted by the Warren Court; Ike sent the troops down to Little Rock to enforce THE LAW so that Black boys and Black girls could participate in the American Educational Experiment.

Imagine a man born in the 19th century who was a substantial contributing factor in bringing America and THE WEST into the 20th century!

Imagine a man reared by bible toters in Texas who eschewed church attendance once he got out of West Point—although he consulted that rake Billy Graham as to which church he should attend irregularly during his Administration.

Imagine a man born in Texas with nothing who ends up heading the greatest war machine ever witnessed in the history of man. A status that the world would never see again.

For that matter, imagine a man who could make his seniors like Patton and MacArthur ‘stand down’!

I was watching Seinfeld cavort with one of his friends in one of his free Web contributions: Comedians in Cars Drinking Coffee.

Seinfeld notes: Why do we always look back?

His buddy suggests: We know what already happened. We can build the dialogue. We have problems looking forward because we have no idea what will happen in the future.

Ike could not predict what Patton or MacArthur or De Gaulle or would do even if the Supreme Commander issued the orders.

Ike could not predict how D Day would turn out.

Ike could not predict whether or not North Korea would stand down under threat of nuclear bombs.

(Just must opine that Nixon was using one of Ike’s 1952 campaign slogans—you know, the secret plan to end the war!)

Ike did not KNOW that his highway initiative would fly; that gasoline taxes would pay for EVERYTHING; that commerce would SOAR ABOVE ALL ESTIMATES; that….

Ike did not know for sure that keeping tax rates high would not hurt the economy.

I could go on and on if I read a thousand books on the subject (although I certainly have read hundreds of books and thousands of articles on the subject matter).

I do know this.

When I read about Eisenhower, I feel this pride about being an American.

Just look around the globe sometime.

The Chinese have love of country.

The Russians have love of country.

Hell, the Kenyans have love of country.

All humans must look back at ‘where they came from’.

Well I come from America.

I am from the good ole US of A.

I listen to Grover or Rush or Beckerhead or Mitt or Akin or Bachmann or Palin or Ryan or ….

And I am so very depressed.

There is a part of me that wishes to secede from this Union.

But life is complicated and I must look back and re-read narrations about my heroes.

And Dwight D. Eisenhower is one of those heroes.

The end




Ancient Tamil inscription at Thanjav

These words, when they are put together, either confuse the reader or send the reader down a strange path from which there is no redemption.

Legitimate Rape

Forcible Rape

(Green) Giant Mini Carrots

Super 8 (film)

Compassionate Conservative


 Touch Football

 Life Insurance (I mean isn’t it really death insurance? And how does one exactly insure against death or against life?)

 United States (Since when?)

 Living in the past? (I mean the past is over and there is only the present and if you are living you are in the present and….)

Abject Poverty (is there or was there ever inabject poverty?)

The Walking Dead (I mean you are either dead or walking? Right? Or else I suppose you are living in the past, see supra)

Dry Ice (Is there wet ice?)

Death Sentence? (I mean you need a noun and a verb and…)

Peggy Noonan? (I don’t know, I just hate Peggy Noonan)

Bald Faced Lies? (Are there hairy lies or unshaved lies or…?)

Father, Son & Holy Ghost (Make up your fucking mind El Papa!)

Moderate Republicans (I mean you either caucus with corporate cock suckers or you go ahead and …oh forget it!)

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy (He is not funny and he is not worthy and he sure the fuck aint Foxy!)

Inalienable Rights (Are there alienable rights? I don’t know. I mean the repubs are sure that aliens have no rights so I suppose that there must me non-alienable rights. This is all so confusing!)

Anchor Babies. (Enough said)

Cable News (The web has all the News and the stuff coming out of your TV is usually olds)

Todd Akin (Akin to what? I just hate the guy and I hate his pretend hair and I hate the fact that this 120 year old fuck still lives and breathes amongst us!)

Unfiltered Truth (First there is no truth as such, second there is nothing that is unfiltered and third, unless you have read the entire file you have no idea what the fuck you are talking about!)

Action News (I have never understood what the fuck this means. The end)

LBGT (I don’t know. Bisexual? I mean make up your fucking mind!)

The Confederate States of America (Okay, like the bisexual, I mean you are either in or out you stupid pricks! And that includes McConnell)

Misstatement (I mean, you lied or you were caught lying and you never misstated anything, I mean you lied or you did not lie.)

Racists ( Look, you do not like Black people or Muslim folks or Hispanics-Latinos or you do like them..What the fuck is this crap about ‘I am not racist’ but……)



I am watching Louie CK and it just occurred to me that the essence of Louie CK involves a maxim that is most probably 25,000 years old….or older. The maxim appears to be:


That appears to be the essence of existentialism.


Like Hitler; Obama and the Democrats

are more concerned with propaganda than the truth!



A priest and a minister and a rabbi walk into a bar and as the barkeep looks up he inquires:



D’Souza & Hitchens

What do you get if you cross and Anglican with a Jehovah’s Witness?

Someone who comes to your door for no particular reason!

Christopher Hitchens

Part of the reason for heaven; part of the justification for those who find heaven is that so many others will be rotting in hell!

Christopher Hitchens

A group of current and former inmates filed a federal lawsuit against the St. Louis city workhouse on Friday, claiming guards forced them to fight each other in gladiator-style combat. The class-action suit claims guards took away inmates’ food and privileges and attacked them if they refused to fight. The “Workhouse Gladiators” say they were also denied medical care for the serious injuries resulting from the fights, which included a broken jaw. They are seeking injunctive relief along with $100 million in punitive damages, and their attorneys are also requesting to get the inmates transferred out of the jail immediately for their safety. The lawsuit was filed after security cameras caught officers Dexter Brinson and Elvis Howard forcing two of the plaintiffs to fight. Brinson and Howard were arrested in June.

Thirty gun-toting activists protested a public library’s concealed carry policy this week, startling the patrons inside by taking the demonstration — and guns — indoors. The protesters had taken offense to a single sentence explaining the rule: “Carrying concealed weapons is prohibited, except as permitted by law.”

Philip Van Cleave, the organizer of the protest and President of Virginia Citizens Defense League, compared the library’s gun “discrimination” to racially discriminating against African-Americans:

What if they had said “We don’t allow African-Americans, except if allowed by law. Would that be okay? I don’t think so… [The rule] implies that no one is allowed to protect themselves on the property.”

I do not think that existentialism involves just theories attendant to Quantum-Physics or justice or philosophy or genetics.

I really have come to the conclusion that existentialism relates to the fact that nobody on God’s Green Earth has any idea what the consequences are to their actions.

I just made a midnight Shepherd’s Pie.

Recipes…you know Wolfgang would just look in his fridge in Berlin or some suburb of some concentration camp from the old days and instruct his cooks to serve x or y or z depending upon what the hell was available until noon when his suppliers would arrive with his recently demanded goods.

So you would break fast with Wolfgang knowing….I mean absolutely knowing that you would have a meal at the behest of your chief chef!

No menu, no instructions….you were eating at the arrogance of the chef! And you loved it; you loved the idea of it.

Oh I just supped at Wolfgang’s this AM and had the most marvelous omelet that encompassed fresh cream along with some lamb and frog’s eggs and….

Look; Wolfgang will prepare the best meals (without a thousand bucks of pans delivered to your door) you ever ate (who the hell ever knew that the Krauts could cook? I mean probably better than the English) because he knows how to cook ANYTHING.

Anyway back to the Shepherd’s pie!

I always fix 1/3 of a pound of cheap hamburger (you can grab a pound of ground beef from the supermarket marked ‘special’ in the AM because its expiration date is debatable) for my burgers. I slice off about a third of the garbage and then end up with two burgers or a 1/6th pounder times two.

I will then have one burger in a bun along with my potato and broccoli and carrot and whatever.

Dining occurs anywhere between 6 and 8.

Then I take a nap and vwella! It is about ten or eleven at night and I have some coffee or coke or whatever and decide that I am hungry about midnite or later.

So I have a bunch of hamburger chunks, some potato flakes and some cheese and whatever…

Well, I just fix the potatoes and then add the hamburger and the cheese along with some herbs and spices and some onion (that I have left from the first meal) and I can have a second feast as soon as I toss it in a preheated oven at 350 or so.

Nothing is processed; no frozen dinners for chrissakes. But damn, sometimes the second meal is better than the first?

Who’d a thunk?

I am currently watching Louis argue with his GPS about his dad (Louie was born in Mexico you know and his father was Hungarian, his mother Mexican and his citizenship at issue!)

Now to be fair, I argue with Google or Yahoo all the time.

I mean Google will say:


And I must respond quickly or else see my own niece appear in some compromising positions as it were and I must instruct Google that I wish to find info about obscenity as a legal subject.

Well, you can imagine how upset I can get arguing with a robot for Christ’s sake!

Or Yahoo is asked a simple question.

What is the best year to purchase a Dom Perignon?

And Yahoo responds:

Dumb Perogians are deaf monkeys who reside in Kenya!

Well, come on!


As Sartre or Camus might argue!

And Sartre refused to become an institution but should have been put in an institution.


We must find some sense, some order, or some reason in this universe so we simply look at the chaos before us and supply that sense or order or reason.

It is as simple as that!

The end.


An image from Max Ernst‘s Une Semaine de Bonté

An assayer is a person who tests ores and minerals and analyzes them to determine their composition and value. They may use spectrographic analysis, chemical solutions, and chemical or laboratory equipment, such as furnaces, beakers, graduates, pipettes, and crucibles.

Vice President Joe Biden charged that Mitt Romney’s policies on banking would put Americans “back in chains,” NBC News reported.

Biden, known for his over-the-top rhetoric, made the comment in a campaign stop in Danville, Va. It apparently stems from Romney opposition to financial reforms enacted by the Obama administration in response to the 2008 financial crisis.

“Romney wants to, he said in the first 100 days, he’s gonna let the big banks again write their own rules,” Biden said according to NBC. “’Unchain Wall Street!” Biden added, “They’re going to put you all back in chains.”

The Romney campaign labeled the remarks as a “new low” after weeks of “slanderous and baseless accusations leveled against Governor Romney.”

Speak to me as if I am a small child or a Labrador Retriever.

What is happening exactly?

Jeremy Irons (Margin_Call)

In the beginning of Margin Call, Kevin Spacey is in tears….his dog is dying. He complains to his confessor that the dog is costing him a thousand bucks a day just to keep the poor bugger alive after it was discovered that he has a cancerous tumor on his liver.

Have you ever lost a pet? Have you ever had to bury a pet? More later!

Tucci, one of my favorite actors for over two decades plays the man who discovers in his role as a seasoned predictor of havoc in some Wall Street firm (that is most probably Goldman Sachs) that Armageddon is near. The year is 2008 and all hell will soon break through as a direct result of four or five years or more of bundling ARM mortgages for sale to the world.

Zachery Quinto plays the assayist as I have defined the term in the context of this film critique.

You might recall Mr. Quinto in another role involving superheroes of a sort!

Quinto’s character is given a computer ‘disc’ from Tucci’s character and begins working with the info contained therein at two in the morning only to discover that the entire American Financial Structure (I capitalize everything in order to give my readers awe; kind of like when repubs capitalize the name ‘Reagan’) is about to capsize into a sea of sewage created by a mortgage scam perpetrated by fascist pricks who head the American Capitalist system.

Quinto then communicates his findings to his boss and his underling and chaos ensues.

Spacey is eventually called to return to the scene of the crime and we witness one of the best board room meetings I have ever seen.

Spacey (who looks older and more haggard than usual and worn by his years working for the devil) must answer to the idiot posing as his superior (played by Simon Baker the Australian whose performance just knocked my socks off!).

Baker’s character demands to know the credentials of the fellow played by Quinto and is informed that the genius who figured out how the world was about to end has several degrees in physics and computer software.


One of the best lines ever delivered in all of cinema!

As background we all know that we are in our current economic dilemma because of Mitt-like bastards who bundled mortgages sold to folks who had no idea what the final monthly fee would be for those mortgages.

Jeremy Irons shows up in a helicopter on the top of the skyscraper housing the fraudulent folks selling the bundles of crap that Quinto has proved to be more worthless than polls created by Pudge Luntz.

(I just viewed Irons playing Klaus Van Bulow and if you cannot keep from an urge to shoot the sonofabitch, you are a better man than me!)

Irons plays the CEO of this fictional doppleganger of Goldman-Sachs.

Irons plays the bastard who demands that Quinto speak to him as if he were a child or a dog.

Irons represents everything I hate about this country with an English accent. Hahahahaha

Based upon the rocket scientist’s findings, the order is sent out to kill all the newborn babies in the empire…or rather sell the worthless crap that has emanated from the fascist organization for years to unsuspecting buyers (unsuspecting fascist pricks who represent millions of investors per unions and trusts and whatever) as quickly as possible.

Spacey, who still has managed to keep some of his humanity following decades of working for these fascist pigs, gives the pitch to all his underlings (whereby we learn that he really has lost 99% of his humanity decades before) that they must do everything they can to sell all interests in these bundles within an hour or two of the opening bell and that in return they will all most likely lose their jobs but gain between one mill and three mill in bonuses!

If we are successful today, you shall lose all of the trust you have ever had with your buyers….

But our talents have been used for the greater good!

Kevin Spacey

The worthless feces is sold on the market that morning following the opening bell by liars hoping to make a million bucks out of nothing.

As the credits run, Kevin Spacey is digging the grave for his dog and the sound of the digging lasts longer than the scene as the credits run.

I have had to bury a dog or two during my worthless lifetime and let me tell you that there is real grief experienced in the process.

I recall the last time I participated in this lonely ritual of internment, and I felt so lost and so aching and so helpless.

Spacey ends up being the greatest actor in the film that features so many great actors.

And as I viewed this film for the fourth time, I realize that Spacey best reflects what is wrong with this nation and not the Iron’s character.

The real number reflecting despair and loss perpetrated by corporate pigs like those running Goldman-Sachs and other corporate vampires amounts to hundreds of millions of real people losing everything all at once.

I did have one thought.

What if this film had come out this year instead of two years ago?

Then I recalled that the film aired in 2010 when the morons who voted in that year’s election threw out the House majority in favor of more vampires.

So what the hell?

We’re all goin to hell.


Young Guns

The National Rifle Association is throwing down nearly $200,000 to defeat a very pro-gun Republican candidate, simply because she does not support one controversial bill that would effectively make it illegal for businesses to ban guns on their premises.

The NRA’s political action committee raised almost $10 million from January 2011 through June 30, 2012, to spend on election campaigns, about two-thirds of what it collected in 2007 and 2008, according to Washington-based Center for Responsive Politics. It has spent $18.9 million on federal campaigns since 1989, which ranks it as the 46th biggest donor in that period, according to the center.

The solicitation letter says that Obama’s re-election would result in the “confiscation of our firearms” and potentially a “ban on semi-automatic weapons.” The suspect in the Aurora, Colorado killings, 24-year-old James Holmes, had four semi- automatic weapons at the theater, police said.

The letter says the money will be used for “hundreds of thousands” of TV and radio ads, “especially in a handful of key swing states.” The group also plans to buy ads in newspapers and on the Internet and send mail to “millions” of gun owners, LaPierre wrote in the letter.

The “extremist rhetoric” LaPierre uses in the letter would offend the “mainstream public” in the days after the Colorado shooting, said Dan Gross, president of the Washington- based Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

I have been trying to get my cerebral arms around an idea that keeps popping up on the web.

First, amidst the billionaires involved in this year’s campaigns for two Houses of Congress and the Executive Branch of this nation, the NRA does not have the money power I thought it had.

Second, I just cannot figure out how the biggest corporations in this country could ever countenance machine guns in the hands of citizens; especially citizens who hate big corporations.

Now, if you recall, Cheney made all attendees of the town hall meetings, sign pledges indicating allegiance to the good ole US of A as well as allegiance to the repub cause and President w.

You sign the pledge and you will be admitted!

I recall being both stunned and extremely pissed off at this disclosure.

I would have signed the goddamnable pledge and then I would have violated its maxims at the first possible opportunity.

I mean is it really a lie if you are lying to liars?

I am not going to spend a lot of time consulting Aquinas or Montaigne on this point; that is for sure.

But, do banks really wish for individuals carrying arms to enter their premises?

Should they at least ask that some pledge be signed prior to entering their premises?

I am carrying a concealed weapon on my person (maybe an AK-47 under a rain coat?) but I swear to Almighty God that I will not cause harm to the persons of good teabaggers or bank employees whilst I am on the premises?

I mean is this going to work?

By the way, police departments sell their old weapons to wholesalers across the country!

About a month ago, Chappell Hill Bank president Edward Smith looked at a sign on the front door prohibiting concealed weapons from his business and decided to make a policy change.

Licensed to carry a handgun? Come on in, and bring your weapon.

The sign, now prominently displayed on the bank’s front door, says, “Lawful concealed carry permitted on these premises. Management recognizes the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution as an inalienable right of all citizens. We therefore support and encourage the carrying of licensed concealed weapons.”

Smith told the newspaper he made the policy change to send a warning to potential robbers, and also to express support to Americans’ right to bear arms.

I have never been to Wall Street.

I have traveled the world so to speak; at least as a middle class traveler discovering wonders in Europe and the Caribbean as well as just about every state in the Union.

But I have seen maps of Wall Street, I have seen protests in front of Wall Street and I have viewed the movie Wall Street.

I wonder if those stock brokers would really like AK-47’s arriving into their offices—concealed!

You start thinking; I mean I despise these motherfuckers so much; I mean if you wear one of those newly manufactured bullet proof vests and your father just lost his entire pension or IRA or 401k or whatever…why not go for the gold and get wonderful media coverage?

Well you cannot get into Wall Street with medal objects or devices. Just as you enter some Federal Courthouse; you must go through airport scanning devices.

So this has been what has been driving me nuts.

Capitalists (real controlling and rich capitalists) have never wished for the peasants to actually obtain weapons of mass destruction because the peasants are revolting anyway and capitalists do not wish to seek revolting peasants revolting!

People who live in gated communities do not wish to admit visitors who are carrying weapons of any kind unless those visitors are their kind of people.

This entire matter became exacerbated in my head as I pondered the recent disclosure that FOXNews manipulated the voices of the teabaggers. When the teabaggers complained about big banks and bailouts and stuff like that; FOX toned down the coverage of those complaints.

Without FOX News there would have never been a teabagger movement!

So the teabagger movement was broadcasted as a united front against abortion and against deficits and against minority rights and against immigration and against nekked women and against new-fangled teachings in support of evilution and against birth control and against health coverage for the lower ¼ of this nation and against Negroes residing in the White House and against homos getting married and accepted as human beings and for gun toting peeps….but the movement never was able to publish its disdain for capitalists.

That is money grabbing, tax evading, unemployment creating, felonious bastard prick capitalists who will steal everything you own if given the opportunity.

So like Platonic Councils sitting upon high; I cannot see where their interests lie in arming the revolting peasants.

One reason I have taken so long to write this blog is that I do not understand how capitalists would wish to arm revolting peasantry.

That is all I got!



Inglourious Basterds

I live in the past, mostly.

I just viewed Inglourious Basterds (sic) which is three years after everyone else. Hahaha

Quentin Tarantino, who is absolutely nuts, worked on the script for this incredibly obscene film.

The genre for this film might be called ‘WHAT IF?”

The genre might include films where time travelers end up stealing gold from soldiers during the Civil War or UFO’s attacking Union Soldiers or…whatever.

Quentin posits a scenario where Martin Bormann, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels and Herman Goring are all killed in a theatrical act of terrorism in one felled swoop, as they say.

The plot involves the presentation of a film by Goebbels focusing on some NAZI version of Audie Murphy; that is a ‘brave’ German soldier who actually killed over a hundred and fifty American Soldiers using a machine gun whilst hiding in some open enclosure high in the air. This ‘hero’ actually stars in the movie (just as Murphy would star in his own movie highlighting his bravery during WWII).

This film will premier in some Parisian theatre.

But there are two separate conspiracies to murder all of these NAZIs as they congregate in this small 350 seat cinema.

The first involves the young female owner of the theatre who witnessed an SS officer (known as the Jew Hunter) murder her entire family before her eyes some four years prior to the climax of this cinematic wonder.

The second conspiracy involves an undercover band of Jewish NAZI hunters led by Brad Pitt who are given a heads up concerning this NAZI congregation by some grand German actress who has turned on her own government.

The Jewish theater owner along with her projectionist plan to use actual film (there are after all hundreds of films store on site) to ignite a fire since the old films were recorded on some nitrate based tape.

Behind the large screen located at the front of the theater, piles of unwound film have been created by the conspirators that are ultimately set fire by the projectionist.

Just prior to ignition, the projectionist had locked and barred the exits so no one could escape.

The second band of conspirators had hidden zip guns or derringers in the waste cans located in the restroom.

These pair of conspirators use the hidden weapons to surprise the armed guards standing outside the door leading directly to Hitler’s seat.

The dynamic duo then grab the machine guns from the slaughtered guards, open the door (a door that was not locked by the projectionist) and begin firing at the crowd as the victims attempt to escape the fire.

Hitler is seen writhing in pain on the floor of the theater while he is shot forty times or more. ha

As as much fun as one might have watching the NAZIs all die at once—the theater finally explodes because of some bombs hidden under the seats—the scene really scared the hell out of me.

Remind you of something?

If that terrorist in Aurora had not scene Basterds prior to his killing spree, I will eat this PC.

Basterds is much more closely related to the Aurora catastrophe than any Batman film.

It appears that the schizophrenic terrorist in Aurora acted alone and never attempted to block the exits but he had the bombs and he had the machine gun along with other weapons creating a similar scenario to the blood lust of Basterds.

Smoke was everywhere, bullets flew and the entire scene lasted…what? Ten minutes?

And the shooter in real time never even got to the real bombs he had hidden in the trunk of his vehicle.

I really do not know how any movie goer can ever sit and relax with his giant popcorn and his gigantic cola at the cinema in this day and age—especially if he has read of the events in Aurora and viewed Basterds!