A Suggestion to U.S. School Boards

I’m hesitant to speak out about the Florida school shooting, especially since I haven’t read every news account, but, I’d like to make a suggestion to school boards across the US. I suggest that if a student is found to have concerning posts on social media and/or threatening encounters with other students or teachers, rather than simply expelling the student, please consider offering that student free counseling by a valid psychologist. Give that student an opportunity to work out their feelings with someone who is qualified and offers a confidential setting. It would be a small expense that could save many lives.

2 thoughts on “A Suggestion to U.S. School Boards

  1. cmaukonen

    And excellent suggestion Lis but for one little gotcha. You cannot force anyone to get any kind of psychological or psychiatric help or intervention, unless they adjudicated by the court. They cannot even be forced to take medication.

    It has to be voluntary. And people with those kinds of problems almost never believe THEY are the problem, every one else is.

    I could get YOU into AA easier for drinking. No lie.

    In Florids it’s know as The Baker Act. and all states have similar laws.

  2. That’s a shame, because you and I both know it might have helped in this particular case.

    When I voluntarily dropped out of high school while in Florida, I was encouraged to get my G.E.D., which I did in three months. I don’t recall my mother having to pay for this service, or, if we did, it was a nominal charge. But I can honestly say that I would’ve welcomed free counseling at the same time.

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