One of America’s Favorites – Eggo Waffles

This is a fun history of Eggo waffles. I actually didn’t like them because I thought they tasted like cardboard. But I had family members who loved them. Heaven help the kid who ate Dad’s Eggo. Enjoy.

My Meals are on Wheels

Two Eggo toaster waffles with butter and syrup Two Eggo toaster waffles with butter and syrup

Eggo is a brand of frozen waffles in the United States, Canada and Mexico, which is owned by the Kellogg Company. Several varieties are available, including homestyle, miniature, blueberry, strawberry, vanilla bliss, brown sugar cinnamon, buttermilk, and chocolate chip.

Other than waffles, Eggo also produces a selection of pancakes, French toast, and egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches, of which varieties include ham or sausage.

By mid-June 2009, Eggo had a 73% share of the frozen waffle market in the United States.

Eggo waffles were invented in San Jose, California, by three brothers, Tony, Sam, and Frank Dorsa. In 1953, the Dorsa brothers introduced Eggo frozen waffles to supermarkets throughout the United States. Frozen waffles do not require a waffle iron to prepare.

When the Dorsas first introduced the product it was called “Froffles”, a portmanteau of frozen waffles. However people started referring…

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2 thoughts on “One of America’s Favorites – Eggo Waffles

  1. I agree with you about the taste but they sure are easy for a multi-family Holiday breakfast; like Easter Morning with the family that you’re not as fond of as you should be and that has so many children you can’t keep track at twice a year. Better to just let their mother/grandmother cook and send cheap presents.

    They also worked well for the week or three I would go over to “HE’s” father’s house and try to get him to eat something in the morning. “Father” and I seldom saw eye 2 eye and he finally banned me from making him breakfast.

    I could still bring over lunch once a week which was at a better time of the day for both of us and usually included “HE” to umpire our sessions. Patience, like most virtues is one I really don’t possess.

    However, Eggos’ with enough on top is quick easy and beats skipping breakfast unless you have diabetes like me. ~~dru~~

    1. I haven’t bought any eggos in over a decade. I make my own waffles. I freeze whatever is left over for another time. My favorite is buckwheat pancakes. I have to look to see if I posted that recipe. I also like dutch babies. Making pancakes from scratch is very inexpensive to do and that is why I make them. I learned to make a really nice pancake from watching youtube. I have learned many new things from youtube in the recent years.

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