Like tears in the rain

Finnish Perspective

With the current state of out government and general situation, I thought I would watch Blade Runner again. It seems so finning and to me even more prophetic than it did when released in 1982.

The movie is supposed to be a science fiction tale base on Phillip K. Dick novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.

Though it takes little from the original story.

The essential plot is that of an ex cop – Blade Runner – who is drawn back out to retirement to perform one last task . A Blade Runner being one who hunts down Replicants and “Retires” them. IE executes them for being on earth. Replicants being artificial or manufactured beings, made to be slaves for off wold colonies. But are illegal to be on earth, the penalty being death.

Deckard, our hero if you will, is assigned to hunt down the four remaining…

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