Origins of White Supremacy in the US

Finnish Perspective

This is very key, especially now. Fort it is White Supremacy and its integral part in the class structure that winds it way through our current crisis political, social and economic. And it is the fear and rage at it’s potential loss of this supremacy that drives a large part of anti establishment feelings that have arisen of late.

this is a working draft….

much of the detailed info on the slave codes come from Sharon Martinas, one of the co-founders of the Challenging White Supremacy Workshops.  Her essay, Shinin’ the Light on White, can be found here:

Origins of White Supremacy in the US

In the early days of the American colony, when lands belonging to the Powhatan and Pequot tribes of indigenous North America, were first stolen and settled by evading British forces, the project of empire faced a major dilema. It quickly became…

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One thought on “Origins of White Supremacy in the US

  1. Thank you for the history lesson, but other than one post I’ve seen about Steve Bannon, I can’t fathom why you – and others – are escalating the fear of Trump to this level.

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