Vacuum Tubes or as the British say Valves

Finnish Perspective

I got my latest project completed’ A Short WavePreselectoror tunable RF preamplifier. Mainly for my Boatanchor radios. It uses vacuum tubes. Yes vacuum tubes. I have built them using various types of transistors – BPJT and JFET AND MOSFET types – but found vacuum tubes worked the best and a lot less complex for a given performance.

Vacuum tubes maybe old and considered obsolete but have performance characteristics that for this type of application are superior.

For those who wish some more detailed explanation of how and why.  Simply put or more simply put vacuum tubes lend themselves to radio wave IE RF amplification much better than sold state devices do with out having to use more complex circuitry. There is no single solid state device with similar characteristics and broad application.

A simplified explanation video.

The original video.

On their use in radio.

Because of a…

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