Fake Russian Comey News



caught phishing

fed Brazile

a few questions



What’s her name




Got promoted

or demoted?

Added to HRC’s



The campaign

to nowhere



Electoral college

but who’s gonna

pay for it?

Miss Popularity?



my pa

in Wisc

got frisked


Jill Stein

got attention

does that count?


4 thoughts on “Fake Russian Comey News

  1. “Jill Stein

    got attention

    does that count?”

    Not for Much! ~~dru~~

    Sorry Lis but Grief Lasts for Ever, it just gets a little more easy to handle and you yo-yo back and forth between the stages….just not as intense and not for so long, if one can believe the Know it Alls.

    Love and Life are like that, and probably death too.

    1. Thanks. I know, you should know. And you know that I’m dealing with grief of the other sort, so I know that you know what I know, and that I know what you know.

      But…do the Russkies know???? LOL….

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