It’s MY Vote

I am going to speak openly, although I shouldn’t.

I’d like to think that my political beliefs won’t outweigh the work I do on the job, so Board members, please – don’t let me go just for a vote!

I’d like to think that my political beliefs won’t cost me friendships, but I’ve already had to unfriend, and have been unfriended by, many people who I thought were friends.

I’ve been told I’m naive. I guess I am.

But I know what I believe. And I know what I have to say.

What I have to say is this:

I went from being a conservative Republican to being a bleeding-heart liberal. My heart still bleeds, but not for the Clintons.

In this year, I cannot and will not vote Democrat.

I have witnessed the Clintons disrespect the White House, between Bill getting blow jobs in the Oval Office to the two of them renting out the Lincoln bedroom and stealing china and artwork and furniture when they left Office in disgrace.

Do these things not matter to anyone but me?

To see Hillary carpetbag her way into New York as a senator, when she had no ties to my home state whatsoever…and then hurt Obama’s chances to become President only because she felt more entitled. Does no one remember how she and Bill mischaracterized him? Does no one care?

When she became Secretary of State, I felt that finally the Clintons would be happy with their lot in life. Hillary seemed to be doing a good job. They were obviously making money.

But…Syria? Regime changes? No fly zones? Benghazi? And now we know she kept every email on a private server, using a private email address, and the lines between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department have been blurred to such a degree that the FBI has had to investigate only to find the Department of Justice is blocking their way.

Why would anyone want someone with this much Nixonian baggage as our president? Why?

Aren’t we supposed to be better than this? Didn’t we learn anything from our past mistakes??

Bernie Sanders stood up for the average American but was shot down politically by the Clinton machine through Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Donna Brazile and the entire media establishment.

Now Bernie is stumping for Hillary and I have no desire to listen to him anymore.

I would vote for Stein but I’m in a swing state.

I’m actually voting for Trump, just to keep Hillary Clinton out of office.

I never thought I’d see the day that I would vote for what I see as the lesser of two evils. I had always wanted to believe in my candidate of choice.

Don’t bother arguing with me, because my mind is made up. It’s my mind, not yours.

And it’s MY vote, not yours.

You vote whichever way you want. But don’t tell me what you have to say about my vote.

It’s my vote.


4 thoughts on “It’s MY Vote

  1. Whether you vote for trump himself, or via a third party, you are voting to degrade the environment, repeal gay, labor and civil rights, and to set feminism back 100 years (if they actually try to repeal the 19th amendment) because of the regressive scotus nominees of the republicans. But hey it is your vote, you don’t want to live to fight another day, and you would rather quash the movement that Bernie started. What other election, in your lifetime, turned out perfectly according to your exacting standards?

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