A PTSD Election

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I talked to a friend the other day, a fellow Bernie Sanders supporter (Berner), and we talked about experiencing a kind of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

We have since the end of the primaries, since Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary, since the DNC the last week of July – been bummed out from: Bernie not winning, his endorsement of “her”, the fiasco of the DNC according to many Bernie delegates, the blatant (to many of us) election rigging, DNCLeaks, voter suppression and disenfranchisement, potential election fraud, #ExitPollGate, seeing the Bernie vote split between Jill, Trump, Gary, Hill or even those who just don’t want to vote at all now.

And, it occurred to me that it wasn’t that simple. It’s not simply just a case of PTSD.

The reason people feel lost now isn’t just that Bernie lost. We feel, deep down, that WE, the United States and perhaps even…

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4 thoughts on “A PTSD Election

  1. Good Post Momoe. I intend to envision pitchforks from now on any time I hear the names of the two I will not say. Also, I agree I am also in a PTSD state. I don’t care if they would qualify as traumatic events under DSM IV or DSM 5; it is definite that because of these events my diagnosed depression is almost out of control. ~~dru~~

    1. I feel bad too. I stay away from Dag because they all just love the idea of Clinton’s back in the White House. It is too much of a trigger for the clouds to move in for me. There is a group on Reddit that are refugees from other sites like Kos that are also in the same shape. In the last month since it started we now have over a thousand members. I cannot imagine how many in this country is going to sit out this election because they are so disgusted. I got to go vote sometime this week for Florida’s down ticket primary. I am going to vote Jill in Nov. I figure if my vote makes it through the tabulator without getting redirected to one of the major party candidates, it will help the Green party get to 5 %. If they get 5% they will get matching funds in the next Presidential race. It is as good as any other reason to vote these days.

  2. cmaukonen

    Not much of what is happening now is all that surprising to me, Allen Dullas and E. Howard Hunt and the rest have been pulling the strings for some time. http://www.democracynow.org/2015/10/19/a_cia_tie_to_jfk_assassination

    We have the collapse of the American Empire and capitalism and the establishment desperately trying to salvage what ever they can from it all. Trump being like Boris Yeltsin but without the alcohol and Clinton another Maggie Thatcher. Both terribly depressing but not surprising.

    I could go on and on but simply put this country and it’s economy has been based on a lie from the beginning. Now the lie is being exposed and this makes some people rage-full and others terrified.

    Maybe Vodka is the best idea.

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