There’s a Reason People Think the Democratic Primary Was Unfair and Undemocratic: It Was

Very good information here about the election fraud.


Journalists have been cautioning Bernie Sanders against “suggesting the entire political process is unfair,” insisting that doing so could have “negative and destabilizing consequences.”  They contend that he must “argue to his supporters that the outcome of the [Democratic primary] process was legitimate” so that he can convince them to vote for Hillary Clinton.  According to several recentarticles, this argument should be easy to make because “The Democratic Primary Wasn’t Rigged” and “Bernie Sanders lost this thing fair and square.”

The problem, however, is that the Democratic primary was anything but “fair and square.”  It may not have been “rigged” in the narrow sense in which some of these writers have interpreted that word (to mean that there were illegal efforts to mess with vote counts), but it certainly wasn’t democratic. That’s why only 31 percent of Democrats express “a great deal of confidence” that the Democratic primary…

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One thought on “There’s a Reason People Think the Democratic Primary Was Unfair and Undemocratic: It Was

  1. Hi Momoe:

    I’ve been out of touch for a couple of weeks or more because I’m dog sitting again and also tried to hand feed 4-baby kittens. I only saved one, so far. Also, I was just so depressed over this whole situation that I wouldn’t go on-line or watch TV even when I did have some time. Just slept as much as I could….and of course drank beer. I wrote a haiku for Lis today on my blog. See you in the funny papers. ~~dru~~

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