Pan Can, Can You Do the Pan Can?


So Rob and I are back together again.

I’m caregiver, he’s patient.  He’s very, very patient.

In May of this year, he suddenly started suffering stomach and back pain, along with constipation, and he ended up in the emergency room around May 17.  After an MRI showed a mass on his pancreas, he had an appointment with his (rather useless) primary care physician who administered lots of pain drugs but no tests for a month.

I think I wrote, last month, that he was scheduled for a biopsy.  Biopsy was done on June 23 and still no cancer care until almost another month later, when we were finally introduced to an oncologist who is now Rob’s primary care guy.  Not a moment too soon, oy.  Since then, several tests have been done, he’s got a gastroenterologist, a physical therapist, chemo…

And here we are.  I’m not able to get online much, because I’ve been spending every night at Rob’s cabin, about four miles away from our house.  He has no internet there.  His rent is no longer affordable, with disability payments alone, so he’s moving back in with me in our house next week.

Meantime, he started chemo this week – very aggressive stuff, but that’s the way we like it.  I am determined to see him back on his Harley by autumn.

Are you with me?

I’m gonna blog when I can, with updates, rants, prayers, tears, and hopefully nothing worse.

Meantime, I’m joining the Green Party and voting for Jill Stein.  The Democratic Party is shit, in my eyes.  That’s all I will say about politics.

I’m here for the fun, and the not fun.  I’m not here to talk about how wonderful Hillary Clinton is.  Oy.


3 thoughts on “Pan Can, Can You Do the Pan Can?

  1. Oh my darlin’ oh my darlin’ just take care, just take care….you have taken on a shit load but remember I’ve been there. (well not at your level but I can relate) Call me if you need me and kiss that asshole for me. I love you ergo I love him and if he is really tough…the Harley may be in sight. I’m PROUD of you and of him for giving in and accepting something was wrong…..AND boy is it wrong. This will be a hard fight but you both might get though it. I’m writing in my own name…..sister DRU for President!! Kind of has a ring. Don’t despair…Don’t despair……

    Take care and keep in touch. ps call collect if you need to. Auntie (sister) ~~dru~~

    Chemo is shit but the need for chemo is shittier!

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