An election of and for Class

Finnish Perspective

This post by John Steppling from Face Book is the clearest on the subject I have read so far. And here it is in it’s entirety. 

I wonder at how important class is in this election. I’ve asked this before and written about it. White liberalswith some economic security ALL will vote for the status quo. [And you professionals and others know who you are] That means Hillary. They do not care in the least, not even the tiniest bit that Hillary will likely reduce Gaza to a graveyard or push the US into war with Russia, or just bomb Syria into that failed status that US foreign policy so loves. Their only concern is their position and a lot of identity issues and ..well…the status quo.

Now Trump is terrible. A horrid man, stupid, narcissistic, compensating for the wounds of class insult all his life. But the fear…

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