150 Strong: A guide to community

Finnish Perspective

I’m going to come right out and say it. The United States or rather the Imperial land that likes to call it self the USA is finished. Kaput, had it, circling the drain and down the sewer hole. But then it was doomed to begin with. Beginning as a new place for forced indentured servitude, evolving to a collection of capitalists that wanted to do what ever they damn well pleased  by killing any natives and stealing their land and resources and everything else. A collection thieves and cut throats that no one in Europe want around any more. Religious fanatics and robber barons.

The only reason it even appeared to function is because each semi autonomous collection of malcontents was mostly unaware of and unconcerned by other  collections of malcontents so long as they left each other alone.

Humans are social animals but we have a built in limit…

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