Understanding The Math Behind Proving Election Fraud.

This little video might help some of you that are not math wizards to understand the terms confidence level (c) and margin of error (MOE.)  The big question for so many right now that think this is magical thinking and just a conspiracy theory is, how does this point to fraud. You know how “exceptional and great” we are so this fraud can’t be.


I just found out last night that media considers Richard Charmin a “conspiracy loon” because he did some work on the Kennedy assassination. I haven’t researched that.  His math looks solid.  There are many other math people who are pointing out the slim chance that these results would happen like they did with out election tampering. This is some of the basis of the RICO lawsuit.  The court will order a audit and we will see how the count was flipped. There is other parts of voter stripping that was done in voter data bases that will also be looked at in this case. IT people will be able to see the foot prints or finger prints left behind on the servers.


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