Salmon Patty Cakes with Tarragon Sauce

Something fast and easy on the budget.

Momoe's Cupboard


At the food bank, we are given a can a pink salmon a couple of times a year.  Pink salmon is not as expensive as red salmon in a can.  One 15 ounce can will make 6 or 7 hamburger size patties or cakes. This can make a really nice meal and the left overs can be reheated or eaten in a sandwich.  I made a tarragon white sauce to go with the patty cakes but they are good with other condiments or just a little lemon juice.

I froze some tarragon last winter in little plastic wrap packages.  I was given a nice bunch of it.  All fresh herbs can be frozen for later use.  I like to freeze mine in measured amounts which I place on a small piece of plastic wrap and fold into a small package. Then I put the packages into a plastic bag to…

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