Bernie Won Brooklyn

Bernie won the debate tonight, and I don’t care what the mainstream media has to say.

Hillary Clinton is supposed to have experience and judgment, yes?

Then why is she battling one mistake after another, and trying to deflect answers?

Three times, THREE TIMES, Dana Bash asked why she won’t release her speech transcripts. No one asked about her server, or the fact that the Clinton Foundation accepted money from various groups overseas only to have those same groups overseas gain contracts later through the State Dept. That never came up.

But she still lost, even without those things that hound her on a daily basis. Why? Because she will never win the trust, nor the votes, of those voters that she needs. The youth, the independents, the disaffected Republicans, the women under 65, the people of color from all over the States who have seen their loved ones incarcerated for life for three strikes, you’re out, when all you had was a dime bag in your possession. All Hillary Clinton has behind her is the Dem vote over 65.

2 thoughts on “Bernie Won Brooklyn

  1. Hi yah lis,


    AS a DEM vote of almost 65…can’t happen soon enough…Medicare – Here i come – She doesn’t have my vote! Gawd, I wish I could vote for a woman but I guess that may not come in my life time. Even just to support the Democratic Party, I can’t vote for her. Of course the apparent alternative is even worse yet…but I’m voting my conscience not playing chess.

    Luv you.

    (sister) dru

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