Killing !

Finnish Perspective

It’s moider, he says.” – Bugs Bunny

This seems to be a big subject these days, yet the rational is rarely really discussed. Whether or not ending someone else life is considered murder depends on who, what, when, how and why. The legal definition not with standing, the who plays a major part. Government representatives who cause the death of another are rarely, if ever, accused of murder. Be they local, state or federal. Particularly federal.  “You really are a CEA agent and you really did kill somebody. Killing is a serious business but this little card makes it less…shocking. Almost acceptable.” – Dr. Shafer, The President’s Analyst.  [That movie made in the late 1960s says so much about our cultural consciousness concerning killing.]

Rich people, the so called elites – rarely, if ever, are accused of murder. Certainly not tried or convicted of it. This is stuff of…

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